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new peanut butter caramel cups

delicious creamy indulgence

Our London restaurant Plants by de opens 16th June. We can’t wait to welcome to you our new home of plant-based food

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Simple everyday changes towards feeling healthier, both mentally and physically

feel better by de

welcome to the next evolution of the deliciously ella app, introducing feel better by de; the simplest, most effective, inspiring tool in wellness, helping you feel better every single day


Explore our range of bestselling cookbooks by our founder and award winning author, Ella Mills

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how to supercharge your brain

This week we’re looking at the practical advise on how to maximise, nurture and sustain your brain health with Professor James Goodwin, a leading expert on brain health. From managing…

Our restaurant

Our London restaurant, Plants by de, is our new home of plant-based food. We’re passionate about natural, plant-based food, that highlights the delicious diversity and abundance of plants, and can’t wait to welcome you here soon.

About us

Deliciously Ella is a resource to help you live better and make vegetables cool. Starting with a personal blog, we’ve evolved in to an app, recipe books, a deli, and a range of plant-based food products.