Cinnamon and Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potatoes are quite possibly my favourite food. They’re just so sweet and tender and melt-in-you-mouth good! I eat them with anything and everything, with quinoa bowls, salads, as a side with roasted vegetables etc. Of course sweet potatoes taste awesome any which way you cook them, but if you ask me one way trumps all the others: baked in thick wedges with olive oil, fresh rosemary, cinnamon, paprika and sea salt.


Serves: 3

Difficulty: easy


2 large sweet potatoes (the fatter the potato the better the wedges will be)

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of paprika

about a dozen sticks of fresh rosemary

olive oil



Pre-heat the oven to 190C.

Wash the sweet potatoes and cut into thick, even wedges – about an inch thick. Place the wedges onto a baking tray and cover them in a generous amount of olive oil, salt, paprika and cinnamon. Use your hands to mix it all together, ensuring every part of the potato has some oil and spices on it. Then place the rosemary sticks on top.

Allow them to bake for about an hour, although they will need to be turned over once or twice during cooking to make sure that they’re evenly cooked. Once they are perfectly soft and tender they’re ready to be enjoyed!