Inspiration: Steffy White


As lots of you know I absolutely love yoga, it’s been an awesome part of my life for the last few years! I’ve met lots of great teachers over the last year or so and have been so inspired by them all, but one of the most inspiring teachers is Steffy – she’s amazing. I met her last month and instantly developed a serious yoga crush on her! Her classes are so fun, playful and full of energy. She’s inspired my practice so much and she’s just an awesome person so I wanted to introduce you all to her through my inspiration section this week. I hope you all love her as much as I do! Over to Steffy now…

Name: Steffy White 

Where do you live? Dalston, East London

What sparked your interest in health and wellness? I was in search of happiness really, I wanted to feel good and live my life to the fullest, when I started practicing yoga just simply as a way to keep fit I very quickly realised that it was so much more than a physical exercise. I became so much healthier on the inside too. When you really are happy from the inside out, it’s not a chore to be healthy, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did you build your passion for healthy living into a career?  I remember being in this amazing yoga class a couple of years ago and I had a light bulb moment, one month later I went to India and started to study with my gurus, five weeks later I was back in London, a fully fledged teacher and it grew and grew from there.

Who inspires you? My mum, all the amazing people around me who manage to balance so many aspects of life. I’m very inspired by people who put their soul into what they do and from that create a life they dreamed of. Just like you Ella! 

Favourite quote? Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth.

What is your biggest achievement so far? Ahhhhh, there have been so many exciting moments and I hope so many more to come. I think it would have to be when I completed my first teacher training in India, it was so hard, I cried all the time, it changed my life!

Have you always been into fitness or was it something you learnt to enjoy in recent years? I loved to dance when I was a kid and then I became a real tomboy. I have always loved sport, I taught volleyball in Brazil when I left school! That was mad! 

What’s a typical daily workout for you? Yoga and I have just newly started Pilates. 

Where do you get the inspiration from to develop so many unique forms of exercise routines? There are so many amazing yoga teachers, so sometimes from classes I’ve been to, sometimes from a piece of music, sometimes from messing around in the living room with sequences!


What’s the one piece of equipment you can’t live without? My yoga mat!

What are your favourite ways to stay active? Cycling, I cycle everywhere, I love going for walks in the park, I love badminton and of course yoga! 

What’s your typical…

Breakfast: Yummy porridge or protein smoothie 

Lunch: some amazing kind of salad, usually with sweet potato and quinoa and beetroot, that kind of style mmmmm..

Snack: Apple and peanut butter, protein shake, smoothies and juices. I am obsessed with my nutri bullet

Dinner: I spend so much of my day being active, sometimes I teach 4 classes, practice 1 and cycle around 7 miles so I literally eat a really balanced dinner of whatever I fancy on the evening. I’m vegetarian so I get my kicks out of ice cream rather than steaks! 

What’s your favourite dessert? Gelato! 

Where are your favourite places to eat? I love the food in Italy so much, but in London, I love a good Vietnamese.

What is your beauty routine? Moisturiser! A bit of mascara and a bit of bronzer😎

 Where’s your favourite place in the world? Definitely somewhere Far East, I loved India and Sri Lanka. 

What makes you happy? Being around the people I love, putting my heart and soul into what I do, sharing good vibes✌️

Describe your perfect day! Wake up, meditate, go to a yoga class, eat a beautiful brunch with my boyfriend, hang out in the sun and teach a beautiful yoga class to some amazing yogis.

Do you have any favourite tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy everyday? Sit with your eyes closed, check in with your breath and be still, just five mins a day. Don’t look at your phone in bed, make it a no phone zone and write down three things you are grateful for every single morning before you get out of bed.