Raw Banoffee Pie

Raw Banoffee Pie

This is one of my favourite recipes, it just really tastes so divine as the three layers melt into each other so perfectly.  The slightly crunchy almond and pecan base contrasts so wonderfully with the thick sweet layer of banana cream, delicious banana slices and the final layer of incredible caramel goodness. Honestly this recipe blows people away every time – they never believe it’s so healthy!

You just have to try this. It also only takes a few minutes to make and is ready to be eaten instantly – two qualities which I love in any dessert! It also is really easy to make for one if you’re after something delicious just for yourself, while also making a perfect, no stress dinner party dessert too.

Serves 2

For the first layer

– 1/2 of a cup of pecans (70g)

– 1/2 of a cup of almonds (100g)

– 2 medjool dates

– 2 teaspoons of honey

For the middle layer

– 2 very ripe bananas

– 2 tablespoons of almond butter

For the banana layer:

– 1 banana

For the top layer

– 6 dates

– 4 tablespoons of almond butter

– 4 tablespoons of water

– 1 over-ripe banana

Start by making the base. Place the nuts in a food processor and blend for a minute or two until a crumbly mix forms, then add the honey and pitted dates.

Fill the bottom either of several small containers or one big pie dish with a layer of this nutty goodness. Then make the banana cream layer by simply placing the bananas and almond butter in the processor and blending until smooth. Put this on top of the nutty layer and place in the freezer for about 20 minutes to set.

While this freezes slice the layer of plain banana, before created the caramel layer – this is also made by simply placing its ingredients into the food processor until smooth, if you’re mixture is too thick you may need to add a little more water.

After twenty minutes remove the pie from the freezer, place the layer of sliced banana over the glasses and then cover with the caramel.  Enjoy!


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  • http://bakaorsi-delish.blogspot.co.uk/ Delish

    Ella, it’s awesome. i know 42. have you not tried wild food cafe in covent garden yet or inspiral in camden town? both are amazing and raw :)

  • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

    Thank you for your suggestions! I’ve tried wild food cafe but haven’t gotten to inspiral yet, although I adore their kale chips!

  • http://twitter.com/Ante_Meridiem Ann Marie Wilson (@Ante_Meridiem)

    I just made this! It is delicious, but the “cream” part could be a bit thicker. Do you have any suggestions?

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi Ann! So glad you loved this, it’s one of my favourites at the moment! To make it thicker you could add another banana, or a spoon or two or ground almonds. Hope that works! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Jennifer

    Looks awesome!! How many servings does this make? If I just wanted to make it for myself, would it stay fresh if I put the leftovers in the fridge?

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      It makes 4 servings, but yes you can absolutely leave them in the fridge – they stay fresh for about 5 days. Hope that helps – enjoy!

  • http://paganabandon.wordpress.com paganabandon

    Hi Ella. I am very excited to make this, I googled “vegan banoffi pie” a few days ago when the idea came into my head, found this site, and have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I hope to make it tomorrow. Just one question – I am wondering why you use coconut oil and not coconut cream – for a creamier, fatty flavour, in the banana cream layer? Do you think you could use coconut cream to the same (or creamier) effect? -beccy.

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Hi Beccy. I’m so glad that you found my recipe for vegan banoffee pie, it’s one of my favourites! To be honest I really just didn’t think about using coconut cream but it’s a great idea and I’m sure it would be so delicious, please let me know how you get on with it! :)

  • http://gravatar.com/chwilotrwaj sylwia

    we love it :))) enjoying it right now – brilliant recipe, thanks!! xoxox sylwia&goksu

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      That’s awesome! Glad you loved it :)

  • http://chwilotrwaj.wordpress.com chwilotrwaj

    we love it!!! enjoying it at the moment :))) brilliant recipe thanks Ella!!! sylwia

  • http://doubleu1.blogspot.com Heidi

    Hi Ella,
    Amazing recipe, thanks! I got inspired by it, made few minor changes and will make a post out of it in our blog if you want to check it out. Looking forward for your future discoveries 😉

    • ellawoodward

      Thank you Heidi, yes I’ll absolutely check it out!

  • http://www.msinthecity.wordpress.com Nicola Corbett

    Hi Ella
    When you list the ingredients you don’t mention the coconut oil, I think that must be a typo as you list it when you are preparing. I am wondering how much goes into the bottom layer and if you could substitute extra virgin olive oil and vanilla essence.

    Cant wait to make these they look so good.



    • ellawoodward

      Hi Nicola. I’m so sorry about the mix up here, I edited the recipe and took out the coconut oil so don’t worry about replacing it!

  • Mara

    Just wondering for the caramel layer, do I use the banana listed in the ingredient list to blend up with the caramel mixture or is that banana to be the sliced banana.

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so sorry about the confusion! The banana is for blending, and I need to add more to the recipe for slicing

  • John

    Hi Ella,

    We just tried this last night and it was incredible – even better than real banoffi!! I missed out on the coconut oil though because it was in the method but not the ingredients, is it needed? Oh and it says serves 2 at the top but in the comments you say it’s 4 servings – I’m secretly happy with this typo though as it meant more for me! :)

    Thanks so much for the recipe, we’ll definitely make this again soon!


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  • Sophie English

    All your recipes look so good! I can’t wait to try them out! However your recipes use ‘cups’ for measuring, and I’m only used to weighing ingredients in grams/ounces. What would you say is equal to a ‘cup’? :)

    • ellawoodward

      I use coffee mugs (3×3.5inch) for ‘cups’. I’m also starting to add grams to the new recipes too x

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  • Coralie Neny

    Hi Ella, looks amazing! Any way of still making this recipe if you are allergic to tree nuts..?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Coralie – I think you could use any nut to replace the pecans and almonds. Pick your favourites and have a try! Ella :) x

  • Lisa

    Hi Ella, this sounds amazing but I’m allergic to almonds. Is there anything I could replace the almond butter with? Thanks for all your hard work. You’re my food guru :) x

  • ellawoodward

    Hey Lisa, thanks for your sweet comment :) I’d try just using another nut butter (cashew etc) if I were you, hope that helps x

  • Molly

    Ella I’ve had a nightmare and my blender has just broken mixing the dates! I’ve got the 2 bottom layers but I’m now stuck about the top one, any ideas? (Sorry wrong recipe I am talking about your chocolate caramel slices)

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Molly, some blenders can’t handle the dates unfortunately. There really is not a good enough substitute for dates. You could make the recipe in a smaller quantity and use the existing dates which you have already blended. Hope it turns out great! X

    • Molly

      Is there a good food processor or blender that you recommend to purchase ?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Molly, I have a blog post on my favourite food processors and kitchen appliances! X

  • Lucia

    Hi Ella! This looks amazing! Im making it tomorrow for a family dinner! I only. Have one question i hope you could help me with, I got a little confused about the servings, does this makes 2 or 4?
    Thanks ella!

  • ellawoodward

    This recipe serves 2. Hope your family enjoy it! Have a lovely day, Ella x

    • Lucia

      Thanks Ella! Best dessert ever! All my family loved it! Thanks so much! Btw I ordered your book I cant wait to have it!!

  • Lora Marie

    Hi, Ella

    We’ve just published a ’20 Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes’ article, and we included your Raw Banoffee Pie recipe. We absolutely love this recipe, and know our readers will as well. Please do check out the feature, and good luck with future recipes!


    Kind regards,

    Lora Marie

  • Adrianne Marskell

    Can you tell me how many times to multiply the ingredients to make this recipe in a pie plate?

    • ellawoodward

      So sorry I haven’t tried so I’m not sure x

  • ellawoodward

    Totally depends on the size of your cake tin. I would probably double the ingredients, but it just depends how big you want the pie to be x