Eating in London: Lab Organic


I wanted to share another great healthy eating spot in London with you today! Lab Organic opened about a year ago and it’s been an awesome addition to the health food scene. It specialises in organic, cold-pressed juices but also has lots of great smoothies, snacks and healthy food. They’re located in the middle of […]


Warming Bowl


I find February the toughest month of the year, it’s always just quite cold and I seem to spend the whole month just longing for spring, which sadly still feels a long way off! To brighten up the month though I focus on making delicious, warming meals that I know will keep me happy and […]


Video: How to Make Energy Bites


Energy bites are one of my all time favourite recipes, I make them almost every week and I can’t imagine life without them! When I’m feeling tired these are my go-to snack, they give me so much energy and make me feel awesome – so they’re perfect if you’re looking to fight off that four […]


Video: YouTube Q&A’s


I know that lots of you have been asking for some videos so I’m really excited to say that from now on I’ll be consistently doing a couple of YouTube videos a week! I’m going to do one recipe video every week and then I’m also going to do one Q&A video as you all […]


Products I Love: Raw Cacao


I’ve always been the biggest chocaholic, as I’m sure lots of you are too! There is something so comforting about tucking into something deliciously chocolaty in front of the TV or sharing it with a friend. We all know that chocolate should be a treat but the good news is that you can easily make […]


Ginger and Lemon Shots


Quickly before I go into this post I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support and lovely comments about the book – you guys are just beyond amazing! I’ve been doing these lemon and ginger shots most mornings over January and they’ve been making me feel so good! They just […]


My Book is Finally Out!


I’m so excited to say that the UK edition of my book has been published today and is now available to buy online and in shops! I can’t quite believe that it’s happened and that I’m now a published author, it feels very strange and surreal but completely amazing. I hope you all absolutely love […]


Natural Beauty: Hair Care


Natural hair care is something that lots of you have been asking about so I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks with you today. The best thing about eating a healthy diet is feeling awesome everyday, but on a superficial side there have been some great beauty benefits and the biggest one […]