Cucumbers are so underrated considering the huge amount of health benefits they have to offer. With water content of around 96% they are amazing for hydration and for flushing out toxins from your body.


Potatoes are such a traditional food but with the rise in debate about diets, potatoes seem to have lost their place! A baked potato however is protector against heart disease and cancer as well as having high levels of antioxidants.


I love mushrooms; they just have the most amazing texture – thick, meaty and hearty, as well as an absolutely delicious taste that seems to go amazingly well with any savoury dish! There are so many different types of mushrooms, each with slightly different properties but they share most of the same awesome health benefits!


Peas can seem like a very standard, boring vegetable but when used in the right way they are insanely awesome and so outrageously delicious! Pea puree is one of my absolute favourite things, as is pea pesto tossed with zucchini noodles or spaghetti – combining them with lime and salt instantly transforms them into a […]


Peppers have a wonderful combination of tangy taste with crunchy texture that works so well in so many dishes. Red peppers are my absolute favourites, although orange and yellow ones are awesome too – I have to admit though that green peppers are one of the only veggies I don’t like, I just can’t seem […]

Rocket (Arugula)

Rocket is my favourite salad leaf. I just love its delicate texture and it’s peppery taste, which seems to go so well with everything. It also has lots of health benefits, many more than something like iceberg lettuce.  


Calorie for calorie leafy green vegetables provide more nutrients than any other food and spinach is right at the top of this, being ranked the world’s healthiest food. It’s an easy vegetable to incorporate into your diet, I add it to my smoothies and juices in the morning, use it raw as the base of […]

Sweet Potatoes

Oh how I love sweet potatoes! Alongside dates and avocados they’re my favourite food. There’s nothing better than a beautiful plate piled high with roasted sweet potato wedges baked until they’re so soft and tender with a perfect blend of paprika, salt, cinnamon and rosemary – absolute heaven! I’m totally addicted, I make these all […]


Tomatoes are just amazing. I really, really love them. They’re so awesomely versatile and seem to enhance almost every dish! They’re incredibly healthy too and a really easy vegetable to add into your diet. I love them raw sliced over mashed avocado on toast, chopped into quinoa and pasta bowls, cooked down into soups and […]


Asparagus is just so delicious, with a wonderfully subtle flavour that seems to work well with almost anything! It’s one of my favourite additions to any summer salad and a perfect side dish for almost any meal. It’s also loaded with an amazing, diverse array of vitamins and minerals, all of which help to keep […]

Aubergine (Eggplant)

Aubergine has a wonderfully unique taste and texture. They soak up the flavours and juices of the ingredients that it’s paired with making it an awesome ingredient in any dish.