Guest Recipe: Raw Raspberry & Cashew Cookies

I hope you all loved Irene from Nama Food’s inspiration interview this week! She’s also really kindly given us the most beautiful guest recipe for raspberry and cashew cookies, which I’m so excited about! I tried them earlier this week and absolutely loved them, they’re amazing! They’re so easy to make too, as they take just five minutes to put together and half hour to set – so they’re the perfect afternoon snack!



Serves: 6

Difficulty: easy


1 cup of cashew flour (cashew nuts powdered in a blender)

¼ of a cup maple syrup

¼ of a cup raw cacao butter, melted

½ cup fresh or thaw frozen raspberries (or banana  pieces, or raisins, or dried mango, or cacao nibs etc…)


In a bowl mix the cashew flour with the maple syrup and the melted cacao butter. Then add the fruits (or cacao nibs or filling of choice) and mix evenly.

Take a tray lined with greaseproof paper and drop spoonfuls of the mixture and shape it to desired cookie size with a spoon. Place the tray in the freezer to set and when the cookies are firm enough, remove them from the paper and place them in a plate to serve.