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The Podcast

Deliciously Ella; The Podcast delves into the world of physical and mental health, well-being, the realities of building a business and a brand and staying positive in a busy world.

Hosted by Ella Mills – founder of phenomenally successful Deliciously Ella – the podcast welcomes guests from business, health and nutrition backgrounds to share their stories and advice.

  1. Love and Relationships: 15 Facts

    From the impact of coronavirus and quarantine on our relationships to online dating, marriage, divorce, the ups and downs of being single, love at first sights and whether soulmates exist, we’re looking at fifteen facts on love and relationships with Laura Mucha.


    Laura’s Book: We Need to Talk About Love

    Laura’s first podcast episode on attachment theory: https://play.acast.com/s/deliciouslyellapodcast/who-whyandhowwelove

    Paul Dolan’s podcast episode on Happy Ever After: https://play.acast.com/s/deliciouslyellapodcast/ishappyeverafteramyth-

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