My Favourite Christmas Recipes

As we get closer to Christmas I’m sure you’re all thinking about what you’re going to cook over the holidays, so I wanted to put together a list of my favourite festive, wintery recipes to give you some inspiration. I absolutely agree that Christmas is all about indulgence – not just in terms of what you eat but indulging in things that make you happy. There is nothing more special than spending time with friends and family, sharing food, games and stories to bring the year to an end. The difficulty is for a lot of people though is that indulgence with food can lead to feeling full, bloated and tired which takes out some of the fun, so instead let’s indulge in some healthier versions of your favourite recipes. I hope that some of these recipes will make you really happy and help you enjoy all your festivities!
My favourite thing this year has got to be these mince pies. I posted the recipe a couple of weeks ago and I hope lots of you have had a chance to make them already. If you haven’t then I would highly recommend that you do! My whole family are obsessed and are ditching the regular mince pies this year. Of course there are lots of other sweet recipes that are great at this time of year too. I’ve always loved snuggling up with a big mug of hot chocolate. I really thought that is was something I was going to have to miss out on when I stopped drinking milk but this version is just like the real thing, only richer, more chocolatey and good for you! How awesome is that! If you have lots of friends coming over then crumble is always a great option, as are homemade raw cacao and walnut trufflespecan pie and of course gingerbread men! My new recipe for candied pecan chocolate is perfect for the holiday period too. It is definitely one of my favourite things at the moment and it is so quick and easy to make.
 Of course Christmas isn’t just about sweet food, there are also lots of delicious savoury recipes that you can make too! I always make sweet potato wedges on Christmas day as they’re a real family favourite and they go so well with everything else. I roast them with cinnamon, paprika and rosemary to add lots of flavour! If you’re  looking for a total plant-based Christmas menu, check out my Christmas special, as t includes all of my favourite Christmas recipes, including a delicious chocolate cake topped with coconut frosting! There’s also an amazing recipe for roasted brussel sprouts with potatoes, hazelnuts, pomegranates and maple syrup coming this weekend, which I think you’ll all love. For the days around Christmas I make lots of big, nourishing, warming meals like my winter curry, delicious soups (my favourites are the turmeric and lentil soup or the carrot, ginger and coconut soup) and sweet potato cakes with roasted veggies!
For breakfast on Christmas day I love making my baked blueberry and banana oatmeal or a big bowl of my creamy coconut porridge, both are just so delicious! To make it feel festive I top them with lots of chopped up medjool dates and roasted nuts, which is amazing. My stewed apples with cinnamon and ginger are also great for breakfast, as they’re so warming. I also try to keep some of my superfood bread in the freezer so that I can enjoy it for breakfast on the days that I’m after something savoury – if you’re family are making a full english breakfast on Christmas day then try having the superfood bread with mashed avocado, sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach instead, it will look similar and taste so good! If you have a real sweet tooth thought my pancakes are always such a hit and they feel like such a treat, I love drizzling lots of maple syrup, almond butter, berries and banana over them for an indulgent breakfast!