Monday Inspiration

The last few weeks have been my busiest ever and they’ve really tested me emotionally. Last week I spent 48 hours in Lisbon and 36 hours in Helsinki doing back to back interviews, talks, signings, blogger events and just doing a lot of shining and sparkling, as well as running all over London doing a million and one things. I worked a seven day week with way too many 5.30am alarms and not a single evening off – it was quite intense!  I have to admit that my anxiety really came back mid week and I struggled to get through all my commitments, especially when I knew that this week would be mad too. Being alone in a foreign country and trying your hardest to smile and be passionate when inside you’re just screaming for time away from everyone was really hard and I totally broke down every time I got back to my hotel. I know that I need to sit down and think through my diary and cut some things out because it’s just too much at the moment, but I also have a lot of existing commitments that can’t be changed and that I love. I realise the only way to get through stressful periods like this is to adopt a really positive attitude so I thought this quote was perfect for this week…

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

I find that thinking positively, accepting where I am, breathing and just trying to make the best of whatever I’m doing makes all the difference. I’m not saying I go from feeling an anxious mess to feeling truly sparkly and awesome, but I do feel able to face the situation and get through it in a productive way. If you change your thinking and approach to a situation, then the world around you will change! I hope this gives some inspiration to anyone else going through a manic time at the moment too. Have a beautiful week everyone, and remember you may not be able to change a situation that you don’t like, but you can find a way to learn from it and even enjoy it if you approach it in a different way x