Advice: How To Start A Blog  


I know this post doesn’t relate to healthy living or healthy eating but it’s something that lots of you keep asking me about so I thought I should share my tips on blogging with you all. If I’m totally honest I don’t really know how Deliciously Ella grew into what it is now, it’s been a crazy journey but there are a few things I’ve noticed that I think have helped me and I hope you find them useful!

Be Authentic

This is probably the most important point of all. You have to write about something that you truly love and are very passionate about. It doesn’t matter what that subject is or how mainstream it is, all that matters is that it’s important to you. When I first started my blog almost three years ago kale was not cool and everyone around me thought I was mad with my healthy eating, my audience was so much smaller but what mattered was that my readers could see that I cared about what I was writing about. So don’t just jump on a trend because all trends come and go, just run with your own passions no matter how weird or wonderful they are.

Find Your Voice

This concept really follows on from the idea of being authentic and I think it’s almost equally important – you have to sound like you! There are millions of blogs and bloggers out there, so it’s very easy to get lost amongst everyone else. One of the best ways to stop that from happening is to write in a way that is truly you, don’t try to emulate someone else that you like as it won’t be consistent and I think readers can see through it. People make fun of me a lot for the way I write, I am ridiculously positive and enthusiastic and use way too many superlatives but that’s the way that I am and the way that I speak, so it’s just naturally how I write. It may be a bit over the top at times and I may proclaim that every recipe is the best recipe ever, but it means that I always sound the same, my voice becomes more recognizable and if you meet me I won’t (I hope) seem totally different to the way I am online.

Engage with Everyone

Listening to and engaging with your readers is so important and it really helps both you and them. When I first started blogging I said that I would always reply to everyone as I had got in touch with a few people and never heard anything back from them. It’s a much bigger task now than it was then and I have an amazing team who help me with it but it’s been such a wonderful tool. It helps me so much as I know what you’re all wanting more or less of and what your questions are so I can adapt what I do to make it better for you, and it helps you as you get your questions answered. I’m sure some comments and emails slip through the cracks (and I’m so sorry if I haven’t got back to anyone reading this!) but I promise that it’s so worth the time.

Be Consistent

This applies to both when you post and what you post. Make sure you post at the same time every week and do the same number of posts every week, that way your readers know what to expect and when they should come back for new content. It’s so tempting to post something as soon as you have it, I always struggle holding back a new recipe from you guys, but it means you don’t post five times one week and none the next – which can be confusing to readers. I think it’s also important to be consistent with what you post, so stay true to the concept of your blog. It would be weird if one day I wrote about a decadent, butter and sugar filled Nutella cake and the next day I blogged about kale salad – it sends mixed messages of what you’re all about and you won’t necessarily connect with your target audience as you’re not totally catering to anyone’s needs.

Don’t Give Up

It can be quite disheartening when you put a lot of time and effort into a project and don’t feel that you’re getting any response to it. I thought about stopping my blog so many times but then I’d get a comment or email from someone saying that they loved something and keep going. My blog grew very slowly to start with as it just spread by word of mouth but over time more and more people told someone else about it and eventually it got to where it is now!