Overnight Chia Oats with Coconut Yoghurt

Overnight Chia Oats with Coconut Yoghurt

This is my favourite breakfast at the moment. It’s honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten and I can’t stop craving it this week – on Tuesday I ended up eating it for my breakfast, afternoon snack and as part of my dinner and I still woke up on Wednesday wanting more, it’s that good! Each bite is just so unbelievably creamy, which is my favourite thing about it. It’s a wonderfully simple recipe too and just contains four amazing ingredients: oats, chia seeds, coconut yoghurt and almond milk. The oats and chia seeds are soaked overnight in the yoghurt and almond milk, which means that the oats become wonderfully soft and the chia seeds expand to create a wonderful mix of textures. I then add a mixture of things to it in the morning to add extra goodness and flavour. My go-to’s are sliced banana, cacao nibs, goji berries, almond butter and pumpkin seeds but you can add anything you like – slices of mango, fresh berries, granola, honey, grated apple, raisins and nuts all taste amazing with it. The other awesome thing about this is that it only takes two minutes to mix together, it also requires no chopping, cooking time or washing up and it’s so portable so it makes an amazing breakfast if you’re mornings are very rushed. Just take the jar to work with you and enjoy it there! It’ll make you feel amazing too as it’s bursting with great fibre, omega-3’s, healthy fats and plant protein so you’ll be glowing from the inside out!

Serves 1

– 3 tablespoons of oats

– 4 tablespoons of almond milk

– 2 tablespoons of coconut yoghurt (I use plain or vanilla Coyo)

– 2 teaspoons of chia seeds

Serve with a mixture of the following

– 1/2 a banana

– a tablespoon of almond butter

– a handful of cacao nibs, goji berries or raisins

– nuts or pumpkin seeds

– granola

– grated apple

– fresh berries or mango slices

– a drizzling of raw honey or maple syrup

Simply place the oats, chia seeds, almond milk and coconut yoghurt into a jar and stir them together. Then place the lid on the jar and store it in the fridge overnight, or for at least four hours.

Once it’s ready to eat add your toppings and enjoy!

This should last about two to three days in the fridge if it’s kept in an air-tight container.


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  • Michelle

    This looks yum Ella, is there a substitute for oats? I am allergic to them. cheers :-)

  • Amy

    Is it possible to make this with milled chia seeds?

  • Amy

    Is it possible to make this using milled chia seeds?

  • ellawoodward

    I haven’t tried using milled chia seeds but I don’t think it would give the same texture as the seeds absorb the liquid

  • ellawoodward

    You could try using quinoa flakes but I haven’t experimented with that!

  • Jessica

    Is it possible to make this without the milk and just add extra yogurt?

  • ellawoodward

    You really need the liquid of the milk but you could use water in stead in order for the chia seeds to absorb the liquid and create the consistency.

  • Elouise

    Hi. Is it possible to make this without the yogurt and use extra milk instead? Thank you.

  • Elouise

    Hi. Is it possible to make this without the yogurt and just the milk?

  • ellawoodward

    It really wont have the same consistancy unfortunately

    • Elouise

      Oh thankyou…I will hunt out the yogurt!! I am looking forward to trying it as I love your granola recipes…even my husband loves the cinnamon and pecan one – it has converted him from Jordans Country Crunch, which I didn’t think possible!!

  • ellawoodward

    It won’t come out the same sadly

  • Tara Hartigan

    This is one of my favourite breakfasts of all. I simply love all the breakfast recipes I have tried so far. Thank you, my breakfasts are a meal I really look forward to now!! I downloaded to app for €4.49 and was a little disappointed there weren’t more alternative recipes listed on it. The website seems more comprehensive.

    • ellawoodward

      Sorry to hear that – the recipes will all go on the blog but the app really helps when you are out and about

      • Tara Hartigan

        It’s ok. I love what you do and want you to keep it up so happy to support you! €4.49 is a small price to pay for these wonderful recipes!! keep up the good work! x

  • areisner

    This breakfast has completely changed my life!!! I’m so obsessed. I have it at least 3 times a week now, and am always so excited to share with my friends when they ask what I’m eating! A million times thank you, and I can’t wait for the book :)

  • ellawoodward

    I am so pleased you love it!

  • Kerry Leigh

    Could I just use plan soy yoghurt instead of coconut? I don’t have any coconut yoghurt to hand right now!

  • Sarah Lambert Hind

    This is so delicious!!! I have enjoyed trying out so many of your recipes since my friend in the UK told me about you…please tell me I will be able to buy your cook book in OZ!

  • ellawoodward

    Yes that would work fine!

  • bex

    Love this breakfast. Quick, easy and delicious!

  • ellawoodward

    Yes, I think it will be available in January in Australia!

  • Emily

    Hi Ella, coconut yogurt is low in protein, what are the health benefits of coco yogurt that make it a great worth while snack/ breakfast? and of course one way to up the protein is to eat with seeds/nuts, but I wanted your take. thanks so much!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Emily :) coconut yoghurt is a great yoghurt option for people who are dairy free for starters. It may be lower in protein but the type of fat in the yoghurt can help control weight (medium-chain tryglicerides), insulin resistance and boost immunity, so there are benefits in there! A portion is also gonna give you about 25% of your fibre intake for a woman – and let’s not forget, it’s delicious!! Hope that helps :) ella x

  • Melissa Todd

    How long does this keep you full for? If you eat this at 8 am are you full until lunch at 1?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi, I think a substantial breakfast can fill you up for a good 4 hours, you might need something simply depending on your morning activity level and of course on your body’s own base metabolic rate – but the chia and oats are a fab filling combination. Maybe pack a snack just in case, but see how you get on! X

  • sarahlou

    Hi Ella! Made this last night and ate for brekkie this morning. Couldnt find coconut yogurt so used an organic honey yogurt which was lovely. I found it a bit stodgy, I wonder if I could put more milk in? It just felt a little lumpy and stodgy so not too sure where I went wrong! Lovely though with goji berries, apple, brazils and cacoa nibs.

    • ellawoodward

      You could definitely add more milk although the chia seeds are super absorbent so they may just absorb it too! x

  • http://www.cinnamongirldelights.blogspot.com.es/ Gemma Gonzalez

    Congratulations on such a great and beautiful blog Ella! I’m so hooked on it! :-)
    I was gonna ask you if I can replace the coconut yogurt for soy yogurt but I already read in the comments your reply to another reader. So I’ll prepare this yummy chia pudding this weekend!

  • Roxanne Callaghan

    Hi there, could I make this recipe without oats and just use chia seeds?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Roxanne, you don’t have to use oats in this recipe. Chia seeds on their own would still be delicious! X

    • Roxanne Callaghan

      Oh yay! Thank you :)

  • Kate Brighouse

    Is it ok to use coconut milk instead? Thanks!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Kate, yes coconut milk would work well too! X

    • Kate Brighouse

      Great! Thanks so much for the speedy reply Ella! Cant wait to try this! x

  • Katy

    Thanks so much for these recipes, Ella! You’re helping this dairy addict see the light! :)

  • AJ

    Hi Ella, this looks delicious! Do you soak goji berries first? I always find them a bit too chewy – or is that the idea?! xx

  • ellawoodward

    Hi, I didn’t soak the goji berries first but if you prefer them a bit softer then you can soak them. Hope you love it!

  • Kim

    Hi Ella, I’ve just had this for breakfast today for the first time (I added fresh raspberries, toasted coconut flakes & a spoonful of granola for crunch); very moreish & decadent!!!! Next time I would use less chia sedes (maybe just 1 teasp) as I feel overfull (I can almost feel them expanding in my tum!!!) which is a little uncomfortable……….. Great récipe as always!

  • Janine Cooper

    I just made this, but it has gone into a glue like ball, too stiff to stir, not sure what went wrong?! Help!

  • Janine Cooper

    I made this but it’s not right, it’s a glue like consistency, too stiff to stir, not sure what went wrong? Help!

  • ellawoodward

    The chia seeds can expand up to 12 times their size so make sure you have enough coconut yogurt to balance it out. I would stir the mixture an hour after you made it so it doesn’t turn solid and then give it a big stir in the morning! X

    • Janine Cooper

      Thanks! I’ve leave seeds out till morning next time x

  • J rich

    Well, I never expected it to taste like this – delicious! I had intended to heat it up before I ate it, but after I took a taste, I couldn’t stop eating it cold! I put quite a bit more almond milk in to start with, as I know I prefer porridge slightly runny, and it was perfect – not all ‘glue like’! This has now taken over from Acai berry and baobab breakfast bowl as my favourite breakfast! I am continually amazed by how good your recipes taste when some of the ingredients aren’t even my favourites (I didn’t think I liked chia seeds…). Thank you for re-igniting my love of this kind of diet – I always seem to stray over Xmas, then realise, again, how much better this food tastes (not to mention all the health benefits). Jilly, Liverpool

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Jilly, I am so glad you love the recipes! Keep up your healthy journey and let me know what other delicious recipes you make. Have a lovely day! Ella x

  • https://theeighthours.wordpress.com/ Eight Hours

    Omg I need to try this with the coconut yoghurt, I always make mine with strawberries but I want to try it with nuts. Amazing flavours and so good for you


  • Lu

    I just made this with Califa farms almond-coconut milk blend! excited to see how it turns out! My first Deliciously Ella recipe! (well, I made a pear smoother that was inspired by your pear-vanilla one :))

  • Muriel Abrey

    delicious Ella! I only had greek yoghurt in fride but added a bit of coconut milk and mixed in some grated raw cacao, banana slices and seeds and a bit more almond milk in the morning. I thought it looked like a large quantity but I finished it all and was even scrapping the bowl! What alternative to coconut yogurt could I use, as I find the coconut yoghurt comes in a tiny pot and is really expensive!

  • Suzanne Ashton

    Hi Ella, if i don’t want to use the yoghurt in this recipe can i just add a couple more tablespoons of milk instead?.

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Suzanne, yes I imagine that this should work fine. Hope you enjoy it! X

  • Phoebe Purvis

    Which Chia seeds would you recommend?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Phoebe, there isn’t a particular brand which I use. I tend to buy them from Whole Foods or my local health food store. X

  • Phoebe Purvis

    Okay, thank you Ella!

  • ellawoodward

    Yes coconut milk would work well too! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Emily, I’m not too sure why they didn’t expand. You could try adding slightly more milk and a little less yogurt. Try giving them a stir about half an hour after you’ve made them, before leaving them in the fridge overnight. Have a lovely day x

  • ellawoodward

    I wouldn’t recommend heating this, it’s best served cold! Hope you love it x

    • Sam Shenton

      Thanks. I can’t eat it cold! I don’t even eat cereal cold! I’m a bit odd with cold stuff.. Never mind it was worth a try.

  • ellawoodward

    so sorry, you stir in the almond butter with the rest of the ingredients. Hope you love it! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi, so sorry but I don’t have the calorie content for any of my recipes as I much prefer to focus on the goodness and nutrient content than the calories x

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Jade, I love using Coyo coconut yogurt which you can buy in most health food stores. I don’t eat dairy so I avoid any Greek yogurts. Hope you love the recipe x

  • Esther Rogers

    I didn’t have almond milk so I used my anchor lactose free milk instead. Can’t wait to see what it’s like in the morning. Here’s hoping my digestive system like it.

  • ellawoodward

    Yes I imagine that would still work well, hope it tastes delicious x

  • ellawoodward

    That’s so awesome to hear, so happy you both loved it! X

  • Agnes Lawniczak

    I made this for the first time last night and I can confirm it’s absolutely delicious! I’m telling my friends about this recipe! It’s amazing! Thanks Ella! :) x

  • ellawoodward

    No I use raw oats in my overnight oats x

  • Lucy

    Hi ella, what size jar do you use for this xx

    • ellawoodward

      At the moment I am using an old coconut oil jar x

  • ellawoodward

    At the moment I am using an old coconut oil jar, but it shouldn’t matter too much how big your jar is because the quantity of oats will still be the same x

  • ellawoodward

    I use almond butter as a topping, but feel free to story it into the chia oats as well if you like! So happy you like the recipe x

    • Shea Blackston

      Thank you! I will try it that way as well:) Much love, Shea

  • Rosie

    Hi Ella. I was going to buy some Coyo today but noticed that it has xylitol in. Do you know much about xylitol? Is it okay?

    • ellawoodward

      It’s a natural sweetener. You could always contact Coyo directly to get some more info on it x