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the podcast

deliciously ella, the podcast, explores the world of health and wellness through a series of interviews with world leading researchers, scientists and doctors. hosted by founder, ella mills, it has had over 10m listens since launch in september 2018

hosted by ella mills – founder of phenomenally successful deliciously ella – the podcast welcomes guests from business, health and nutrition backgrounds to share their stories and advice.

  1. Can a Plant-Based Diet Revolutionise Your Health?

    Dr Alan Desmond, an NHS consultant with over twenty years of clinical experience, joins us to talk about the science behind a plant-based diet, the latest research and how it can help all of our wellbeing. Dr Desmond specialises in gastroenterology and the effect what we eat has both on our gut health and our overall wellbeing, he’s revolutionary in the sense that he prescribes a plant-based diet to his patients and he’s seen first-hand the extraordinary impact it can have.