Raw Coconut and Cacao Bites

Raw Coconut and Cacao Bites

I never use to be a coconut girl, I wasn’t ever fully convinced on the flavour but recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with it and now I’m eating coconut with everything! I’m having a serious coconut love affair. It’s particularly awesome sprinkled on top of my morning smoothie alongside slithered almonds and raw cacao nibs – just incredible! Wow.

Anyway given my new love of coconut I realised that I needed to start incorporating it into my sweet treats. This particular recipe for raw coconut and cacao bites was one of my first and favourite coconut experiments. It turned out a million times better than I could have ever expected. They are seriously more incredible than anything, so good that they’re replaced my cravings for raw brownies, which is a huge deal as I’ve been making raw brownies several times a week for the past year! The coconut just adds the most incredible flavour to the cacao, making each bite so unbelievably delicious. The flavours really complement each other and the amounts used in the recipe means that both flavours remain deliciously subtle, yet still present and so awesomely sweet with an almost buttery texture thanks to the addition of cashew butter. They literally just melt in your mouth! They’re the perfect speedy snack, taking no more then five minutes to make, and you can keep them in your fridge all week to make sure that you always have a deliciously healthy snack around to sate those sweet cravings!

One of the most awesome things about these bites is that they’re also bursting with protein thanks to all the almonds and the cashew butter, so as well as sating your sweet tooth they’ll also fill you up, making you even less likely to reach for a chocolate bar. While the coconut will increase your energy levels as it contains a particular type of healthy fat that is very quickly converted into fuel for organ and muscle function, giving you instant energy to help you out of that mid-day slump. So you can enjoy your sweets knowing that your body will enjoy them too!

– 1 cup of desiccated coconut

– 1 cup of almonds

– 1/2 a dozen medjool dates

– 4 tablespoons of cashew butter

– 2 tablespoons of raw cacao

– 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Start by putting the almonds and coconut in a food processor and blend for a minute or two, until a flour starts to form. Then add the cashew butter, coconut oil and cacao blending for a few seconds before slowly adding in the dates.

Continue to blend until everything has been combined together to form a sticky mixture. This mixture can then be rolled into balls and covered in more coconut and left in the fridge to firm up for an hour or alternately you can enjoy it with a spoon straight from a cup, or be like me and eat it straight from the blender! Either way you’ll love it! If you can resist not eating the whole mixture then keep the remaining bites in the fridge in a container.


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  • http://realsimplefood.wordpress.com Sophia

    What beautiful shots (and I think these type of energy balls are definitely tricky to photograph)! I bet these were yummy – I made something similar (we called them healthy bounty bars) once – mix of dates, cashew nuts, coconut and chocolate chips) and I think they were what powered me, my boyfriend and my sister on a gruelling hike in Sardinia in 40 degree weather. I love how tasty these balls/bars are and how they are the perfect energy boost, whether for a workout or during an afternoon slump at work.

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much Sophia! I totally agree that they’re like healthy bounty bars, that’s exactly what I was thinking about when I made them and sounds like the recipe is very similar to yours :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.holas Alexander Holas

    Excuse me, how is this mixture on the fingers? Would it be relatively with no trouble shaping balls, or would the mixture be over-sticky to the skin? Please advise, thank you.

    • Dalida

      Alexander, I just made these tonight, and I can tell you they were incredible, especially after sitting in the fridge for a while, and it was very easy to form balls with the mixture with slightly wet hands (I just put my hand under the tap for a second). Easy, quick and delicious! I used cacao powder to roll the balls in instead of coconut because I like the extra bitterness. This is a keeper for sure!

      • http://www.facebook.com/alex.holas Alexander Holas

        Thanks. I will go ahead and try making these. It’s just one time I followed a recipe, and was so mad when started shaping cookies in my hands that they just sticked and wouldn’t behave at all, even when I added olive oil to the mixture, it worked for a cookie or two, and then the same story began. Thanks for the reply, i will make sure to wet my hand a bit.

        • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

          I totally understand that, it’s a nightmare when everything sticks to your hand but I promise these don’t do that! :)

      • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

        I know they’re insanely incredible once they’ve been in the fridge – they taste like fudge, it’s awesome! Love your idea of rolling them in cacao powder too, the bitterness must be yum – I have to try that! Thank you :)

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      The mixture is really easy to shape and really doesn’t stick to your fingers! I hope you find the same when you make them :)

  • http://glutenfreesalafi.wordpress.com glutenfreesalafi

    Brilliant, gonna make these soon hopefully. I made a wonderfully addictive raw fudge you may be interested in!

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Oh yum I’d love to know about the raw fudge – thank you :) Hope you one these!

  • Dalida

    I cannot get enough of these, they are so addictive!!! I can’t stop praising them enough, sorry for commenting again. I wish everyone would try them and they would know what I mean! Pure pleasure! I am about to eat the last ball, which will be even better now that it was in the fridge for two days. Don’t ask me how I managed to keep my hands off (well, trying to control calorie intake). This has got to be my all time favorite healthy dessert! I wish everyone would taste the awesomeness of these! Ella, you are genius! I love your taste! And yes, I think the cacao powder makes it even more luxurious, I LOVE it! I am spreading the recipe of this goodness to everyone! :-)

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      I love how much you love them! Thank you :) I’ve made them twice this week already – totally addicted too and my flat mates keep asking for more!

  • http://therawfoodsisters.wordpress.com Katrin – therawfoodsisters

    These ones looks absolutely delicious! Yumm. Have to definitely make a try! Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful page you have. Filled with wunderful inspiration! Happy to have you on instagram as well (I am xxkatrin). Big hug!

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you Karin! I’m so happy that you love the blog and find it so inspirational, makes me so happy to hear :) I love your instagram too! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  • Ashlee

    I’m dying to try these but I need a substitute for cashews because I can’t eat them :( could I use peanut butter instead? Or will the flavour be wrong? P.s. loving the page, you are pinned to my desktop 😉

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi Ashlee I’m sorry to hear about your allergy to cashews but yes you can absolutely substitute it for any other nut butter, I’ve tried almond butter in there and it tastes amazing so I would guess that peanut would be awesome too!. I’m so glad that you love the blog so much, thank you :)

  • Sophie

    These were so delicious!! I cant believe how simple they are, and they are so rich, one ball satisfies my sweet tooth. Thanks for the recipe.

    I love looking at your blog, its full of such colourful simple healthy inspirational recipes! You are very talented!

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much Sophie, that’s so kind – I’m so glad that you love it and find it inspiring! Totally with you on these coconut and cacao bites too, they’re so awesomely simple and satisfying :) I love having deliciously healthy things to sate my sweet cravings!

  • Amy

    Hi Ella, I’ve just come across your blog and think it’s brilliant, thankyou!

    Where can I buy cacao powder? I’m in London, but having a hard time finding it. I’ve used green & blacks organic cocoa powder, which doesn’t say it has sugar in, but I’m not sure.

    Thanks x

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi Amy! I’m so glad that you found the blog and that you love it! In London I buy my cacao powder either online from goodnessdirect.com or from one of the planet organic shops – if you haven’t been they are literally like heaven, best shop ever! It seems expensive but each packet lasts you at least six months even if you use if regularly as you only need such a small amount for each recipe, which is awesome! Green and blacks cocoa powder doesn’t have any sugar but the way that cocoa is made removes almost all the original goodness of the cacao sadly. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.celinemarrec.com Vibrant Living

    Hi Ella, could you use almond butter instead?

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi, yes you can absolutely swap cashew butter for almond butter :)

  • Amanda

    Hi these sound fantastic, can’t wait to make them :-)

    I am just wondering how many calories are in each ball roughly?

    Thanks x

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi Amanda! I’m so glad that you like the look of these and hope you love them when you try them. Sadly I have no idea about the calories as I don’t count them at all, if you take a look at my ‘Food Philosophy’ section it should explain more about why I think this! :)

  • http://eagletouchphotography.blogspot.co.uk eagletouch

    I just made these bites. The whole process wasn’t so smooth as I expected and it took me so long. I realised that was because of hand blender. I would need more powerful one in order to make such desserts or butters which I also want. I had to add more coconut oil and also more cocoa powder but probably because of too much desiccated coconut. Anyway, i managed to make them even not so perfect as it looks in your pictures and thank you for sharing because it is a very lovely and healthy recipe! 😉

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Yes sadly I think it’s too much for a hand blender! But I’m glad they turned out well in the end! :)

  • Alex Morton

    OMG! Ella, I just made these and they are sensational. I live in Australia and have only just discovered your website.

    I was running low on coconut oil so i added a very small amount of honey to assist with sticking together. Super super delicious. Will be making these again! xx

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so happy to hear that! I bet the honey was so delicious in there, I need to try that – thank you! :)

  • http://www.houseofarezoo.com Arezoo Tarkian

    Hi Ella,

    I just found your blog and I am super excited to start making some of your recipes. One of my daughters is allergic to nuts. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of nuts in your recipes. Is there an alternative that I can use that won’t change the taste too much?

    Thank you!!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Arezoo. It really depends on the exact recipe as to what the best nut substitute is, if you send me an email at ella.woodward@ymail.com I can help you!

  • http://www.greengardener.com.au Brenda

    Hi Sophia
    I made these up last night for our Permaculture meeting. The mix was a little lighter and sweeter after I made one tiny addition of some steamed sweet potatoe. The plate cleared quickly and there were lots of appreciative comments. Thank you

    • ellawoodward

      I love the idea of adding some steamed sweet potato – thanks for the tip! So glad that everyone loved them!

  • Laura

    Hi Ella,

    Just a quick question, which food processor/blender do you recommend?

    many thanks :))

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Laura. There’s a link to the processor and blender that I use under the food philosophy section :)

  • http://didasundet.com Dida


    I just made these as my first attempt at raw cacao bites and they are heavenly!! I can taste a new addiction coming.


    • ellawoodward

      That’s so awesome, so glad that you loved these! xx

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  • Lana

    Hi Ella, I absolutely love your blog yout recipes are great. I noticed though that you use maple syrup a lot and was wondering if I could replace it with coconut nectar? Also wanted to know if you knew which is better health wise maple syrup or coconut nectar? Thanks

    • ellawoodward

      Hi. I use maple as it’s much more accessible than coconut nectar, which isn’t super easy to find. In terms of health I’d say that they were pretty equal and yes you can absolutely replace maple in any recipe with coconut! :)

  • Marip

    I made these for a bake sale for the Philippines and omg they are sooo amazing! I’m obsessed, absolutely delicious :) super coconutty and I love it

    • ellawoodward

      Thank you so much, so glad that you loved them and awesome that you made them for a bake sale! Hope they sold well!

  • vicky

    Hi Ella,
    I made these the other day but only had Almond butter instead of Cashew, and just regular dates instead of Medjool ones so I feared the worst, but they came out great!! I had to add a bit of Agave syrup but they inspired my housemates to make some as well the next day! Thank you!

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that they were such a success, this kind of baking is amazing for substituting so it’s great to try new combinations! :)

  • Jules

    These are amaze-balls. Hah. Seriously tho they are delicious…I add a dash of sea salt..my fam and I are addicted!

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  • Zoe

    Hi Ella! Would love to try this recipie would need to replace the almonds and cashew butter with something else. Can you recommend anything please? x

    • ellawoodward

      It’s going to be pretty tricky to replace both – is it for an allergy? x

  • Zoe

    Yes Ella my son has a nut allergy. x

  • http://www.fake-tales-of-home.blogspot.com Henri

    I love this recipe! I always make these for my Dad because he has such a sweet tooth and even though he was a bit sceptical at first, he is now just as obsessed with me! Sometimes I use a peanut butter instead of cashew, or a packet of mixed nuts instead of almonds and it’s just as delicious! xx

  • Judy

    mmmmmmm!! these are deeeelish. I had a small ‘snag’ in the cooking process, wondered if you could help me out. I made the entire mixture in my Vitamix (dry container). It plodded on through but kind of came to a full stop when the last of the dates was added in. I guess I’m trying to cheat a bit and use my Vitamix containers for everything, which was working ok until now :) What kind of machine do you use to make these? thanks so much Ella :) Judy

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Judy. I make these things in a magimix food processor :)

  • Brenda

    These balls were our afternoon in the kitchen activity. I wish they were a little easier to form into balls…I even added 1 more Tbsp of coconut oil and about 6 more medjool dates…I’m assuming a Vitamix would do a better job than my mini food processor. Taste wise, they were delicious and excited to eat a few with coffee tomorrow morning.

  • Kristin

    If I have almond flour ready to use how much of it can I substitute instead of grinding the almonds into flour myself? Really wanting to make these!

    • ellawoodward


      Yes that would work fine

      Ella x

  • sam.gingell@gmail.com

    Hi Ella – Really looking forward to making these. How many balls does the recipe make and do you know how long they will keep in the fridge? Thanks! x

  • Kylie

    Hi, I was wondering if almond mean could be used instead of whole almonds and if so is it the same quantity?

    • ellawoodward

      The great thing about these is that you can add different ingredients to them without being too precise. So you would be fine to add almond meal!

  • Kate


  • Sheridan

    Made these for an afternoon snack today! Sooo delicious! Used almond butter instead of cashew butter… obsessed with almonds, very tasty! Thanks Ella x

  • Kathy Adams

    I live in Nicaragua and we don’t have dates here. You seem to use them a lot. Any suggestions for substitutes? Thanks!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Kathy, it’s a shame because a lot of the recipes just don’t work without them as they stick or bind the ingredients together. Sorry about that, ella x

  • Amanda

    Hi – is it ok to freeze them?

  • ellawoodward

    Hey Amanda – absolutely! I actually love them a little cold as a variation on the treat :) Ella x

  • Charlotte


    would it work if i used almond butter instead of almonds and cashew butter?

  • ellawoodward

    Yes I think that would be fine :) x

  • wasabee

    Hi Ella,

    When a recipe such as this one calls for the almonds to be blended in a food processor, is this the same as almond meal? If this is the case, am I able to use almond meal, and what is the equivalent of almond meal that would be required to equal one cup of almonds in this recipe? Also, how many balls does this recipe make?

    Many thanks for the recipe!! xo

  • Ellen Keating

    When you say almonds do you mean ground or whole? Which do you think would be better?
    Thank you !

  • ellawoodward

    I use whole ones :)

    • Ellen Keating

      Okay perfect thank you !

  • Miss Jess

    Made this recipe yesterday (substituting the cashew butter for organic pure peanut+coconut butter) and it was YUM! Even my little boy loved it :) Thanks for the great recipe and great site! xo

  • Hilary Macrae

    Its not very easy to get medjool dates where I am. Can I use ordinary ones and maybe soak them a bit first? These look so delicious.

  • Sarah Noat

    Right, so, I have just finished one, and as I type this, half of my brain is engaged and trying to stop my greedy self from hitting the fridge to get another one. That’s how good they are. Easy to make, too. I love your energy bites. Just one question : my husband does not like chocolate (silly boy …). What would I be able to substitute the raw cacao with, in your opinion ? Thanks Ella !

  • Victoria

    Could i substitute the coconut oil for olive oil or just leave it out completely? I know these are obviously coconut bites but since most of your recipes use them I’m guessing it wouldn’t make too much difference? x

  • Charlottes Life

    how many balls of this would be a sensible portion for a snack? :) thanks! look lovely! I LOVE coconut!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Charlotte, there is no set amount, however many your body wants! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Victoria, I don’t tend to use olive oil when I’m making sweet food. The coconut oil helps to bind the mixture together. I’ve never used olive oil for this recipe but you could try it. X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Sarah, so glad you love them! The cacao is one of the main ingredients. Perhaps you could try another superfood powder like maca. X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Hilary, they don’t have to be medjool but I love them because they are so rich and moist. You can soak the other dates first to make them a little softer and easier to blend. X

  • bonnie

    Can I use solid coconut? And hersheys cocoa? (The cooking type) thx!

    • bonnie

      Ok thx..i guess i could melt my solid coconut!?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Bonnie, I’ve not tried it with solid coconut but you could try it although it might change the consistency of the mixture. Cocoa is different to cacao as it is refined so you need to use more of it to match the strong flavour of cacao. X

  • GemmaMelbourne

    Can you make these using a nutribullet? thanks :)

    • Jennifa Clare

      They’re fine with the nutribullet, just ifyou’re blending nuts use the correct blade!
      made these yesterday, SO tasty !

  • ellawoodward

    I’ve not tried them in a Nutribullet. Just add in the dates in small quantities as it might not be able to handle them all at once. Have a lovely day! X

  • ellawoodward

    No you don’t need to melt it, it will get crushed once you blend it. X

  • Jime

    Hi Ella, can I use the almond pulp Ieft from the almond milk recipe for this bites?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Jime, I’ve not actually tried it with almond pulp. You could try it but it might end up quite dry as the pulp does not contain any moisture. Have a lovely day x

    • Jime

      Thanks :)

  • Tom Greene

    Hi Ella,

    Just made these and they taste delicious! How long can I keep them for and what is the best way to store these little beauties?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Tom, they keep for about a week. It’s best to refrigerate them. Hope you love them! X

  • KT

    I make these once a week with all the extras of your protein balls – hemp powder, chia seeds etc – and I take them to the play dates we have with lots of other kids. All of the children love them and all the mums too and they sustain us all throughout the afternoon. So simple and delicious. Thank you.

  • Roo

    Hi. Ella, is there a substitute for cacao as when I eat chocolate I get sores in my mouth, I find this happens if I eat a few sugary things too but chocolate makes it worse? I’ve ordered one of your books, can’t wait to try it out as I have PoTs, still under cardiologist. Thanks for your advice x

    • Vicki

      Hi Roo, I realize your comment is from last year but I was just reading through and it caught my eye. When you eat chocolate do you get sores on your tongue or on the sides of your mouth and do they last for awhile or go away shortly after you are done eating? I know this is a super weird question and I apologize for coming across like a creep but I’ve noticed that this has happened to me a couple of times lately. I made some raw brownies and they are very good but I get sores in my mouth while eating them that are really uncomfortable. I’m wondering if it’s the dates as I don’t usually have an issue with chocolate…

  • Claire m

    These are the most delicious things ever!!! Rolled them in finely chopped pistachios with coconut too. My four year old loves them! Thank you Ella. X

  • Karen Woodroffe

    Hi, Roughly HOW MANY does this make? Why CAN YOU NOT freeze them? and can I use ALMOND BUTTER instead? thanks

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Karen, it should roughly make about 15 but it really depends on how big you roll the balls. You can store them in the freezer if you prefer. I’ve not tried it with almond butter but I imagine that it’ll work well too! Hope you enjoy them x

      • Karen Woodroffe

        hi Ella, I made them and they turned out very well, although slightly DRY, Im wondering if there is something I can add to the ingredients or whether I left the mix in the food processor too long?

        • ellawoodward

          Hi Karen, you could try adding a little more coconut oil. Medjool dates are really important for this recipe as they create a really soft and smooth mixture. Hope they’re delicious! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Karen, I’ve never experienced that before, I’m so sorry. You really need a powerful food processor as it need to be able to blend down the medjool dates. So happy you loved the other recipes. Yes you can freeze the energy bites! X

  • ellawoodward

    That’s such a shame, I have never experienced this before. I always find that the medjool dates are so creamy and soft which helps bind the mixture together. You could try adding a little more coconut oil too! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Karen, I haven’t tried keeping the mango tart in the freezer for a few days before serving but i imagine that it should be fine. The cookie freeze well too! Hope you love the recipes! X

  • Millie

    Hey Ella
    Just wondering if this recipe would work without the coconut oil?
    Many thanks

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Millie, I’ve not tried this recipe without coconut oi before but sadly I imagine that it wouldn’t work as you need the coconut oil to bind the mixture together. Have a lovely day x

      • Paul

        I’ve made these using a different recipe that doesn’t use coconut oil. Ingredients are cacao powder,dates,raisins,cashew nuts and whatever essence you prefer to add flavour (I used almond)

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Emmy, you could try using almond butter instead, or even pumpkin or sunflower seed butter! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Liv, sadly I haven’t tried keeping them out of the fridge for a few days so I wouldn’t know for sure. I imagine that they would go pretty soft and moist as they are really best kept in the fridge but I don’t think they will completely melt. You could use slightly less cacao powder and add some protein powder instead. Hope they last and still taste delicious! X

    • Liv

      Brilliant, thanks so much for the advice :-) x

  • Melissa Byrne

    For those who are finding them too dry for whatever reason try adding a dash of vanilla extract, this worked a beauty for mine and vanilla is so yum. If you don’t like vanilla a dash of water or more coconut oil should do the trick. Do make sure you blend everything long enough too. You may be stopping the whole process to soon.
    thanks for the recipe Ella, very yum. I added 3 dried apricots to ours as well for a little something different.

  • Ellen

    My favourite recipe on your site. Love these energy balls. So simple to make, and so delicious it tastes like eating a chocolate bar. Thanks for the recipe Ella! :)

  • ellawoodward

    I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t turn out well. You may have over mixed the mixture. The more you mix it, the more are released from the nuts which creates a very smooth consistency. You could try using a little less coconut oil next time too. Really hope they turn out delicious x

  • ellawoodward

    No the coconut oil should be raw and in its solid form x

  • Isabel

    And….. Sorry about this…. Whats the difference between raw cacao and an organic cocoa such as green and blacks? Huge cost difference though. my local whole food shop says that G and Bs will probably contain more antioxidant. So confused!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Isabel, so sorry but I don’t have the nutritional information for any of my recipes as I much prefer to focus on counting nutrients and goodness rather than the calories. Really hope you’re enjoying the recipes! X

  • Michelle Yavasgel

    Hi Ella,

    I tried this recipe and they came out absolutely amazing!!

    I’m wondering-would these work in bars, and then topped with the coconut?

    Thank you:)

    • ellawoodward

      Yes I imagine these would taste delicious as bars too – hope they turn out well! X

      • Michelle Yavasgel

        Thank you for the reply Ella. I made a triple batch as bars as they were just as delicious and held their shape beautifully when sliced. The coconut sprinkle on top is very pretty too:)

  • ellawoodward

    So sorry for the slow response, it must have gotten lost in all the comments! I usually process the almonds myself until they form a find flour but almond meal would work perfectly too! Sadly I don’t have the cup measurements for the almond meal, I’m sure there’s a way you can find out online perhaps. This should make about 15 balls – hope you love them! X

  • ellawoodward

    It’s difficult for me to advise as this isn’t something I know too much about but I imagine so as there is no refined sugar at all! Even sweeter natural sugars like maple syrup aren’t in this so these bites should be good x

  • ellawoodward

    Pecans would work really well too! You could try using pumpkin or sunflower seed butter instead of cashew butter! Hope they turn out delicious! X

  • ellawoodward

    So sorry but I don’t the calories, I much prefer to focus on the goodness from the ingredients instead x

  • ellawoodward

    They should keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks but mine never last that long! x

  • ellawoodward

    So sorry but I don’t count any of these for my recipes, much prefer to focus on all the plant-based goodness instead x

  • Ana

    Hi westerner! I’m also diabetic (type 1) and i haven’t had any problem with these energy bites or other recipes like this. You do have to be careful with the dates as each medjool date contains about 18 grams of carbs (surprised me when i first read it). I’ve personally been following Ella’s recipes as they contain more natural and unprocessed ingredients, especially the desserts and sweets that don’t contain unrefined sugars, and overall have found the recipies a better substitute to any processed or packaged sweet or snack, which is overall better for my health. If i were you i would carefully measure all the ingredients you use in the recipe and then divide by portion size. I haven’t yet done so for this particular recipe but for another recipe of energy bites that contained double the amount of dates it came out to be about 10 grams of carbs per bite! Hope this helps! :)