The Perfect Stir-Fry

Sometimes we all just want something amazingly quick and easy for dinner, at this point I often go straight for avocado and hummus on toast, which is amazing, but sometimes it’s nice to spend an extra few minutes in the kitchen and whip up something amazing like this beautiful veggie stir fry with a creamy tahini and tamari sauce and a mountain of delicious buckwheat noodles. It’s really so perfect, deliciously warming and comforting, while still so nurturing and nutritious – the ultimate comfort food! I love how rich the sauce is, it really has an incredibly deep flavour which absolutely complements the natural flavours of the veggies. The different textures in each bite are also pretty magic, the carrots and pepper add a little crunch, while the mushrooms add a delicious meatiness and the cabbage strips and spinach add a wonderfully smooth touch. I love it! It couldn’t be easer to make too, all you have to do is slice up the veggies, cook them with coconut oil for ten minutes and then mix them in with some buckwheat noodles, dried herbs, tahini, lemon juice and tamari. It really doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to go from fridge to plate, which means it’s perfect when you’re busy. Of course there’s so much goodness in this too so you’ll feel wonderful and energy rich after eating! I’ve been eating this same dish for the last few years and still absolutely adore it.

 Serves 2

– 4 carrots

– 2 red peppers

– about an inch slice of red cabbage

– a dozen mushrooms

– a handful of broccolini (long stemmed broccoli)

– a packet of spinach (about 250g)

– 2 servings of buckwheat noodles (about 150g)

– 3 tablespoons of tamari (gluten free soy sauce)

– 3 tablespoons of tahini

– 1 tablespoon of dried herbs

– 1 lemon

– coconut oil

– salt

Start by peeling the carrots and slicing them into thin rounds, then chop the broccolini into roughly three segments. Then place these in a large frying pan with a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Start cooking them while you slice the cabbage into thin threads, the mushrooms into roughly quarters and the red pepper into small cubes and then place them into the frying pan to cook with the carrots and broccolini.

Now put the noodles on to cook.

Once the noodles are nearly cooked stir the spinach into the stir fry along with the tamari, tahini, lemon juice, herbs and salt. Drain the noodles and finally stir them in before serving and enjoying!