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plants by de FAQs

Are you 100% vegan?

Yes we are, plants by de is entirely plant based.

Is your menu gluten free?

About two thirds of our menu is gluten free, and we are able to prepare gluten free food separately to cater for coeliacs. We would so appreciate you putting any allergies in your booking, so that we can ensure we’re able to look after you to the best of our abilities.

Can you accommodate allergies?

We will always do our best to accommodate allergies but would so appreciate you putting any allergies in your booking so that we know in advance. This means we can do our best to cater for the allergy and are able to contact you if there is something, we may not be able to cater for – an airborne cashew allergy, for example, as we use so many cashews in the kitchen. 

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely, we love small, well-behaved dogs and they are more than welcome inside and outside.

Do you have outdoor seating?

Yes we do! We have 16 outdoor seats, which get lovely afternoon sun. At the moment these tables aren’t bookable, as we wouldn’t want someone to book an outdoor table and then find that it’s pouring with rain and not spare table inside for them. We’ll always do our best to move you to an outdoor table if you’d like one though. Please just let us know in your booking.

Why can’t I find a table on the day I want to come?

We have been very lucky and are very grateful for the response that we’ve had to plants by de. This does mean that on some days we are currently fully booked. We’ll be releasing more tables for mid-end of July and August as we open up the seating in our open kitchen. We’ll let you know as soon as these tables open up via our newsletter, so please do put your name down there so that you’re the first to know – it’s free to sign up on our website www.deliciouslyella.com/contact 

Can I call you?

At the moment we’re doing all our bookings online and taking all enquires via email. The last year hasn’t been easy for hospitality and we unfortunately don’t have the resources for a separate team to manage the phone right now.

Can I buy a gift card or voucher for plants by de?

We’re working on making these available asap. We’ll let you know as soon as these are available via our newsletter, which you can subscribe to at www.deliciouslyella.com/contact 

Do you take walk-ins? 

By the end of July, we’ll have much more space for walk-ins. We’re not yet operating at full capacity so we can ensure each guest gets the best possible experience. Once we feel comfortable doing what we’re doing, we’ll be able to expand our capacity. That means for the next month, there will be only a very small number of walk-ins and it’s not something we can guarantee.