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Why We Don’t Like Labels

This is a post that is very personal to Ella, and a subject that she thinks and talks about a lot. Hopefully it will make you all feel happier and more comfortable with the concept of healthy eating and living. It is a hugely important and current topic because healthy eating is not a diet and sometimes labels can make it seem like it is. The first, and most important thing is, that we are all different. We have different bodies, different medical histories, different genes, different lifestyles and different tastes and this is an incredibly important thing to remember. Fundamentally Matthew and Ella and many others, believe that people are better off, both physically and mentally, with a diet full of fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and healthy grains and less refined sugar and processed/refined food but after that you have to make your own decisions. You can’t take anyone else’s way of eating too literally, because you’re not identical to them and only you really know what your body wants and needs. There are a million and one different labels, beliefs and diets out there but that’s not what healthy eating is about. Healthy eating is about finding a way of eating that makes YOU happy. It’s about eating meals that make you feel your best – that might mean a bowl of almond milk porridge for breakfast, a kale and sweet potato salad for lunch and a burger with wine for dinner with friends, and that’s totally ok. What everyone must remember is that it is your life and your body. At The MaE Deli, Matthew and Ella love to encourage people to show there bodies some TLC, but no one wants people to feel guilty because they’re not eating ‘perfectly’ all the time. That’s why the menu is filled with delicious, nourishing food that is accessible to everyone. So for some that might mean a side of organic salmon or chicken with their meal, or a fudge-y pecan brownie for dessert. The focus is not on dieting it’s on eating what you love just without all the odd ingredients like processed flours or refined sugars.

This is where the issue with labels creeps in. Simply by segregating yourself into a certain label can be rather restricting, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t do it, but if you somehow don’t fall into one of these labels you shouldn’t feel that you’re not healthy. There is no one stopping you from being a bit of everything, the key is just being honest to yourself and realizing what works best for you and not thinking what works best for everyone else. This could be a happy mix of raw, vegan, paleo, grain free, gluten free, wheat free or any of the rest of it. Of course it can also mean following a certain concept, which is awesome, but just please don’t feel like it’s wrong if you don’t. It is also important to remember, that by following a certain diet doesn’t automatically make you healthy. Veganism, for example, can be unbelievably nourishing and rewarding if you interpret it to mean a diet full of veggies, fruit, quinoa, chickpeas, almonds, green juice etc but refined sugar, white pasta and lots of processed food can also be vegan and that’s not super healthy! Supermarkets have the ability to mark up products and sell rubbish gluten free products for extortionate prices. As well as the price they fill these products with bizarre ingredients to replace the gluten. That is why you are probably better off with a homemade version or the original product. That was also the aim in our new Deliciously Ella Energy Balls. They are all made with four to six totally natural ingredients that you would have right in your pantry at home! Just like everything else, healthy eating is a balance, and something that can change along your own personal journey. MaE Deli has never been labelled with ‘vegan’ or ‘veggie’, for the exact reason that we aren’t – rather just accessible and a place where you can have delicious food made from ingredients you can trust. By selling organic chicken and salmon we are catering to more people and allowing customers the option of changing up they’re meal how they feel like it. If being a ‘veggie’ suits you then that is amazing, but never be afraid to add something into your diet or take something out, you need whatever makes you mentally and physically happiest. This absolutely is not a criticism of people who want to be raw, vegan, paleo or anything else – anyone who truly believes in something and follows through with it is awesome. Everyone has to start somewhere, and a long your journey you will be able to find the perfect balance for your body, incorporate whole ingredients and nourishing foods whenever you can. But most of all, never beat yourself up for eating something that isn’t in your eyes super healthy because life is too short for this!