Three Rice Medley with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Courgettes

Three Rice Medley with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Courgettes

I never really used to see the whole appeal of rice, it always seemed a little dull. Maybe that’s because it reminded me of school lunch: a plate of boiled white rice with bland tomato puree. I have recently, however, discovered a whole new side of this beautiful grain and wow it’s good. Seriously, rice is amazing. Not only is it filled with fibre, minerals and vitamins, but it also tastes so delicious and enriches almost every plate. This blend of brown, black and red rice is especially awesome, and perfectly combines the mix of roasted sweet potatoes, courgettes and tomatoes with sugar snap peas, spinach and pomegranates to make something just heavenly. So rich and so diverse in flavours and textures. I just loved the contrast between the crunch of the sweet pomegranates and sugar snap peas against the soft roasted sweet potatoes and spinach which just melt-in-your-mouth. Yum.

Serves 3

– 1/3 of a cup of wild rice

– 1/3 of a cup of red rice

– 1/3 of a cup of brown rice

– 3 small sweet potatoes

– 2 courgettes

– 20 tomatoes

– 4 handfuls of spinach

– 1 cup of pomegranates

– 1 cup of sugar snap peas

– 1 jalepeno pepper

– 1 handful of fresh coriander leaves

– 1 lime

Start by slicing the sweet potatoes into cubes, drizzling them in olive oil and cinnamon and baking them at 190C for about 45 minutes, until they are beautifully soft and squishy.

Next, boil the three types of rice together with about 2 cups of boiling water, this should also take about 45 minutes during which time you may have to add a little more water.

While the sweet potatoes and rice cook chop the courgettes into quarters, then slice them into small quarter moon shapes and place to one side.

De-seed and chop the jalepeno pepper and half the tomatoes. Chop the coriander leaves into tiny pieces.

Once the sweet potatoes are about 10 minutes from the end add the tomatoes, jalepeno pepper and courgettes to their baking tray to cook. Meanwhile, add the spinach, corriander and lime to the rice – having already drained any excess water. Then mix the two together in a large serving dish, adding the pomegranates right at the end. Serve and enjoy.


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  • Gloria

    Hi! Yummmmy!! It looks like you have pea pods in there too… and I got confused about when to add which half of the tomatoes… Is it just that they’re only half de-seeded?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Gloria. No pea pods in there, but I’m sure it would be delicious! The tomatoes you add to the sweet potato baking tray with the jalepeno pepper and courgettes about ten minutes before the end – bit confused about what you mean by half de-seeded? I just add them as they are and don’t de-seed at all. Hope that makes sense!

  • Sanne

    Hi Ella,
    this recipe looks amazing! I have friends for dinner this weekend and I think I finally know what I will be cooking! Just one question, cause it states it serves 3, but in my opinion, the ingredients have quite large quantities, for isntance 20 tomatoes. Do I really have to add 40 tomatoes for 6 people? Or are it cherry tomatoes? Then it would make more sense to me :) But again, the recipe looks amazing!

    Tonight I’m gonna cook your recipe of best tomato sauce for a friend that is coming over for dinner!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Sanne. I’m so sorry about the confusion! Yes it’s absolutely cherry tomatoes :) I have to be honest though and say that I haven’t made this recipe in ages (it’s on my to revisit list) but I agree the quantities do seem pretty big so I don’t think I would double it for 6, I would just do half again. I’m hoping to redo this one in the next few weeks! Hope you love the tomato sauce :)

  • Sara

    Quick question, the blog mentions sugar snap peas but it doesn’t show them in the list of ingredients…. Just wondering if they’re in this recipe and if so, when are they added. Also, I want to thank you so so so much for your blog. I found you on instatgam as out a week ago and have already made 3 of your recipes. One of which is going right now! This one actually. =) I can’t wait for it to come out!!! You have opened my eyes to a new world of healthy and amazingly delicious food! I’m so appreciative! Thank you so much!!!

  • Sanne

    Made this tonight for my friends and they loved it! Especially the sweet potato with cinnamon! Made one of your crumble recipes for dessert with blueberries and raspberries, it was delicious! Thanks for all your great and delicious recipes!

    • ellawoodward

      That’s awesome, so glad that it was such a success!

  • Stephen

    This is really tasty. The description at the top says sugar snaps are in there and I can see them in the picture but not in the instructions… Made without as I didn’t have any in and tasted good none the less.

  • Sara

    This is delish! There wad enough for me to feed myself and my boyfriend and to pack two days worth of healthy lunches :)!
    I had it with some free range chicken tonight and it was just lovely :)!!

  • Noelle

    Hello, I wondered if you, Ella, or anyone else on here would have a suggestion for what I could replace the coriander with in this recipe? I truly dislike this herb. I’ve been intrigued by your site and want to try a lot of your recipes but many use this ingredient- would you say it would be safe to just skip it oftentimes or, would you be able to suggest some good substitutions so I’m not losing too much on flavor?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Noelle. You can just always leave out the coriander! Basil would be a delicious substitute or you can just use neither and it will still be delicious!

  • Karen

    Ella have you ever tried coconut rice? Its so good and all you do is substitute half the water for coconut milk..just an idea

  • ellawoodward

    Yes I love it!

  • Dora Iakovou

    Can I use only the brown rice ?

  • ellawoodward

    You can use whatever rice you prefer!

  • ellawoodward

    When I use cups it is just a coffee mug so that may be easiest for you – the newer recipes have grams too x

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Anna, I used about 1 cup of sugar snap peas. Really hope you love the recipe, have a lovely day x