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Chocolate Bar Box


2 bars of delicious vegan chocolate

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2 bars of our new ultimate creamy vegan chocolate, made with just five natural ingredients & topped with delicious nuts and fruit, packed into a beautiful box that fits easily through your letterbox

the perfect treat or gift for a loved one

100% plant based. 100% recyclable packaging. Natural source of fibre.

What’s included?

Out of stock

  1. paulaehaywood

    These are the best vegan chocolate bars that I’ve tasted. The roasted/salted almonds+cashews+hazelnut bar is generously packed with nuts and is both delicious and satisfying if you love nutty chocolate. The roasted almonds/hazelnuts+blackcurrants and raspberries is a very special combination, raspberries are my berries of choice but I dislike blackcurrants as a flavour, but the balance works well thankfully. I gifted these vegan chocolate bars to my sister among her Christmas gifts and she enjoyed them enormously.

  2. snicsbev

    EXCELLENT CHOCOLATE. very difficult to stop myself from eating it. Smooth chocolate with yummy toppings that’ll make your mouth water. You cannot tell that it’s vegan, tastes like normal chocolate but if I’m being honest it’s even better than that. Quality is superb.

  3. fatima zahra bensouda

    Those are heaven, never tasted something so tasteful and so good . There are limit addictive ! I love it !!

  4. phoebeckdavies

    I have only tried the one with blackcurrants and raspberries and wow! I can tell the chocolate has been so carefully hand made, it is creamy and smooth and so moreish! Being dairy-free I have learnt to love dark chocolate but this honestly tastes like the good old days of the real stuff! I’m not a huge nut – chocolate fan but this does work really well, although I hope that they will be such a success that more bars can be added to the range. My only complaint is the size of the bar – it goes too quickly!
    Thank you thank you!!

  5. Aimee Stevenson

    Really lovely chocolate and packaged so nicely. I love that they are full of good stuff and yet still taste like a proper treat!

  6. summahrao

    I almost wish I hadn’t discovered these chocolates because now I am totally addicted. I’ve never been a chocolate person as they are usually made with milk, but these chocolates have converted me. They’re creamy and delicious and those roasted and slightly salted nuts just bring it all together. And the best part is they have no refined sugar or other artificial additives. Thank you Ella for creating these perfect treats.

  7. Cameron Catto

    Can’t believe they are vegan!

  8. chloemccrae

    I bought some as a gift for my mum. I live in NZ and I haven’t seen her for over a year now. She was over the moon. It was packaged so nicely, and adding a little message inside was such a nice touch. She also said it was so delicious, she went to take one bite and then couldn’t stop eating it !! Thank you.

  9. ace2t

    Absolutely delicious!! So impressed, well done Ella and your team. More flavours ASAP please!

  10. Petya Maydanova

    Best chocolate ever!!!
    For someone like me who cannot eat gluten, dairy, soya or peanuts these chocolate bars are the greatest discovery!
    So delicious!!!! The chocolate just melts in tour mouth! Can’t wait to purchase more!
    Thank you deliciously ella! Your products range are always the best!

  11. Rebecca Brant

    So so good!!! Chocolates just arrived today and I’m struggling not to eat the whole two bars right now. I have to say I’m not a vegan, nor do I follow any particular diet, but I do try to eat less refined sugar and have tried lots and lots of chocolates and snacks, and this chocolate is my new favourite. The berry one definitely being the best one. A really good size bar, sometimes I can feel like I’m paying a lot of money for a small amount of chocolate, so this was a real treat, it’s a proper bar of chocolate! And feels really indulgent and creamy too. And a healthy bar of chocolate, really couldn’t ask for anything more. The only disappointment is that there aren’t anymore in stock. But I will be buying more as soon as they are back. So glad deliciouslyella has created their own chocolate. Thank you!