Healthy Eating in Berlin


I was in Berlin last week for a few days to launch the German edition of my book, which was so much fun! I was pretty busy with work so I didn’t have a large amount of time to explore the health scene but I went to a few amazing places that I just had to tell you about. They were some of the best health spots I’ve been to in ages and I couldn’t recommend them more.


The Store Kitchen

This was my favourite place. It’s just amazing – you have to go! The decor and atmosphere are perfect, so cool and very inviting – not at all scary and healthy looking. The food is also incredible. It was all veggie with a great focus on seasonal, local produce. They have a section of beautiful salads that you can mix and match, lots of great juices, smoothies, almond milk lattes and snacks. I had a beautiful bowl with amazing roasted carrots, a wonderful tomato, quinoa and parsley salad and a great cabbage dish – it might not sound that special, but trust me it really was. It’s such a nice place to hang out too, definitely worth a lengthy visit.


This place comes a very close second, it’s also fantastic. It’s less hipster and more healthy but the decor is still awesome and very cosy – they have a great little outdoor bit where you can watch the world go by and soak up some sun. Their menu is really inspiring, you know everything on it will make you feel amazing and help you glow from the inside out. They have beautiful acai bowls with creamy chia pudding or probiotic muesli, delicious smoothies, lots of inspired juices, fresh coconuts and a selection of salads. I’d recommend this as a breakfast stop to energise a day of exploring.



The Bowl

This was my favourite lunch place. It really reminded me of Cafe Gratitude, which was my go-to spot when I was living in LA last year. Matt (my fiancé) and I wanted to order everything on the menu – it all sounded so yum. Each bowl is filled with deliciousness and there’s a great mix in each one. Their sweet potatoes with homemade ketchup are especially good, definitely get those if you go! The California bowl was my favourite too, seriously yum.

There are lots of juice spots across the city too – try The Juicery Berlin, Liquid Garden, Wild.Kräuter – I’m sure there are lots of other great places but these three I tried and loved them! There’s also a supermarket chain called Veganz that’s stocked with goodness from superfoods to coyo, raw chocolate, nut butters and just about anything else you could need! Berlin seems to be one of the best places for healthy food, everywhere I went had lots of options and I never struggled to find something great to eat, so if you want an awesome city with easy healthy spot this is your place!