Inspiration: Green Kitchen Stories


I’m really excited to introduce a new section of the blog to you! My new inspiration section is dedicated to all the people that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you. There are so many incredible people working in the wellness world and I want to introduce them all to you so that […]


Veggie Mexican Wraps for M&S


I’m so excited to share this video with you! Marks & Spencer asked me to make a video with them to showcase how awesome veggie food can be, which is so cool, and this is the result – Veggie Mexican wraps. The recipe is so delicious and I have a feeling that you guys will […]


Warming Beet Juice


I’m having a little beetroot obsession at the moment, I’ve just realised that this is my third beetroot based recipe in the last month – so I hope you all love beets as much as I do! Promise I’ll focus on some other veggies in the next few weeks though! So, along with the beetroot […]


Natural Beauty: My Favourite Beauty Products


As you all know I love healthy living, it makes me so happy. I find that whilst eating well is a huge part of wellness there are lots of other aspects that play into it too from exercise to sleep, skincare, stress management and general happiness – these things are all equally important if you […]


My Californian Adventures!


I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of the last month living in Venice beach, California and wow it’s been so amazing! California is beautiful, the weather is fantastic and I’ve met so many incredible people, all of which has made for a pretty happy month, but best of all – I ate the best food, I […]


Glazed Chilli and Beetroot Brownies


Brownies seem to be your favourite thing, beautiful readers! My sweet potato brownies and my raw brownies are almost always the most popular recipes on the blog, so I thought that you might all want some more brownie ideas so that you can keep enjoying them without getting bored! This new brownie recipe is pretty exciting. […]


Kitchen Equipment: Choosing a Blender


 Blenders are one of the most important things to own if you want to throw yourself into the Deliciously Ella way of eating, and they’re the first piece of equipment that I would recommend investing in. Starting the day with a smoothie is one of the best things you can do for yourself and it […]


Video: How to Make Cauliflower Pizza


So cauliflower pizza is one of my all time favourite foods, it’s just so amazing! I know it’s hard to believe that you can use a simple vegetable to create pizza,I would never have thought it was possible either until I tried it, but it really makes a deliciously crispy base. I love topping my […]