Advice: Where to Find Iron


I thought today I would talk a little bit about iron, as lots of you have been asking me about eating iron on a plant based diet. Plus iron is an absolutely essential mineral for a happy healthy body, yet it’s one of the most common nutrient deficiencies that we have, no matter what diet […]


Warming Winter Curry


Before I tell you about this delicious curry I quickly wanted to say that exactly two months today my first cookbook will be published in the UK, which is beyond exciting! I saw the first finished copy of it a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased with it, the book looks amazing and I think […]


Kitchen Equipment: Food Processors


A food processor is a pretty essential piece of kitchen equipment if you want to eat a delicious plant based diet, I’d say that a processor and a blender are the two pieces that are really worth investing in. I use my processor almost everyday to make everything from hummus to pesto, energy bites to […]


Eating in London: Daylesford


Times are really changing in London restaurants and more and more places are adding super healthy items to their menus, which is so exciting! Daylesford is an awesome example of this so I thought it would be a great restaurant to share with you. I just find it so awesome to be able to go to […]


Spiced Parsnip Soup


We’re really getting into winter now and I find that one of the ways I stay happy about colder, darker days is by getting excited about warming winter foods and that starts with soup! I find that after a long day a big bowl of piping hot soup with a side of mashed avocado toast […]


Deliciously Ella December Events


I’m so excited to share with you all the awesome events that I have lined up for December to keep you all healthy and inspired over Christmas! I’m so enjoying getting to know so many of you through the Deliciously Ella events and I really hope that you’re all enjoying them too. This month I […]


Sweet Potato, Sprout & Beet Salad


As we get further into winter I find that all my body craves is warming, comforting food. I wake up dreaming off porridge and then spend the rest of the day thinking about stews, curries, soups and tea! I find that cold salad no longer looks super delicious too, so instead I’ve started making warm […]