The Ultimate Nut Butter


I’m the biggest nut butter addict. I am really seriously obsessed – I get through a pot every 36 hours! It’s kind of ridiculous. I love every flavour too – almond, cashew, walnut, pecan, pumpkin seed, just all of them! So considering how much I eat I decided it was really time to start making my own so that I could incorporate all my favourite flavours in one delicious bite! My three favourite butters are almond, pecan & walnut so I thought mixed together they would be just heavenly, and guess what – they are! Really truly incredible, especially when they’re then combined with the caramel flavours of the dates, the sweetness of the cinnamon and the creamy coconuty goodness of the coconut oil! Wow, it just becomes unreal. So soft, sweet and creamy! So much yummier than any store brought one too and so much cheaper. Nut butter is really an awesome snack too, not only because it’s really delicious but also because it’s incredibly healthy and gives you such a wonderful dose of plant protein that will leave you bursting with amazing energy! Everyone knows that almonds are a powerhouse of goodness, but did you know that walnuts are nutrition bombs too? I feel like they’re always an underrated nut but there’s really so much awesomeness in them, particularly as they are incredibly high in anti-inflammatory omega-3’s with just 1/2 a cup of these beauties giving you all of your daily need of omega-3? Pecans are amazing too as they’re filled with the same amazing fats found in olive oil,  oleic acid, which helps to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular and heart disease!

I use this nut butter with everything, it’s so versatile. It tastes amazing in quinoa, stirred into porridge, blended into smoothies, spread onto toast with sliced banana, stuffed into medjool dates and of course the best way of eating it – straight out of the jar with a spoon!

Makes 1 jar

– 1 cup of almonds

– 1/2 a cup of pecans

– 1/2 a cup of walnuts

– 6 medjool dates

– 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

– 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

Simply place the almonds, walnuts and pecans into your food processor and begin to blend, after about five minutes they should be totally broken down and on their way to a liquid – at this point add the dates (pit them first), the coconut oil and the cinnamon. Then blend again, it should take about fifteen minutes to become totally smooth and creamy and you may need to scrape the nuts off the side of the processor a few times while it mixes.

Once it’s ready put the butter into an air tight container and enjoy!

Then keep in an air tight container and enjoy!

– The only thing to note about this recipe is that you need a series food processor like a magimix, I’ve tried to make this in a small cheap one before and it just doesn’t really work sadly!