Kitchen Equipment: What’s in My Kitchen


So one of the questions that I get the most is, what kitchen equipment do I use? I’ve tried so many different products over the last few years and I’ve found lots of awesome blenders, food processors, juicers, spiralizers etc and I’m going to share all my finds with you in this section of the blog! I’ll be posting on all my favourite pieces of equipment, so hopefully you can all find something that works for you both in terms of functionality and price and understand what you should be looking for when picking a product. For now I quickly want to share with you what I use on a daily basis.

To cook healthy food you really three different pieces of equipment – a food processor, a blender and a juicer. So why do you need all three? You need a food processor to make things like hummus, pesto, energy balls and raw desserts. Food processors crush things, they don’t blend them so they’re not totally smooth – you can’t make a smoothie, for example, in a processor which is why you also need a blender. You need a blender to make things that are completely smooth, mainly soups and smoothies, as well as purees and icing. Sadly blenders don’t have the right blades to crush things and they need liquid, which food processors don’t. Finally you need a juicer to make juice, sadly nothing else can make juice – just a juicer! I also use a spiralizer to make courgette pasta (which is one of my favourite things in the world!), a travel blender so that I can stay healthy when I travel and a nut milk bag so that I can make almond milk.

If you’re going to start out with just two things then I’d buy a processor and a blender, as using these two you can make almost anything and both are really important for healthy living as one or the other is used in almost every healthy recipe, both on my blog and every other blog or book. A juicer is less important to cooking as it’s literally only used for juice, so I’d wait to buy that when you’re committed to juicing!


There are so many different options for each pieces of equipment and the prices vary so much, so it really is worth looking into all the options before you make a decision and hopefully you’ll find something that you love! Personally I use a Magimix food processor, a Vitamix blender and a Sage juicer. These are all in the more expensive range of products though, which makes sense for me as I use them for work everyday but they may not be the right fit for you which is why I’m going to be posting on all the different options that are out there!