Ginger and Lemon Shots

Quickly before I go into this post I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support and lovely comments about the book – you guys are just beyond amazing!

I’ve been doing these lemon and ginger shots most mornings over January and they’ve been making me feel so good! They just take a minute or so to make and 2 seconds to drink, but they do wonders for your body. The ginger is so soothing for the digestive system, it’s quite spicy though so it’s nice to mix it with the lemon as the lemon really takes the edge off the spice. Of course there are lots of benefits to having the lemon too as it’s great for the immune system and it’s very alkalinising – so if you’re feeling cold and run down these work like magic to boost you. I try to do a shot every morning before breakfast to wake my body up and get it ready for the day. If you’re trying to make January a very healthy month then this is an awesome thing to add to your life, especially if you struggle with digestive issues – trust me your tummy will love each and every shot, even if it’s not the most delicious thing!


– 1/2 a lemon

– 1 large knob of ginger, about 50g

Peel the ginger, then put it into a juicer and collect the juice. Squeeze the lemon either by hand or using a citrus press. Mix the juice of the ginger and lemon together, then drink the shot – don’t sip it though as it’s not the most delicious thing!