Date and Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one of my absolute favourite foods, it’s just the best breakfast. One of the great things about it is that you can make it the night before, which takes literally 2 minutes, and then it’s ready to go in the morning so you don’t have to worry about breakfast. You can just take the jar with you to work, gym, school or even eat it on your commute! The mix of coconut yoghurt and date nectar/syrup is so amazingly sweet and creamy – it really does taste a little like dessert, so it’s the perfect breakfast if you’re trying to wean yourself off conventional cereal and toast!


Serves: 1

Difficulty: easy


4 tablespoons of chia seeds

250ml of almond milk

1 teaspoon of date nectar/syrup

2 tablespoons of coconut yoghurt


Place the chia seeds, date syrup and yoghurt in a jar and then pour the milk in. Stir everything together before placing a lid on the jar.

Store the jar in the fridge overnight (or for 6-8 hours), during this time the liquid will be absorbed and the pudding will form a jelly-like consistency.