My Book Cover Reveal!


I am so excited to share my first book cover with you! This is a huge moment for me, so I hope that you’re all as excited about the book as me and that you all love the cover. This cover is for the UK edition of the book, the US edition will have a different cover, which I’ll share with you as soon as it’s ready. The UK edition is out on the 22nd of January 2015, which is so exciting, and it’s available to pre-order now on amazon through this link.

The book is filled with over a hundred amazing recipes, almost all of which are totally new – plus I’ve included a couple of old favourites from the blog, including sweet potato brownies, raw brownies and superfood bread as I know that none of us can live without those! The new recipes are absolutely incredible and I’m so happy with them – for the sweet recipes think creamy key lime pie, beetroot chocolate cake with coconut icing, dreamy smoothies, baked apple and cinnamon porridge, berry scones with coconut cream, almond butter fudge and raw banana splits! Then for the savoury dishes think homemade baked beans with giant hash browns, Mexican quinoa bowls with cashew cream, lentil bolognaise, black bean chilli, beautiful salads, brazil nut and rocket pesto pasta, stuffed mushrooms and beetroot carpaccio! The book is a serious feast for the eyes and the stomach – I wish I could list all the recipes here but there are just way too many, so I’ll leave the others as a surprise for you when you open the book! I also wanted to share lots of advice about eating this way too, so I’ve filled each chapter with all my tips and tricks to help inspire you. I’ve talked a lot about how I started eating this way, which I hope will be especially helpful.

For all those wondering about the release date for the US edition, it will be the beginning of March 2015 – so just a little after the UK edition. So exciting!