My Adventures in NY


I’ve had the best week in New York launching the US version of my book, it’s been so much fun and I’ve done a great food tour of the city so I wanted to share my favourite finds with you. Quickly before I tell you all more about this, I wanted to say that I’ll be on the Today Show at 8.45 this morning (NY time) if anyone wants to tune in! I’m also doing a book signing tonight at Barnes and Noble in Tribeca and I’m excited to meet some of you then – the details for the event are here if you want to come.

My favourite thing about NY is all the juice bars, they’re literally everywhere – it’s a dream!

Juice Generation – this is my favourite juice place in the city; I tried almost all of their juices and loved them all. I’m especially in love with their ‘Activated Protein’ juice, which is made of almonds, hemp seeds, dates, vanilla, alkaline water and activated charcoal – it’s so delicious. The ‘Get Ur Green On’ is pretty special too, it’s spinach, kale, apple, pineapple and mint and it’s really good. They make great smoothies too, the joyful almond is so delicious and the kale kolada!

Juice Press – this is my other favourite juice place. They have a much bigger selection of juices, which is great and all the ones I tried were amazing. I especially loved the Doctor Earth juice which is apple, kale, cucumber, celery, pineapple, swiss chard, lemon, dandelion, parsley, ginger. The Love Me juice and the Fountain of Youth Smoothie are both amazing too though!

Liquiteria – this is another amazing juice spot, I didn’t love it as much as Juice Generation and Juice Press but it was still amazing and they have lots of stores around the city! The Killer XX juice with apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne was my favourite as it was just so refreshing.





I tried so many different food spots too, all of which were pretty amazing.

Hu Kitchen – this might be my favourite place ever, the food here is just so good! I ate here way too many times and everything was incredible. As absolutely everything was so delicious it’s hard to recommend anything in particular but I did especially love their root vegetable mash bowl topped with roasted wild mushrooms, their curried sweet potato and their roasted cauliflower. The desserts and snacks are even better than the mains though! I went crazy for their almond butter and puffed quinoa chocolate bars (seriously best thing ever), their walnut fudge brownie and their cookie dough truffles. If you go to just one place in NY then go here!

The Butcher’s Daughter – I’ve been here every time I’ve been to NY as I just love it. It’s such a cute place and the menu is awesome. I’m obsessed with their smashed avocado toast and spicy kale caesar salad but everything is so great! I loved the kale so much this time that I had to order it twice (the waiter thought I was mad!) They also have delicious smoothies and a great matcha latte with almond milk.

Organic Avenue – this is another juice/cafe spot but I like the food here more than the juice. Their chocolate mousse is perfect, it’s the richest, sweetest, creamiest, most amazing chocolate mousse ever – it arguably trumps any sugary mousse but it’s full of goodness! I also loved their kale and quinoa which has hemp seeds, raisins and the best dressing!

Souen – I didn’t manage to get to Souen on this trip but I’ve been lots of times before as it’s my friends favourite place and I really love it. They’re all about macrobiotic goodness and everything just tastes so clean and fresh. They have loads of great grains, beans, veggies, greens as well as delicious noodles, miso soup and great juice!

Candle Cafe – I had such a great lunch here and really loved it, I’ve only been once though so I haven’t tried that many of the options on the menu but the two I tried were great. The mezze plate was pretty awesome with a mix of hummus, quinoa tabouli, lemon-date chutney, marinated olives, parata bread and crudités. Plus a ginger miso stir fry which was so delicious too, with lots of sautéed vegetables, brown rice and tofu in a ginger-miso sauce.