Sun-Dried Tomato Baba Ganoush

I’m so sorry for not sharing a recipe with you last week, I was moving house and my life was all packed up in boxes so I didn’t get to do much cooking! I’m so happily settled now though and will be cooking more than ever as I have the best kitchen, which is inspiring me so much. My favourite thing about my new flat are my kitchen shelves, which are filled with my jar collection containing all my favourite foods. I spent months looking for the perfect shelves and collecting all the jars and I’m just so in love with them all that I had to share the photos with you in this post! While I was moving I ate a lot of easy, speedy food that I could make in big batches so that I’d always have something awesome to snack on. Of course there was the usual hummus and guacamole, lots of dates, amazing smoothies and sweet potato brownies but I also spiced it up a bit with lots of baba ganoush. About a year ago I went through a phase of making baba ganoush all the time and I’d rather forgotten about it until my amazing flatmate whizzed up an aubergine dip recently and I remember how obsessed I was with creamy, roasted aubergine. It just tastes so incredible, especially when mixed with a little tahini, lemon juice and cumin – I then add sun-dried tomatoes as they really bring the flavour to a whole new level, making it even more wonderfully rich and delicious. It tastes amazing in a rainbow bowl with grilled peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket and pomegranates; or as a dip for your crackers, sweet potato wedges or crudités; used as a sauce for your pasta; spread thickly on some sueprfood bread; stirred into some brown rice with a little miso or eaten straight from the bowl with a spoon!

Makes one bowl:

– 2 aubergines

– 12 sun-dried tomatoes (110g)

– 1 tablespoon of tahini

– 1/2 a lemon

– 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin

– salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 180C, then pierce the aubergines with a knife – this gives them some breathing room and stops them from exploding in your oven! Then allow them to bake for about thirty minutes, until the skin is getting crispy and the inside is amazingly soft.

Once the aubergines have cooked, slice the green end off them and then place them in your food processor with all the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy – I love the skin of the aubergine as I think it makes the texture nicer, so I always add it but you don’t have to.