Neal’s Yard Remedies Collaboration!

July 29th, 2016


I’m so excited to tell you about a collaboration I’ve been working on with Neal’s Yard Remedies for the last eighteen months. It’s been so hard keeping it a secret from you all, but I hope you’re all going to love our products. We have a beautiful moisturiser and facial wash launching next week!

I wanted to tell you all a bit more about the collaboration today and how it came about. I first got interested in natural beauty about four years ago, after I’d been eating this way for a year or so. During that year I’d become really interested in what I was putting in my body and was starting to lovea more natural approach to diet and that love gradually expanded to different areas of this lifestyle. I started to look into what I was putting onto my body, as well as into it, and began to research products that I could swap in for what I had been using. Over the next few months when one product ran out I’d swap it in for something with more natural, organic ingredients and often those were from Neal’s Yard Remedies. I became a fan of their brand very quickly, so when they got in touch two years ago to ask me to develop some recipes for a new superfood complex they were creating I was reallyΒ excited! Following that I went down to their factory in Dorset and instantly felt such a connection to what they were doing and what the brand stood for, asΒ it was so clear that they were totally authentic in their promise of natural, organic products. There are definitely a lot of fake natural brands out there, but they’re absolutely not one of them, which is why I love working with them so much. They use organic ingredients, do no animal testing and are very environmentally friendly – they’re even the first healthy and beauty brand to be awarded 100/100 for ethics in the Good Shopping Guide, which is amazing.


Once I’d fallen in love with the company we started the process of putting the two products together, which was so fun. Lots of trips down to their factory, lots of time playing around with different smell combination and lots of time spent listening and learning about all the different ingredients. I wanted to create something that connected the idea of what you put into your body having an effect on your skin, so we included lots of foodie ingredients in there from turmeric to cucumber, lime, blueberries, coconut, avocado, acai and lots more. I’m also a rose fanatic when it comes to bathroom smells, so we included that in there too, which makes the products smell so beautiful. The hints of lime and cucumber really freshen up the rose though, to create something really unique.

The products will be in all their stores and online from the 4th of August, and we’re doing a launch at Wilderness Festival next weekend, which should be really fun! If you want to sign up and get more info, click the link here – by signing up you also enter a competition toΒ win a hamper of my favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies products, including our new Rose, Lime and Cucumber Facial Wash and Moisturiser. I’m counting down the days until they’re released now and so looking forward to hearing what you all think!