Banana Bread Energy Bites

These are so delicious, so portable, so easy to make and so energising. I made some before with walnuts and cacao, which were so popular so I decided to switch it up a little and make a new version with banana, maca and almonds, which combined with dates create the perfect banana bread flavour. I think you’re going to love these!

Makes about 30 bites

– 2 cups of almonds

– 2 cups of medjool dates

– 2 over-ripe bananas

– 1/2 a cup of ground flaxseed

– 3 tablespoons of maca

– 3 tablespoons of chia seeds

First place the almonds in your food processor and blend for a minute or two until they break up and start to form a flour like mix. Then gradually add the pitted dates, peeled bananas, flax, maca and chia as the mix continues to blend. After a few minutes the mixture should be smooth and sticky, at which point the balls are ready to be rolled.

Simply use a teaspoon to scoop up a batch of the dough, then roll it in your hands to form a ball. Place the ball on a plate and continue doing the exact same thing until you’ve used all the mixture. If you want to add goji berries or chia seeds to the outside then roll the balls in either before placing the plate of bites in the freezer for a couple of hours to set before enjoying. Store them either in the fridge or freezer.