Video: How to Make Energy Bites

Energy bites are one of my all time favourite recipes, I make them almost every week and I can’t imagine life without them! When I’m feeling tired these are my go-to snack, they give me so much energy and make me feel awesome – so they’re perfect if you’re looking to fight off that four o’clock slump!┬áThese bites are the easiest things to make – you literally just throw everything together in a food processor and whizz it together for a minute or two. They last a good three weeks in the fridge so you can make lots at the same time and keep you fridge stocked with goodness for ages! That being said I have a tendency to eat them all in a day or so if they’re in my fridge, as they’re just so delicious, so I often store them in the freezer so that they don’t call my name every time I open the fridge door! I’ve made a little video to show you how to make these beauties, hopefully it will inspire you to make these a big part of your life too.