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Self Care Co.

“We first met Nicole about two years ago and she’s truly one of the most special people around. She has the most incredible ability to pair fragrances together, which is why her candles smell so much better than any others I’ve tried, and her love and dedication to creating a business that does good is second to none. If you have a minute listen to our podcast with her – she started the business at the depths of depression and anxiety when the world was a very dark place for her and the candles have become such a beacon of light.”

Ella Mills – Founder & Brand Director, Deliciously Ella

At Self Care Co. we believe in Rituals, routine practices that make us temporarily feel at ease and calm. Whether sipping a glass of vino over dinner, a phone call with a good friend, a cup of tea, baking a cake – we all wish we had more of those moments. 

Mindful practices draw your attention and focus into the present moment (the only place where life unfolds).

Most of the time we forget to be present, faced with modern life distractions, we rarely take notice of our physical body and our sensations.

By channelling our attention through our senses, we are able to mindfully experience a more aesthetically enriched and compassionate world.