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Allergen update – peanuts

How we make our products

All of our products are made using high quality, natural, plant based ingredients. We never use any preservatives, emulsifies or refined sugars.

Peanut update

We’ve produced our nut butter balls, energy balls, cups, dipped almonds, chocolate bars, and frozen desserts in the same, high quality manufacturing site, since those products have launched. This site has previously not handled peanuts, but we have recently introduced them, so that this site will now handle both nuts and peanuts.

This means we will now be including peanuts in our back of pack allergen declaration of products produced in this manufacturing site.

Why does our factory handle peanuts?

We are always looking for ways to bring new and innovative products to market for our customers. By bringing peanuts into our factory, it will allow us to start developing some delicious new products that we know you will love as much as we do.

How do we control peanuts in our factory?

As with all allergens, we have several ways of controlling peanuts in our factory in order to protect our consumers with allergies. Some examples of these include dedicated storage areas for allergens, colour coded equipment, disposable PPE for staff members, and staff awareness and handling training. We also use time segregation, which means products containing peanuts will be made at the end of the day, with full validated clean downs between each production run.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to