Natural Beauty: My Favourite Beauty Products


As you all know I love healthy living, it makes me so happy. I find that whilst eating well is a huge part of wellness there are lots of other aspects that play into it too from exercise to sleep, skincare, stress management and general happiness – these things are all equally important if you want to be your happiest, healthiest, glowiest self!

I found that as I changed my diet and became more conscious of what I was putting into my body I naturally became more conscious of what I was putting onto my body. As I started looking into it I realised that all the lotions and potions I’d been using for years were actually full of pretty nasty chemicals and for some reason they no longer felt right on my skin. I was suddenly way more comfortable with no make up then I was with lots of it on, which is still the case and I love it – it’s so freeing! Plus eating well and taking care of yourself gives you the best skin, which always helps. That being said I do still use some products and make up and over the last few years I’ve found a selection of natural products that I absolutely love and couldn’t live without from certain bronzers to cleansers and moisturizers. I tend to use a mixture of bought natural products and homemade recipes and find that this works best for me but I’ve given options to all the homemade products below for those of you that prefer to buy something. In London I buy almost all my products from Content Beauty, which stocks only natural cosmetics – so it’s a pretty fun place to explore!


Cleanser: Dr Haushka Soothing Cleansing Milk, I love this cleanser as it feels so soft and gentle on my skin, plus it smells so delicious!

Facial Moisturizer: Coconut oil or Pai’s Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day Cream, which is a really light moisturizer so it’s perfect during the day

Body Moisturizer: Coconut oil, I’m still on the look out for a good natural body moisturiser that isn’t coconut oil so if anyone finds one then let me know!

Facial Exfoliator: a brown sugar, oat and coconut oil scrub. I simply mix a handful of oats and brown sugar with a pea-sized amount of coconut oil and a few drops of warm water. I then gently massage the mix into my face for a couple of minutes before washing it all off with warm water. I also love Neal’s Yard Honey and Orange Facial Scrub, it’s often easier to travel with this than a homemade remedy so I always keep my bathroom stocked with a pot of this.

Body Exfoliator: I use either use my homemade moisturising body exfoliator or a Frank Body scrub, which is made of orange essence, brown sugar, salt and sweet almond oil – it’s really effective as making your skin soft and smooth and it smells so delicious too.

Hand Cream: Dr Haushka Hydrating Hand Cream, I love this hand cream as not only does it make your hands feel smooth and elegant, it also absorbs really quickly so you’re not left with greasy hands all day!

Mascara: Neal’s Yard Lengthening Mascara in Black, this is a great mascara which feels really light and never clumps! It also comes off so easily with a touch of coconut oil but never smudges

Bronzer: RMS Buriti Bronzer, which is a cream bronzer made from a coconut oil base that just slides onto your skin giving your whole face a healthy glow – with no danger of you looking orange!

Blusher: W3LL People Universalist Colourstick, this is also a cream so you can just rub it into your cheeks to give them a satiny smooth touch of pink

Illuminator: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, this is similar to the bronzer in the sense that it easily glides over your skin. I use this on my cheekbones, the insides of my eyes and the bone below my eyebrows to brighten up my face

Make up Remover: Coconut oil, this is one of the only case where there’s no bought product that comes close in effectiveness! I find that coconut oil is pretty much the only effective way to take off all make up, especially mascara

I also love this rose facial mist spray that I found at Moon Juice in LA, but I can’t find it anywhere online sadly! If you’re ever anywhere near their stores I’d so recommend it. In the meantime I’ll keep looking for it online and scooping similar products out for you guys so that you can enjoy the delicious rose goodness too!