Pine Nuts

I love pine nuts so much; they’re just so outrageously delicious. They make the best addition to any salad or pasta, as well as acting as the main ingredient in pesto – which I love!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are such an important part of my diet, I eat them every day with almost everything! I love them sprinkled on top of my smoothies, mixed into my granola, added to quinoa, rice and pasta bowls and pureed into pesto! They literally work with anything and add an awesome dose of goodness to […]


Walnuts are one of the healthiest, most delicious nuts around. You have to eat the whole nut though to get the goodness, as 90% of these awesome antioxidants are found in the skin.


My kitchen is always stocked with almonds, I love them so much both in cooking and as a delicious raw snack – almond butter is also my biggest vice, I could eat tubs and tubs of it with a spoon, it’s just too delicious! Almond flour is also one of my favourite baking ingredients. Luckily almonds […]

Brazil Nuts

My kitchen is always stocked with these beautiful nuts, as they make the best nut ‘cheese’ ever. I’m obsessed with it and use it with literally everything – in raw lasagna, as a pasta sauce, as a dip for raw veggies, even spread on toast! You’ll find it appearing all over the place on the […]


Cashews, like almonds, make the most amazing addition to so many meals, as well as being such a delicious snack – a piece of gluten free toast spread thickly with cashew butter, sliced banana and medjool dates is just heaven! Cashew butter also makes the sweetest, creamiest addition to baking, especially in raw desserts!


Pecans, like almonds, cashews and brazil nuts, are one of my kitchen staples. They’re an incredible versatile ingredient and their incredibly sweet, caramel-like buttery flavor makes them an amazing addition in baking – you’ll find them appearing so often in my desserts. Pecan butter is also one of my vices, I’m obsessed – there is […]