Ella taking herbs from jar

What kind of cup do you use to measure everything?

I use a standard coffee mug to measure everything, which is 3 by 3 and a 1/2 inches. The newer recipes all have gram measurements too though and we’re working on adding these in to the old recipes at the moment.

Can I substitute ingredients in your recipes?

Everything I do is designed to be adapted, so please feel free to add in anything you like! Any addition is great, make it work for you.

When it comes to swapping things out it can be more complicated. A lot of testing and love goes into the creation of each recipe and I do often use each ingredient for a reason. If it’s a simple substitution of a like for like ingredient, such as blueberries for strawberries, oat milk for almond milk and pecans for almonds then that will always work and please feel free to experiment with this. Otherwise I would really recommend using the ingredients listed in the recipe to get the best results and the most delicious dish. Sadly there are hundreds of substitution comments every day and we are unable to try them all ourselves so please feel free to get creative but we can’t promise that it will turn out as well.

What equipment do you use in the kitchen?

I use a blender and food processor mostly. I use the blender for smoothies and soups, the food processor to crush nuts and make things like hummus, nut butter and energy balls.

Can I have a calorie count on a recipe?

I don’t count calories, life is way too short for that! Eating shouldn’t ever be about restriction or guilt.

Do you drink alcohol?

Because of my illness I don’t drink that often, as my body doesn’t react very well, but I do drink a few times a month when I’m doing something special with friends and family and it’s a part of the occasion.

Can I repost your recipes on my blog?

I’m so sorry but sadly you can’t repost the recipes, I work really hard to create them and hope you understand that I want them to stay here.

Can I have the temperatures in Fahrenheit?

I’m so sorry but being English I don’t work in Fahrenheit, all the temperatures are in Celsius. There’s a great conversion website that you can use here though.

How did you get your blog to grow?

I know it may sound like I’m lying but I honestly have no idea how my blog got quite so big! It all just grew naturally – it took about six months to a year to gain a real following and eighteen months to be really big. I’ve found that probably the most important thing are the photos, as that’s what draws people in. Also once you’ve got good photos you can add them to sites like foodgawker.com, which is great for getting new visitors – this really helped me in the beginning. Otherwise I think it’s just about being authentic and writing about something you love. Also don’t be afraid to show your personality, making it personal is great. I’d also say that it’s very important to focus on just one topic, so that the blog is specialized so that your readers know what to expect. Finally blogging regularly is important as otherwise your readers may forget to come back! I started my blog on wordpress, which is great and then had my site custom designed last year once it really started to grow.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a canon 650D, which I love – although I’m still learning how to really use it!