Adventures in St Lucia!


I took last week off and escaped to sunny St Lucia with two girlfriends, which was an absolute dream! I’ve been really bad at properly switching off over the last few years and this trip I promised myself I would really take some out and I can’t tell you how good I feel for it. I left my laptop at home, ignored almost all my emails and only checked my phone occasionally, which really helped me relax and after a week I felt so recharged and amazing!



The amazing hotel Jade Mountain¬†had us to stay for the week, which was the best gift ever. We spent everyday just relaxing, swimming, lying on the beach, reading, drinking coconuts and eating lots of amazing local fruit – blissful laziness! I also discovered my favourite breakfast while I was there, porridge cooked with coconut milk, cinnamon sticks, star anise and bay leaves – the flavour combination is just divine. I’ll try and recreate it and share the recipe with you soon! The local mangoes, passion fruit and pineapple was also incredible and I’m already missing it so much. Every afternoon we’d eat our fruit in the pool in our room, which was about incredible as I can imagine life getting. The amazing thing about the pool was that it was at the front of the room, where the fourth wall should be, so our room was¬†completely open and looked out over the ocean! Anyway, after a week there I’ve come back feeling revitalised and ready for life again, I also got lots of inspiration for ideas that I’ll be sharing with you soon!

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