Ripe bananas are my favourite fruit; they’re so deliciously sweet with a fantastically satisfying texture. My kitchen is always ready stocked with them as they act as amazing egg and sugar replacements in baking, as well as making the perfect creamy base for smoothies. They’re also one of the most energizing foods.


Before my days of healthy eating blueberries were almost the only fruit I liked! They’re just so awesome as not only do they have the most delicious flavour, they’re also so wonderfully versatile in the kitchen, as well as being so incredibly nutritious!


Adding lemon juice to any dish instantly adds a deliciously tangy essence that transforms and enhances all existing flavours, which is so awesome. It’s just such an amazingly simple and effective natural additive to all sauces, soups and juices and an absolute staple in my kitchen, I use them in almost every meal I make. […]


Mangos are one of the sweetest fruits, which means that not only do they make a great snack but they also work really well in desserts and delicious breakfast recipes.

Medjool Dates

Dates would be my desert island food. I just love them. I eat them all the time – it’s a serious addiction. They’re just so wonderfully sweet and chewy with an awesome caramel-like flavour, which makes them the best candy replacement for snacking and the best sugar replacement for cooking. Medjool dates are the best […]


My favourite thing about raspberries is the way that their flavour somehow perfectly balances a mix of sharp tartness with a fruity sweetness; it’s totally unique and absolutely delicious. I love freezing them and enjoying them as a snack.


Everyone loves strawberries; they’re delicious, so it’s not surprising that they’re one of the most commonly eaten fruits and the most popular berry in the world – which is awesome as they have some incredible healthy boosting properties!


Apples are an amazing cooking ingredient. They add a deliciously sweet, refreshing flavour to any mix while also pureeing down into a wonderfully sticky composition that acts as the perfect egg replacement in baking. Of course they have a million health benefits too.