I love meeting you all, it’s so much fun to get together at supper and brunch clubs and other events and we have a lot of awesome things planned for this year! Sadly the waiting list for these events grew a little too large, and we had over six hundred people on the list! So we no longer have a waiting list and the best way to stay in the know about any upcoming events is to subscribe to the blog and you’ll get emailed when the new events are organised! The calendar at the bottom of the page shows all upcoming events and you can book them by clicking on the specific event.

I’m so excited to share the Mae Deli Wellness Series with you! I’ll be curating and putting together a series of holistic events which will nourish your mind, body and appetite. I’m aiming to host two events each month and we’ll cover a huge array of topics through out the year from yoga and meditation workshops to businesses panels, talks on mindful eating, workout classes and much more. There will be an awesome range of guest speakers at each one and they’ll all be followed a delicious Mae Deli feast with beautiful bowls of vibrant salads, organic cold pressed juices and of course some sweet treats!  

The calendar at the bottom of the page shows all our upcoming wellness events and you can book them by clicking on the specific event. Sadly all our tickets these are non-refundable as Deliciously Ella is run by a tiny team and unfortunately we don’t have the time to reallocate the tickets. These events can also be really expensive for us to put on and whilst we love organising them and sharing our love of health and wellness with you, all the tickets do have to be sold to prevent us from making a loss. So for the same reason we are not able to move your tickets to another date if you are unable to attend – so please make sure you double check your diary before booking! Looking forward to meeting lots of you there! 

My supper and brunch clubs are all about bringing together amazing groups of inspiring, like-minded people to enjoy beautiful spreads of healthy food. We discuss all things health related, swap tips and share ideas while enjoying a delicious meal. The format of each one varies slightly depending on the location and number of people attending but all that information will be given in blog posts about that event.