Natural Beauty: My Make Up Bag


I get a lot of questions about my makeup bag so I thought I should do a post about my natural beauty favourites every now and again to answer all your questions and share my favourite products with you! I love natural makeup, it feels so much nicer on your skin and it’s so much kinder to the skin too. Some of these products are old favourites but a couple are new finds that I’m so excited about.

Mascara: I found a brand called Ilia (which I haven’t used before) and they have some amazing products. I absolutely love the nightfall black mascara, it’s amazing. It’s the best natural mascara I’ve tried yet as it doesn’t smudge but it also comes off so easily with a little coconut oil.

Foundation: this atmosphere soft focus foundation by Vapour was such an exciting find (sorry for it’s long name)! I hate using conventional foundation, it feels so clumpy and thick on my skin – I didn’t use it often but for photoshoots etc I always had to, so then when I found this alternative I was so happy. This foundation feels silky on the skin and you don’t feel that you’re wearing any make up either, which is amazing. It’s also very subtle and blends so easily into the skin so you don’t have to worry about orange lines on your face either!

Bronzer: this is an old favourite, it’s by W3LL people and it’s so great – it’s just an easy way to look extra healthy and glowy!

Tinted moisturiser: I was equally excited by my tinted moisturiser too, I use this most days and it’s so great for just adding a little glow to your skin! Like the foundation is pretty light but it makes me and my skin feel great! It’s also by Ilia and it’s their sheer vivid tinter moisturiser.

Highlighter: I’ve been using this highlighter (which they call a living luminizer) for a while and love it. It’s by my favourite natural beauty brand, RMS, and it just works so well to brighten up your face. It also contains coconut oil which I love!

Blusher: the blusher I love is also from RMS and it’s also made from coconut oil! It looks pretty bright but it blends in really well, and it also feels so nice on the skin. I tried a similar one from another natural make up brand, which I used for a while, but this one is even better!

Lipstick: my mum found this lipstick for me (which is also by Ilia) and I love it – it’s awesome. I always felt that lipstick was the most important product to be natural as goes on your mouth, so I feel like I must swallow bits of it! It took me so long to find a good brand but this one works so well and I’d really recommend it. As it’s natural the colour is much softer and more subtle than a conventional brand, which I really like too.

Eye shadow: the RMS cream eye polish is a dream! I use the seduce and magnetic colours, which are great. As with the other RMS they’re made of coconut oil so they glide on so easily and look very natural.

Under eye concealer: this under eye concealer by Jane Iredale has been in my make up bag for the last few years and I’m still so in love with it. It’s a great hidden weapon for those days that you’re feeling (and maybe looking) exhausted!

Nail polish: my most recent find is natural nail polish, which is awesome as I love having happy nails and this way I can do it without all the chemicals! The best brand I’ve found so far is Kure, they have lots of great colours and it really works in the way that normal polish does.