Natural Beauty: Coconut Oil


As you all know, I’m obsessed with coconut oil – it’s just such an all round wonder product! It’s a total superfood in the kitchen, and one of my absolute favourite beauty staple too – although don’t worry, I have two separate pots of this on the go at the same time, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen, I don’t use the one I cook with on my face!

I talked all about the wonders of coconut oil and how awesome its fats are in my product post about coconut oil, so today we’re focusing on how to use it to enhance your natural beauty and get you glowing!

For the last year or so I’ve ditched all conventional moisturizers in favour of coconut oil, which was the best decision ever, both for my skin and for my bank account! Using coconut oil has saved me so much money as I use it as my face and body moisturizer, my hair mask, the base of lots of my facemasks, my after sun and my makeup remover – so it’s pretty all purpose! A giant, 500ml, pot of coconut oil costs between £10-15 and lasts about two months if you use it as much as I do, so it’s so much cheaper than buying expensive moisturizers etc. The best thing is that with all these different beauty benefits is that you can also completely downsize your wash bag when you travel and just take a pot of this!

Every night I use a small amount of coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer and I always wake up looking so much fresher than I ever used to. This happens because coconut oil is full of vitamin E, which encourages the growth and repair of our skin cells, protecting against aging and cracking of the skin and lips, while also making it beautifully smooth and soft. It is also rich in certain proteins, which are essential for cell repair, speeding up healing time, which helps to make your skin look fresher and more radiant.

For all the same reasons coconut oil also makes an awesome hair mask. I try to apply it overnight once every week or so to keep my hair soft and shiny. Simply add about a tablespoon to your ends, then brush them to make sure that the coconut oil is evenly spread. To remove the mask, simply wash it out with shampoo and conditioner a few hours later or the next morning. I avoid putting the coconut oil on my roots as that can be harder to wash out and needs a few shampoos to come off completely otherwise it can make your hair look a little greasy.

My other daily use of coconut oil is as a make up remover, this may sound strange but seriously I have never found anything that takes off eye make up so well! I just rub a pea sized amount over both eyes and my eye makeup just melts off, it’s amazing and I really couldn’t recommend it more, it also moisturizes the lashes and they never fall out – which mine always did when I tugged at them with a face wipe to take my makeup off!

As a body moisturizer it’s also amazing, it’s so effective that I normally only use it once a week and my skin stays so soft. You really don’t need very much as it is pretty grease so you’ll be slipping and sliding around your bed if you use as much coconut oil as you would normal moisturizer! For my whole body I probably only use two tablespoons or so, and I normally do it before I go to bed and let it sink it overnight. I do the same thing as an after sun and it’s so soothing, I’ve made everyone I know try it as an after sun and they’re always amazed about how effective it is. It really cools down burn quicker than anything else I’ve tried.

My final coconut oil use is for oil pulling, this is a pretty interesting topic and requires a fair bit of explanation so I’ll save this for another post – but it involves swirling coconut oil around you mouth every morning to clean it out, sounds crazy but it’s awesome and something that I’ve really come to love despite a lot of scepticism on the topic to start with!