Despite it’s name, buckwheat is totally unrelated to wheat and is an awesome gluten-free superfood that is inexpensive to buy and versatile to use! It is perfect for making porridge, granola, risotto or salads and the flour form is perfect for baking with.

Black Beans

Black beans really are one of my stable cupboard ingredients and I always make sure that I have some stocked up in case I want to throw a quick dinner together. They are so useful as they really help to stick other things together so you will often see them in ‘burger’ recipes.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is an absolute staple in my diet. I always have a batch on the go in my fridge as it tastes so awesome with absolutely everything, while also being an incredibly healthy addition to my diet. Brown rice syrup makes a great sweetener and brown rice pasta makes a great gluten free alternative […]


I have to admit that I’m pretty new to chickpeas, I never used to love their texture but I’m now officially obsessed with their buttery texture and delicious nutlike taste. As a result of this new found love I’m eating them like there’s no tomorrow, especially when they’re roasted and mixed with quinoa or pureed […]


As with chickpeas, I’m pretty new to lentils – their texture used to freak me out but I’m now fully converted and absolutely loving them! They’re such an easy protein-rich addition to quinoa and rice dishes, as well as making a great meaty base for pasta sauces.


I love oats, they’re so awesomely versatile, so filling and so healthy, making them the perfect addition to so many meals. I use them in my morning smoothies, cook them with almond milk to make delicious porridge and grind them into flour for baking.


Quinoa is my go-to grain; I always have a tub of it ready to go in my fridge. It’s the best base for any veggie meal as it really goes with everything, as well as having a delicious slightly nutty flavour of its own. It’s really filling, very easy to digest and just awesome! It’s […]