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Kitchen Food Waste

We’re really keen to do our best to be a socially and environmentally responsible company, so we’re working hard on wastage and keeping our food waste in the kitchen and delis to an absolute minimum. We focus on four things for this – carefully planning quantities, giving any wastage from the delis to local community causes, using leftover veg in other dishes, and using companies that turn waste into fertilisers rather than just adding it to landfill.

With turning leftover veg into other dishes, we find soups great for this! For example our best-selling Souper Veg Soup uses the leftover broccoli stems, which aren’t beautiful enough for our salads, but still taste great. In one of our quinoa salads, we also use the ends of the tender-stem broccoli from our Asian broccoli salad, where the broccoli stems were just a bit too long to fit into our takeaway boxes so we chopped them off and added them to the quinoa.

Not everything is able to go into dishes in this way though and some parts of our veggies aren’t edible – like the tops of carrots. We didn’t want to just chuck them out and have them go to landfill though so we did a bit of research into companies that help with this and came across Herne Hill Waste Collective, which is local to our kitchen.

The Waste Collective is an amazing partnership between local traders, the Herne Hill Forum, and Quantum Waste. Their main aim is to reduce the amount of big wheelie bins on the street, and the huge piles of rubbish that form next to them. The support from local businesses has allowed HH Waste Collective to have a timed bag collection every day, just two types of recyclable bags separated into “food” and “everything else.” By applying a combination of well-established technologies Quantum Waste have created a waste bag that transforms wasted food into fertiliser. As the compost is produced from human food it is the richest fertiliser that you can find in the market! To top things off the process from bag to fertiliser is very sustainable and uses almost no energy.

Here is the link to Quantum Waste website which has a lot more information if anyone is interested

We are all very pleased that we stumbled across Herne Hill Waste Collective and Quantum Waste, because we really believe that it is the best solution to our problem…we hope you think so too! We’re continuing to work on this area of our business, so if you have any other ideas – please do let us know, we’d love to hear them.