Cashew and Vanilla Butter


I’m having a real obsession with vanilla at the moment, I just can’t get enough of it so I’m putting it into absolutely everything I make. I tried blending it into cashew butter this week and it’s hands down one of the best things I’ve eaten in a very long time. Homemade cashew butter is […]


Advice: Buying Organic


So one of the questions I get a lot is about organic produce and whether or not we should stress about it! It’s a great question as I think it’s totally normal to be confused when it comes to eating organic. In an ideal world we’d all eat organic everything always, but in the real […]


Advice: How To Start A Blog  


I know this post doesn’t relate to healthy living or healthy eating but it’s something that lots of you keep asking me about so I thought I should share my tips on blogging with you all. If I’m totally honest I don’t really know how Deliciously Ella grew into what it is now, it’s been […]


Date and Pecan Loaf


I first made this loaf a few months ago as part of a project with an awesome date brand and I’ve made it so many times since as it’s just so easy but so delicious. It only takes five minutes to throw together and then all you need to do is let it bake. You […]


April Events


April is already looking like a busy month and I have lots of exciting events to share with you! I really love having the opportunity to meet so many of you and hope you enjoy the events as much as I do. Last month I was away and so wasn’t able to teach any cooking classes […]


Video: Healthy Nutella


Nutella used to be my favourite food and I would eat it at a quite an alarming rate! Luckily I managed to wean myself off the Nutella (now I just eat jars of almond butter at the same rate), but I do still miss that creamy, hazelnut flavour. I’ve tried lots of different variations of Nutella […]


Pear and Vanilla Smoothie


This is a no-banana smoothie, which I know is something lots of you have been asking for! It’s taken me a while to create a banana free smoothie that I love, but this one is such a winner and I think you’ll all love it too. The mix of almond milk, almond butter, pear, spinach […]


Books Two and Three!


I’m so beyond excited to announce that I have another two books coming! The first book has been a crazy (and totally unexpected) success and I honestly can’t thank you all enough for your amazing support and enthusiasm for it, it means so much and I’m beyond grateful for everything. It’s so exciting that we’re […]