Great App News!


I’m so happy to say that we just finished a huge update on the iPhone app! I’m so sorry if any of you were having technical issues with it but the great news is that these are all fixed. We’re so confident that it will work perfectly now that the developer even said he’d hand […]


My US Book Launch!


I’m so excited to say that the US publication of my book is on sale from tomorrow! I know lots of you have been waiting for a long time for the book so I hope that you all really love it – I can’t wait to hear which recipes you enjoy most. People in the UK […]


Cleansing Green Soup


This is the best soup, I absolutely love it – it’s just so soothing. It really feels so nurturing and healing too, you can feel with each sip that you’re doing wonders for your body! The mix of spinach, broccoli, cannellini beans, garlic, spices and coriander is pretty magical: it’s bursting with vitamins, minerals, fibre […]


Video: Banana and Almond Shake


Quickly before I tell you all about this delicious video I wanted to let all of you in the UK know that I’ll be on ITV’s This Morning at 11.30 today so please tune in if you’re around! If you’re feeling the mid-week slump and need a delicious pick me up then please make this […]


How to Eat Well on a Budget 


One of the first things people seem to think about healthy eating is that it must be really expensive. I totally understand why you might think this, but I promise it doesn’t have to be pricey. I’ve been eating this way for the last few years and I spend less now than I did before […]


Date and Oat Bars


These date and oat bars are one of the best things ever. They may not be as exciting as sweet potato brownies or raw chocolate but they’re just so handy. I try and keep a batch in my kitchen most weeks so that I have something to grab as I run out the door in the […]


March Events


I’m so excited to share all the awesome events that I have lined up for March with you! I’m so enjoying getting to know so many of you through the Deliciously Ella events and I really hope that you’re all enjoying them too. This month there’s a lot of exciting things happening and I hope to meet […]


Video: How to Make Bircher Muesli


Breakfast is always A tricky meal as it tends to focus a lot on convenience foods which are often pretty unhealthy – white bread, cereal etc. I totally understand not wanting to spend lots of time rustling a feast at 6am, I like my breakfasts to be quick and easy too, which is why I […]