Blood Orange and Coconut Vegan Mousse

Blood oranges are such a great ingredient to use at this time of year, they’re perfectly in season so taste delicious and look so beautiful with their bright orange and red colours. I really love the sweet, zesty taste of the oranges mixed with a natural yogurt and sprinkled with some nuts for an added crunch. This simple dessert is really quick to make and looks so impressive when you serve it to your friends, really hope you enjoy it!


Serves: 4

Difficulty: easy


500g natural yogurt (I use Coyo)

4 teaspoons of maple syrup

4 blood oranges

Handful of chopped pistachios, about 30g


Start by zesting the blood oranges.

Place 3 of the orange zests into a large mixing bowl, along with a squeeze of the juice, coconut yogurt and maple syrup. Whisk the yogurt together until it becomes thick, about 5-8 minutes using an electric mixer, or 15-20 minutes by hand.

Cut the blood oranges into thin slices and line 4 slices around the edges of each glass. Spoon a quarter of the yogurt into each glass and top with crushed pistachios and the rest of your orange zest.