Kale, Berry and Acai Power Smoothie

Kale, Berry and Acai Power Smoothie


I’ve now totally transitioned into having a smoothie every day with my breakfast, to the point that it feels weird getting up without one. I just absolutely adore them. Drinking a beautiful rainbow glass of goodness like this makes getting up in the morning a million times easier, I literally jump out of bed to make mine because it tastes so good, so much more delicious than any cereal or toast, and so much more filling and satisfying too. A glass of this also makes you feel incredible, the sugar in the fruit really helps you wake up and energizes you. It may sound strange but I also think that making such a consciously healthy choice every morning is incredibly empowering, it’s amazing to take charge of your body and your health before you’ve made any other decisions as it really puts you in such a positive frame of mine. If you make such a healthy choice for breakfast I can guarantee you’ll feel pretty awesome about yourself all day and therefore much more likely to enjoy being healthy, instead of straying towards the chocolate! I would so recommend trying to incorporate a smoothie into your wake up routine every day for a week and see how you feel afterwards, I’m sure you’ll be a total addict within just a few days! Don’t worry though, they’re the easiest, fastest breakfast too – you literally throw everything into a blender, blend for 2 minutes, rinse your blender and you’re done! Five minutes maximum for everything.

This particular smoothie is my go-to at the moment, I do change it up every few weeks and get hooked on a new flavour combination but this one has been my number one for the last month and my love of it seems to just grow stronger everyday! The combination of banana, blueberries and strawberries is, as you can imagine, sweet, juicy and delicious! Together they create an awesome fruity flavour, which is seriously enhanced by the unbelievably rich fruity essences of the acai powder, meaning that the veggie taste of the kale goes totally unnoticed, I’ve even tried it with broccoli too and it was still heavenly. So you can drink all the kale’s amazing goodness without tasting it, it’s a real win-win situation. What about all my other many additions – chia seeds, hemp, ground flaxseed and cinnamon? The cinnamon is there for flavour as it really complements the berries adding extra deliciousness to each sip, while also helping to regulate your blood sugar, setting you up nicely for a day of balanced energy. The ground flax add an incredible boost of dietary fibre, which aids your detoxification system, while also keeping you full for hours. The acai berries add more antioxidants than you could possibly imagine, as well as healthy omega fats, amino acids and dietary fibre, while the chia adds a bucket of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp adds to all of these life giving properties, boosting the fibre content, while also adding an incredible amount of wonderful plant protein – along with quinoa, hemp is one of the only sources of complete vegan/vegetarian protein so it’s a pretty awesome addition to our diets. It’s a particularly easy protein to digest too, much easier than something like soy, and two tablespoons will give you over 5 grams of protein! After drinking all of this you will really be ready for anything!


Makes 1 large glass

– 1 ripe banana

-1/3 of a cup of blueberries

-1/3 of a cup of strawberries

– 1/2 a cup of kale leaves (remove the hard parts of the stalks)

– 1/4 of a cup of almond milk or water

– 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed

– 1 tablespoon of hemp powder

– 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

– 1 tablespoon of acai

– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

This might seem like a long list, but it’s not as complicated or challenging as it looks! I keep all the ingredients (except the fruit & kale) in a cupboard above my blender and just throw it all in together every morning, really it’s no hassle at all, don’t worry!

Simply place all the ingredients in a blender together, removing the banana from the peel first of course, then blend into a delicious mix. Depending how liquid you like your smoothie, you may want to add a little more water.

If you’re craving a crunch then sprinkle some extra chia seeds, oats and hemp seeds on the top.

Then sip, love and enjoy – you’ll feel like a goddess all day!


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  • http://mittgronakok.blogspot.se Louisa

    This looks so delicious! I also wanted to say that I really love your blog. Everything looks so tasty and fresh!

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much Louisa :) It’s so nice to hear such wonderful feedback from people. The smoothie really is delicious too, one of those things that’s kind of impossible not to love! Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it!

    • asiya

      Unless the cinnamon told the berries they were looking really good today, you need to spell it complEmented

      • ellawoodward

        Thank you!

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  • http://emilyalleman.wordpress.com Ealleman91

    Girl, your blog is a life saver. Thank you for all of the awesome recipes!


  • http://afralicious.wordpress.com afracooking

    I’ve been getting into smoothies myself lately. Bu t at the moment they are still more of a weekend breakfast treat for me. I love your idea of starting every day with a positive beautiful and healthy action

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you :) I really believe that starting your morning in such a positively healthy way has a wonderful impact on everything else that happens throughout your day. If you try the switch to smoothies I’d love to know if you agree :)

  • http://insatiably.wordpress.com nattilisms

    I love smoothies for breakfast too! Will have to give your recipe a whirl in my blender (:

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      I’m so glad that you share my love of smoothies! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one :)

  • http://twitter.com/seworange Jess Carr (@seworange)

    I just found your blog through Pinterest and I am so, so excited as I am just starting my “healthy foods” journey and will need all of the inspiration and resources I can find. Your blog is a goldmine! Thanks and I look forward to reading more :-)

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much Jess, it’s really nice to hear that you find it so inspirational :) I’m so excited for you on your healthy eating journey, I hope it’s going really well and please let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with!

  • http://twitter.com/PhBstudent Courtney Landers (@PhBstudent)

    I adore your blog – as soon as I get my sprouted brown rice protein powder, I’m making your sweet potato brownies as a post-workout snack (no icky protein shakes for me).

    I love the idea of smoothies, but I have two questions

    1. what to replace banana with if you have an extreme aversion to bananas

    2. how long will they keep? (can I make ahead, say the evening before if I want one for brekkie before I run out the door)

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much Courtney, I’m so glad that you love the blog! I’m sure you’ll adore the sweet potato brownies, they are just heavenly! My advice for a banana replacement in smoothie would be half an avocado. Ripe, squishy avocados blend so well to give the same creaminess to the drink and over the taste of berries you’d have no idea it was there! It’s perfect. The smoothie will also keep for about half a day, I’d say they are nicer fresh and they really do only take 5 minutes to make and clear up. Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on! :)

  • Steph Murphy

    Wow this was incredible! I can’t believe I have only discovered your blog this week, I have made a few of your recipes already and have loved them all. I’m so excited to now try every vegan recipe you have!

    Thank you, it’s so great to find some amazing healthy vegan recipes that taste so great and make me feel amazing :)

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      I’m so glad that you’ve already started making my recipes and that you’re loving the blog! Thanks for letting me know, it’s so great to hear such positive responses :)

  • http://sophiesfoodiefiles.wordpress.com Sophie33

    MMMM! A fantastic power smoothy! I love it too! :) Yummm!

    • http://ellawoodward.wordpress.com Ella Woodward

      So glad you love it so much too! :)

  • Michelle

    This was delicious!! Thank you for sharing!

    • ellawoodward

      My pleasure, I’m so glad that you loved it so much! :)

  • Elle

    Thank you for all of your amazing recipes, can’t wait to try some of them! Just a quick question, do you soak your chia seeds, I have read it makes them easier to digest. Or is there no need?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Elle. I’m so glad that you love all the recipes! With chia seeds I don’t always soak them as it creates a thick gel like texture which I don’t love in my smoothies and they’re still great non-soaked. Hope that helps!

  • Julia

    Hi Ella,

    This sounds really yum. Just one question is the taste of the hemp powder noticeable? I recently tried hemp powder and just can’t get over the taste. It literally makes me want to puke. I’ve tried various ways to try and blend the flavor in so I don’t notice it but had no luck. Any suggestions?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi. I totally know wheat you mean on its strong flavour! Maybe start with half the amount in the ingredients and then you really shouldn’t be able to taste it :)

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  • Sanne

    Hi Ella,
    Just made this smoothie (without the hemp poweder and kale because I didn’t have that at home) this morning and took the smoothie to work. But by the time I wanted to drink it, a few hours later, it was thickened up and was not liquid enough to drink it anymore. I ate it with a spoon and it tasted really good though. Do you have any suggestions on which smoothie I could make in the morning and bring to work? I guess next time leave the chia seeds out?
    And I had another questions regarding smoothies. I read on your blog that you advice to drink a smoothie each morning. But I was wondering, is the smoothie your breakfast or do you also eat something with it?

    Thanks again for your help and lovely recipes!

    • ellawoodward

      The chia seeds make smoothies set as they absorb all the extra liquid, so you can make the same smoothie just leave out the chia next time :) Yes I drink just a smoothie every morning and then a snack a few hours later!

      • Sanne

        Just made this smoothie and put it in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will thicken up again so I can eat it as ‘yoghurt’ with your granola that I just made!

  • JogginMax

    Ella – Just discovered your website and can’t wait to try the smoothies. Had to laugh at the comment about not wanting to try a green smoothie. My kids are into green drink but I just can’t bring myself to try it – until reading your site. I’m going on a strict vegan fast beginning in January and was worried about not getting enough protein in my diet. I’m so glad I found you! I will also share your site with a friend who received a pretty concerning report from her doctor on Christmas Eve. I’m sending her appreciation in advance.

  • Isla

    Hi Ella,
    Your website has really inspired me into eating healthier and I really wanted to try this smoothie. I live in England and I’m having a really hard time as to where I should buy acai from, any suggestions? Thanks!

    • ellawoodward

      I love organic burst, they make great acai! http://www.organicburst.com

    • Melanie

      Holland and Barrett do another type too and tk max had organic burst in store this month which I got at cheaper price

  • Melanie

    Just made this it is beautiful, added pomegranate seeds and soaked goji berries and your home made granola and after a three day juice reboot it feels luxurious, thanks ella, don’t know what would do without your website x

  • Elise

    What are your thought on soy milk Ella? I’ve noticed that you do not use soy in any of your recipes but my nutritionist advised me to use soy mild instead of almond milk in my smoothies because there is more protein. Thoughts?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Elise. I’m not a huge soy fan as it’s often very processed and GM, even when organic. For extra protein I use spirulina and hemp, which works amazingly well and has more goodness! Hope that helps!

  • Lindsey

    Hi Ella,
    I have recently come across your blog and absolutely love it!
    I live in England and have not heard of some of the staple ingredients you often use e.g. cacao powder, tahini and acai in your smoothies. I notice you said ‘organic foods’ sell the acai but they seem to have sold out. Just wondering if you knew of any where that I could purchase them/any decent brands that you could recommend?
    Thank you for your help and wonderful blog!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Lindsey. I’m so glad that you love the blog, thank you so much! The best place online is goodnessdirect.com – they have everything!

  • Jordan

    Hi Ella,

    This looks amazing! Cannot wait to try it. Question, when you mention a cup of acai what is exactly are you referring to? Powder? Smoothie/frozen mix?

    • ellawoodward

      It says one tablespoon of acai and I use the powder :)

  • liz

    Hi Ella,
    I am in Brazil and am having a hard time finding hemp seed. I was wondering if you could suggest an alternative (quinoa flakes?)?
    I am loving your inspirational blog and all these recipes! Thank you so much!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Liz. You can add anything really, the hemp seeds aren’t essential at all though so don’t worry about missing them out!

  • Hannah

    Hi Ella

    I love all of your smoothie recipes which are great for me as I don’t have a juicer at the moment. Can you comment on which smoothie is the most low-fat although I know they all are extremely healthy? :)

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Hannah. I don’t look at fat content, sorry!

  • Zoe

    I’ve been having a juice or a smoothie every morning for about 5 weeks. Have to say it’s had an enormous impact on my health and wellbeing. I mix it up with whatever I get delivered in my veg box each week, and bags of frozen berries, so there’s lots of experimenting going on. I truly adore your site, Ella, such a great read.

    • ellawoodward

      That’s so amazing that you are feeling great and experimenting with different veg!
      Ella x

  • Vicky

    Dunno how it tastes like but it sure looks beautiful!

  • Bex

    Hi Ella

    Came across your site at the weekend and have just bought all the ingredients to make my first smoothie!! I live in Ireland so just wondering what the conversion of cups to grams is?


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Bex,

      I use standard 3×3.5 inch coffee mugs. Hope you love the smoothie!


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  • tee

    Hi Ella,

    Why is this smoothy a healthy choice? Is it a source of carbohydrates, protein or fat? Is there any specific benefits relating to minerals and vitamins? Thanks.

  • tee

    Hi again ella,

    i was also wondering if there is anything interesting or different about this smoothie?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi, it’s really a good mix of all those things! Simple and complex carbohydrates from the fresh fruit, healthy fats from the chia & flax, protein from the chia (again!) & hemp. I’ve listed all the benefits above in the recipe, and really hope that helps :) Ella

  • Bella LoPiccolo

    how many calories and percentage of fat?

    • ellawoodward

      So sorry but I never count calories or fat, I much prefer to focus on goodness instead. Hope you love the smoothie :)