Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Name: Madeline Shaw

Where do you live? In Wandsworth Town, London, with my gorgeous boyfriend Kieran.

What sparked your interest in health and wellness? It was when I was living in Sydney. I developed terrible IBS and couldn’t fix it with any pill or doctor. I started eating at this organic cafe and it changed everything, I started to feel better. Nourishing myself with proper protein, fats and veggies. I started working there and it all kicked off from there, I knew I had to spread this message to the world.

How did you build your passion for healthy living into a career? I guess it all started with the idea that it could be possible. I am a hard worker and live and breathe everything I do. I think my supper clubs that I have been doing for almost 2 years now have been great for getting my food out there in person rather than just on the web. I feel so blessed to have the job I have.

Who inspires you? My mum, she is a positive ball of energy with the most contagious smile. She has built her own successful business while bringing up our family.

 Favourite quote? “The most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself. And then after that, I’d say once you have that, it may be hard work, but you can actually design your life.” Diane von Furstenberg

What is your biggest achievement so far? Publishing my first book “Get the Glow” I genuinely can’t believe I have written a book, it’s so surreal. My book is based on a 6 week programme I used to run with clients. It went so well and people had such successes I wanted to share it with the world. Not only does it include the programme but also 100 delicious and nutritious recipes from your green juices to your squash curry. I hope you enjoy it!

 What’s your typical…

Breakfast: Poached eggs, beetroot and quinoa breakfast bowl with chopped chives and lemon

Lunch: Pan roasted salmon with cucumber and chilli salsa

Snack: One or two raw chocolate balls made with hazelnuts, dates, raw cacao and almond butter

Dinner: Aubergine and tomato curry with cauliflower rice


What’s your favourite dessert? Sticky Toffee pudding

 What’s the best recipe you’ve ever made? My raw banoffee pie, it converts any healthy eating sceptic.

Where do you get the inspiration from to create so many awesome recipes? Eating out, I love to dine out and get inspired. Also cookbooks, blogs, traveling and going to markets. I love cooking so much, inspiration isn’t the hard part it’s fitting it all in.

What are the ingredients you can’t live without? Coconut oil, almond butter and avocado.

 Where are your favourite places to eat? The Boast House in Palm beach, Sydney (Australia)

 What do you do to stay active? I go to Lomax for personal training, Psycle for spinning and then do yoga either at Tri yoga, and at home on my yoga mat.

What is your beauty routine? I take off my makeup with coconut oil (best makeup remover), cleanse with Pai cleansing cream, apply Pai rose hip oil in the evening and use Ren moisturiser with spf in the day. It’s a very simple routine but I do it everyday and I usually do a facemask every week too, either a homemade one or the Oskia renaissance mask.

Do you have any favourite natural skin care products or awesome beauty recipes? I love my home made spirulina and honey mask – 1 tbsp of runny honey with 1 tsp of spirulina, mix together and place on the skin for 10 minutes then rinse. I also use pure Argan oil for my hair and coconut oil as a body moisturiser, when it comes to beauty brands I love Pai, Ren and Oskia – you can’t go wrong with any of these.

Where’s your favourite place in the world? Sydney

What makes you happy? Good food, the sun, the ocean, my boyfriend, family and friends.

 Describe your perfect day. Wake up with the sun and do a energising yoga class. Breakfast would be out. I would have a green avocado and lime smoothie with baked eggs and avocado. After I would go for a swim and walk along the beach bathing in the sunshine. I would then wander down for my facial that would leave me feeling relaxed and calm. Lunch would be a seafood feast of fresh prawns, mussels and grab, with mountains of tasty salads outside on the grass. My family and friends would be there. Xavier Rudd would be playing and everyone would be dancing and enjoying the feast. Next we would move out to an outdoor cinema where Grease the movie would be playing (it’s my fav). I would lie back with my boyfriend with a plate or raw chocolate brownies, coconut ice cream and berries tucking into the feast as I sing along. I would sleep under the stars wrapped up in blankets listening to sea as I fell asleep.

Do you have any favourite tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy everyday?

1. Be grateful – most of us focus on the negative in our life and not the positive. Count your blessings every day, however small they are. Focusing on these will make you happier and trust me more of that will come.

2. Chew your food – aim to chew 10-20 times, it will help with digestion and allow the food to properly absorb into your system.

3. Don’t aim to be perfect – being healthy and happy everyday is about balance, aim to eat clean healthy fresh food but if you slip up don’t beat yourself up. Just start again tomorrow.

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