This list by no means covers the wide array of awesome plant based ingredients in the world, that is just way too extensive to cover here! Instead it focuses on my favourite and most commonly used ingredients, all of which are widely available, incredibly nutritious and awesomely delicious. If you keep your kitchen filled with these then you’ll be healthy and happy forever! Click on the photo to read all the amazing things that each ingredient will do for you and the ways that you can use it.


Image 4   IMG_1763   IMG_1772-blueberries   IMG_0834   IMG_1841   IMG_1747   IMG_0658   IMG_1769


IMG_1743   Image 1   IMG_1740   IMG_1833-brocolli   IMG_1738   IMG_1719   IMG_1720   IMG_1033   IMG_1731   Image 6   IMG_2288-olives   IMG_1900   IMG_1733-red-peppers   IMG_1864   IMG_1775-spinach   IMG_1726   IMG_1853

Grains and legumes

IMG_1878   IMG_1857-lentils   IMG_1782   IMG_1873   IMG_1895-quinoa

Nuts and seeds

IMG_1571-almonds   IMG_1818-brazil   IMG_1800   IMG_1799   IMG_1827-pine   IMG_1809-pumkin-seeds   IMG_1829-walnut


IMG_1884-cacao   IMG_1892-chia-seed   IMG_1882-hemp-seeds   IMG_1890-flax-seed

  • Impo

    I absolutely love this page!
    Reading about all the ingredients is very informative, a great touch to your new look!

    Love it love it love it!

    • ellawoodward

      Thank you so much! So glad you love it! :)

      • Jen

        I’m not sure if posting in the right place. I’ve not done this before. I have been really inspired by your recipes. I’m still building courage to try as desperate to help my toddler and me improve our diet. We are for different reasons both gluten egg and dairy free and although I’ve tried, our diet is not great ! I want to excite my three year old about food and that I know it will make her feel better any suggestions on recipes to start with ?? Thank you

        • ellawoodward

          Hi Jen,
          There are loads of recipes that I’m sure your 3 year old will love. I would suggest trying things like the pizza or zucchini pasta which are fun to make and maybe some brownies which are nice and simple so you could make them together!

  • The Dame Intl

    I wish nuts werent so expensive here in the UK, pine nuts especially are ridiculous!

    • Linzi

      Nuts are also SO expensive in SA…in fact all things healthy are :( It drives me nuts…grrr

    • moira kinniburgh

      Hi, do you have a lidl or aldi near you? pine nuts sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds 99p bag they also have various nuts at very good prices.

      • ellawoodward

        Thank you for the tip!

  • kaoutar

    Do you recommand any brand where I can find an organic almond, coconut.. non dairy milk ?
    I live in california, and I’ve been looking everywhere for a good, healthy milk but all I read is: natural flavors etc… I am confused !
    Thank you so much !

    • ellawoodward

      Hi. Sadly I live in London so I’m not familiar with brands in California, sorry not to be more helpful!

    • Ally @ Pans and Pickpockets

      Hi kaoutar,

      I live in California too! I’m a big fan of So-Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk. It’s USDA organic, and I find it at either Ralph’s, Whole Foods, or Fresh and Easy stores. Hope you find a non-dairy milk that you like!

      P.S. Love the new look of your site, Ella!

      • ellawoodward

        Thanks so much for that helpful info Ally! And so glad that you love the new site :)


    I do not know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your website. It seems like some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This might be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

    Appreciate it

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Rebecca. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so much trouble, I haven’t encountered this issue from any computer I’ve accessed the blog from or heard it from anyone else so it may be an issue with your internet browser. Is it still happening?

  • http://None Elena

    Hi Ella, first i wanna, say that i love your website! And i have som questions i hope you wanna answer. First i wanna ask how Many pounds did you lose by this lifestyle?
    And two is it possible that you can make a delicious bread? There is sugarfree, Vegan and gluten free?

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that you love the website! In answer to your question I lost about a stone, so 14 pounds, when I first started eating this way. My Dad tried this diet and lost 12 pounds in 10 days! It’s pretty amazing how quickly it happens! I’m still working on a delicious bread recipe though, hopefully there will be one soon!

  • Ellen

    Hi there all the way from Australia :)
    Just want to say that your blog is so interesting and the recipes look incredible! I am currently trying to create a basis for a healthy lifestyle and your blog is so informative about the different types of ingredients to include in the diet, its great! A quick question, many recipes contain nuts- which is difficult for me as I am unfortunately allergic to them! Is there anything you might suggest that may be able to replace these for recipes which contain them? thanks in advance :) xxx

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Ellen! Thank you so much for your message, I’m so glad that you love blog and all the recipes so much – it’s really awesome to hear! I’m so happy for you that you are trying to create a healthy lifestyle, it’s so great and I hope you’re feeling amazing. As for nuts I’d be so happy to find alternatives for you but it may be easier if you are more specific with which recipes in particular, if you send me an email to with all your questions/substitutions I can try and help as best I can! Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  • Christina

    Hi Ella!
    I just love your website! So many healthy recipies! I just wish I would be more determined to follow thru with this vegan/raw diet. I have high blood pressure, so I’m hoping a change in my diet will help with that. Thank you for all your delicious recipies!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Christina! I’m so glad that you love my site and all the recipes so much! I think the best thing to do to make you more determined is to read and learn about why this diet is so good for you and so important for your health, especially if you suffer from something like high blood pressure. There’s a list of great books under the my bookshelf section, all of which are amazing – Mark Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution, Kriss Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet and Dr Campbells’ The China Study are great places to start! Reading is what gave me the motivation to change my lifestyle and diet as you really understand why you’re doing it. Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Megan

    Hi Ella,

    I absolutely adore your website it’s so great that you have found so many sweet alternatives and healthy options. Since going vegan from which I was previously vegetarian for ethical reasons I have developed such a sweet tooth and have found it difficult to fit in all the essential foods I need in my diet everyday. This is my first day but I haven’t had any sugar cravings so far and don’t feel like unnecessarily snacking, I know it’s early days but ill keep you posted!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Megan! I’m so glad that you love my site so much and it’s truly amazing to hear that your sugar cravings have gone and the snacking urges! I hope you continue to feel more and more amazing! :)

  • beginner

    Hi Ella,

    What are your thoughts on agave syrup/nectar? I’ve read such contrasting things about it that I don’t know what to think! Your blog is amazing though – thank you! x

    • ellawoodward

      It’s a tricky subject, there are lots of contradicting opinions on it. The amazing thing about agave is that it’s really low GI so causes no blood sugar spikes, unlike the vast majority of sweeteners, lower than honey/maple syrup etc. So I love it for that and it makes me feel really well, which most sweeteners don’t. But if you prefer maple syrup then that’s a perfect alternative! So glad that you love the blog :)

      • Suzanne Snyder

        I wonder what your thoughts are on stevia? I grow it in pots and sometimes muddle the leaves in my teas or just put them in smoothies. Do you have any reservations about the stevia powders that are sold in stores?

        • ellawoodward

          I’ve always been slightly nervous of the powders as they seem so processed and feel more comfortable with pure maple syrup, but if you’re using it from freshly grown plants then I’m sure it’s fantastic!

  • Emmie

    Hi Ella,
    I was just wondering what you think are good substitutes for nuts and almonds if you are allergic?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Emma. The substitutes vary depending on the recipe, I’m really happy to help though – send me an email to with specific recipe questions :)

  • Karina

    I’m a new convert to vegan diet. Where can I buy raw cacao and agave syrup? I live in Surrey.

    • ellawoodward

      That’s awesome, I hope this new diet is making you feel amazing! I would buy it online from, it’s my favourite site!

  • Jess Bruce

    Ella I absolutely adore your site. It is beautifully presented, so informative and the recipes all sound divine! It is all the more interesting to me as I have POTs and ME/CFS so I am intrigued by your success at getting well through this approach. I’m gluten, dairy, soya, egg, refined sugar, almond (and many more besides) intolerant. I still eat some chicken and fish but am seeing more and more that I feel better when eating meat (especially red meat) free. So your site is like being a kid in a candy store for me! I just wish I had more energy so I could try out more of your delicious recipes! Keep posting!

    • ellawoodward

      Thank you! It’s wonderful to hear from someone else with POTS/CFS, although I’m so sorry that you are suffering from these too. I really hope that diet continues to help you, I found exercise so helpful too. It was so hard to start with and 10 minutes would put me to sleep for hours but I gradually worked at it and it’s made a huge difference! I’d be so happy to give you more info on what helped me get my energy back if you’d like, if that would be helpful then send me an email to

  • Karina

    I’m feeling more energetic and my skin looks incredibly healthy! Thank you Ella. I’m ordering them now.

    • ellawoodward

      That’s awesome, I’m so happy to hear that!

  • Karina

    I’ve been reading research regarding Stevia mostly from Latin America and Japan. It seems an excellent replacement for diabetics. I’ve purchased light Agave nectar which I used in the avocado mango dressing. Taste wise is dark Agave nectar better than light? I didn’t have enough mango for the dressing and salad so I added papaya and added lime juice instead of the vinegar. It was delicious and my little girl loved it!

    • ellawoodward

      I can’t taste a huge difference between the dark and light agave, the dark is a little stronger so doesn’t always blend as well especially with savoury things but it’s pretty similar still! I love the idea of papaya and lime juice in the mango salad dressing, I have to try that – thank you for the inspiration!

  • Anja

    I also have Postural Hypotension, and it is absolutely debilitating. I’m so glad that this lifestyle is working for you. I’ve been eating/living like this for a good 7 months now, but still have very bad symptoms. It may be for a multitude of reasons.., who knows. My question is, when did you start noticing a change, and start noticing your energy levels increase?
    Thank you, take care! <3

    • ellawoodward

      I would so love to tell you more about what has helped me, maybe it’s easier to do it via email though – can you send me a message to x

  • Elisabetta

    Hi, Ella, I love your blog. All your recipes are so delicious! I was just wondering where you manage to find ripe avocados all year round? Or do you but them when they’re really hard and keep them until they ripen? I live in London as well

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Elisabetta. I’m so glad that you love the blog, thank you so much! I normally buy my avocados at Sainsburys as they normally have pretty ripe ones, but I often buy 5 or so at a time so that they get riper and riper! :)

  • Heather

    Hi Ella, I’ve recently become a big fan of your blog! I find that your recipes are very approachable and yummy at the same time. Plus, your enthusiasm is very endearing. I have some questions about the ingredients you use and think it would be great if there was an easy place to find it all. My questions are about the brands that you use for your smoothie powders (spirulina in particular) and what type of juicer you have or would recommend. If you could please let me know, or post them here, that would be so great! Thanks for all your inspiration! ~Heather

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Heather. I’m so glad that you’re a fan of the blog! Your description of the recipes is such a compliment as that’s exactly what I aim for – approachable and easy. For smoothie powders I love organic burst (their spirulina is by a long way the best I’ve found) and then theres a link to my juicer in the food philosophy section. Hope that helps! Have a lovely weekend!

  • The Herb Diaries

    I was just wondering where you buy all your ingrédients like nuts and dates from? I’m obsessed with medjool dates but need to find a way of buying them cheaper in bulk. There are so many options on the internet, but how do you ever know which ones will be good and what is actually a good deal? I don’t want to end up with a few kilos of rubbish ones….!
    thank youuuu

    • ellawoodward

      Hi. I buy them at the moment from Sainsburys or Tescos but totally agree we should find a great place to buy them in bulk – I’m going to investigate and let you know!

    • Anne-Marie

      Hi, I saw Medjool dates at Costco last week, they were £5 something for a big tub, I didn’t buy them as I wanted to try a smaller pack first in case there wasn’t much difference to the ones I have already ( not medjool). So I bought a very small pack from Tesco for £2, they were delicious, a subtle treacle toffee flavour. I will get some on my next Costco visit!

  • Seline

    Hi Ella,

    Your blog is so inspirational. I really love your recipes – every single one I’ve tried has been absolutely delicious! I have been eating a lot healthier for the past year, using your blog as a guide, and have noticed amazing benefits. Whilst I continue to eat fish and dairy in small amounts, I have cut out refined sugar and gluten and have felt a billion times more energetic, which has been amazing. My skin has cleared up, I feel much happier – so thank you!

    I am a university student and am often in many social environments where I feel pressure to drink. I really don’t want to (and I know that in an ideal world I should simply feel comfortable turning down drinks or saying that I just don’t fancy it), but sometimes I feel awkward about this, mainly because in the past I have enjoyed a drink with my friends. Whereas my dietary changes do not affect other people, I feel conscious that my decision to never drink makes me stand out a bit. I was wondering whether you ever drink alcohol? Is it okay to have a bit every now and then, and if so what drink is least damaging for your body? Or do you recommend staying away from it completely (I haven’t drunk for over six months and would be happy to never again, but as I say I feel like some social situations require that I have just one drink so as not to ostracise myself).

    Thank you!


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Seline. I’m so glad that you love the blog so much, thank you! So happy to hear that cutting out refined sugar and gluten has give you so much more energy :) I totally understand the issue of being a university student and feeling that pressure to drink, it’s really tricky! I drink probably once a month or so for exactly the same reason you said – some social situations kind of require it! So then I embrace it and enjoy it! The best drink is really pure vodka with lemon, it’s actually delicious and it’s the cleanest thing that you can put into your body. I hope that’s helpful! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend :)

  • Seline

    Hi Ella,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I’ll give vodka and lemon a try next time! It sounds perfect. By the way your first video is amazing – loving what you’re doing! Thanks again!

    Seline x

  • inês

    Hi Ella,

    I really like your website, and I have to say that you’ve inspired me a lot to change my diet. I am still in the process of becoming totally vegan, but I am almost there! Anyway, I just meant to ask you, do you take any vitamin supplements like B12 or omega oils? do you think these are essential, or not really?


    • ellawoodward

      Thank you so much, I’m so glad that it’s inspiring you! I don’t take any vitamins and my blood tests all come back amazingly, way better than ever before. It’s just important to watch that you eat enough things that contain iron, omega 3′s etc – lots of dark green veggies and spirulina! :)

  • Maike

    Hi Ella!!

    I am sooo in love with your site – each post keeps getting better and better :D
    I was wondering which kind of olive oil you use for roasting – oven your recommended temperature is above 170 °C and I always thought it is not advised to heat EVOO over its smoke point. I have been getting really worried about what oil to use for what so I’d be so happy to hear what you’re using :)

    Thank you for answering!! Love from Germany, Maike

    • ellawoodward

      Hi. So glad that you’re loving the blog, thank you! I often use coconut oil for roasting as it has a higher smoke point :)

      • Maike

        Thank you Ella!
        I love using coconut oil for all kinds of things but sometimes it’s such a bugger to get it to melt haha :D Thanks for the answer! I’ll definitely stick to it for roasting then :D xoxo

  • Zoe

    Hi Ella

    I love your blog! I am mostly a vegan. I was wondering what you think about Oat bran and Wheat Bran. I used to eat a lot of Wheat Bran o& Oat bran. Alot of specialist in nutrition have recommended it is good to eat in the morning for energy throughout the day. Basically I dont have regular bowel movements. I was wondering how I can add more fibre into my diet. I dont really like how i feel after I eat Wheat or oat bran. Very full and tired.

    I went off of it and switched to drinking green juices in the morning. When I drink the juices I have a ton of energy but I am not sure if it is because of the sugar? It usually has pear or apple and kale and lemon.
    Anyways. I cannot seem to loose weight by drinking this for breakfast, I have a solid salad or soup for lunch and dinner is usually a healthy bowl or salad.

    What do you think?



    • ellawoodward

      For extra fibre things like chia seeds and ground flax is way better than oat bran or wheat bran, so I would blend those into a smoothie. For more fibre try adding more cooking veggies to your lunch and dinner! You might need a little more than a soup or salad to really help your digestion. Hope that helps! Have a lovely Sunday!

  • Oliver Dowding

    Having discovered you and your website via twitter, and not seeing any other way of contacting you other than here – which means I have read most of your website now (!) I’d just like to take a brief moment to explain what I offer> I naturally hope you find the juices offer interest and value to you and your clients at some point.

    The wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice has a shelf-life of over 8 weeks, in almost the same condition in which it entered the sachets in which we ship it. That’s courtesy of clever juicing, growing the crops by feeding them with a complete nutrient supply (courtesy of ocean minerals) and then packing the sachets with high pressure to exclude and immobilise all bug-life that might threaten shelf-life. We use no artificial additives and most certainly don’t pasteurise.

    Naturally, there is much more to be seen on my website. However, courtesy of the way health products, and many of us working within the supplements or natural foods sector are regulated these days, there is much that the website can’t say. The testimonials we can publicise are equally restricted.

    Whilst much is known about wheatgrass juice, and a little less about broccoli sprout juice, many of the outcomes are particularly individual. As somebody involved within the dietary field, I’m sure you appreciate that not everyone is uniform. I’ve had many customers over the years report some amazing responses, both seeking wellness or suffering illness, and also athletes/sportsmen including Paula Radcliffe on (large intakes of) the wheatgrass juice.

    I can supply in bulk at much reduced rates than the £14 for a week’s supply that an individual pays, which could be attractive to you. Alternatively, should you wish to become an affiliate, this can be arranged.

    That’s probably enough from me for the moment.

    If you would like a sample of the juices, please let me know, with an address where I should send them.

    Best wishes
    Oliver Dowding

  • Rachel

    Hi Ella,
    I find it’s often hard to get all the wonderful ingredients you use while on a budget, so I wondered if you have any money-saving tips? For example, frozen berries – are they ok to use or would you always recommend fresh?
    Any tips would be really useful (in fact, maybe you could do a post on this?!)

    • ellawoodward

      Yes frozen berries are amazing, I use them all winter. And then local, seasonal food from fresh markets is the most delicious, cheapest way to eat!

  • Monicaavn

    Hi Ella,
    I really really love your page, your recipes and your food philosophy! I’m changing my diet habits and this is really encouraging. I’m starting to eat more and more vegetables, and bio products, as I want to be aware of what I eat and take care of myself, it’s not easy though. I was watching at the products you recommend and I’m really interested on species, they give a particular lovely taste to vegetables!! and I would like you to tell me which are the ones you use the most and if there is any website where they sell them as I want to start cooking whith them

    Thank you very much!
    (Sorry about my english, I am Spanish)


  • Anna

    Hi Ella! Since I discovered your Blog I´m a big fan! I would love to try and bake the sweet potato brownies but I don´t know where to find either the brown rice flour or the raw cacao, I live in London so any shop you could recocomend around zones 1 or 2 preferably in the east would be perfect. An online shop would work as well :) Thanks!! And keep on with this fantastic blog, I love it!

    • ellawoodward

      I love planet organic, whole foods or online from :)

      • Anna

        Thanks! I´ll check that out! :)

  • Elizabeth Morris

    Hi Ella!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!
    I have questions concerning the best way to open up pomeganate and also winter squash.
    I have heard that one can easily open up pomegranite without using the method of using water but I can’t find it. What have you found to be the best method?
    Also, I find it hard to cut through the skin of raw squash to open it up and I won’t use a microwave although that is a remedy I have heard of to soften skin for cutting seeds out. How do you otherwise open up squash without cutting yourself ?
    These questions of mine seem so simple but I can’t seem to find an effective way to open up these items. HELP !!!
    Thank You, Ella!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Elizabeth, I know pomegranates are a nightmare! I have to admit I buy the packets of pomegranates seeds instead as it save so much time! As for squash, also a tricky one! If you have a look at this video it shows how I do the squash, by cutting it into segments first. Hope that helps!

    • Lydia Ross

      Hi Elizabeth!

      I saw your post and thought I would pitch in about the pomegranate seeds. My mum’s trick is to cut the pomegranate in half, place flat on a chopping board and knock it with a rolling pin to loosens the seeds. You should try it! As for the squash, I use the same method as Ella

      Lydia xx

  • Sally Bird

    hi ella, I just have one question can you use normal dates in your recipes or is it important to use medjool dates, as there are very expensive were I live. thank x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Sally, the problem with normal dates is that they’re not as soft and squishy and in most of the recipes they work to stick it together. If you can find ones that are nice and soft then thats great though! x

  • Chloe Colclough

    Hi Ella!

    I really love your website, such great ideas and everything I’ve tried to far tastes amazing!
    Also the fact that it’s all gluten, meat, processed foods and dairy free is really great!
    I just have a question on why it is all dairy and meat free including eggs and fish? I’m sure it’s better to cut them out but if you find the time could you possibly share with my why?

    Thank you!!


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Chloe. I’m so glad that you love the site, thank you! The answer for this one is pretty long and I sadly can’t explain it all hear, but the mains thing is that it slows down out digestive system as meat moves through your digestive system very very slowly and as our digestive systems are incredibly long, about 13 times the length of your torso, this takes up way more energy, leaving less energy for other things. It also increased the acidity of your body. Tigers for example have digestive systems that our only 3 times the length of their torso as they’re designed only to eat meat! We’re all so different and what works for one person doesn’t work for another and you know your body better than anyone but if you’re interested I would so reccomedn having a look at books like the China Study, Crazy Sexy Diet and the Beauty Detox Solution as they all cover your question in much better detail! Hope that helps!

      • Chloe Colclough

        Thank you, that’s very interesting indeed! Will definitely check out those books!
        Happy Xmas holidays! (Very looking forward to making ur xmas recipes for it! ;)

  • Annie

    Hi Ella!

    I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering though, what’s your view on manuka honey over agave? I hear mixed things about both so am keen to hear your opinion! Thanks so much :)

    Annie x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Annie! I’m not the biggest fan of agave, just because it’s so high in fructose, saying that I’m happy to eat it sometimes. I’m a huge fan of manuka honey though! :)

      • Annie

        Thank you! I’ll definitely go for manuka honey then (even though it is more expensive). Also I haven’t seen any recipes of yours with potatoes in and was curious as to why, because I would have thought they were a good, natural source of carbs for a vegan when cooked in clean ways. Is there a particular reason for excluding potatoes?

        Thanks again :) x

  • Rita

    Greetings from NY! I absolutely love your blog – the only question I have is regarding the maple syrup you use… how do you choose it? thanks!

    • ellawoodward

      The main thing I look for is organic and totally pure, with no additives!

  • Louisa

    Hi Ella,

    Just wondering what brand of raw cacao you use, and where you get it from? x

  • Allie

    Love the blog. Do you eat much nutritional yeast? I’ve never tried it but am missing cheese and I’ve heard it’s a good flavour substitute!

  • Kristin Johnsen

    Ella – love trying out your recipes – banana bread is a new favorite!

    Can you tell me the size of the cans of coconut milk for the sweet potato lentil dish? They only sell it in cartons in my store, so I’m not sure how much to add – thanks! Kristin

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Kristin. There’re 400ml each. Hope that helps!

  • Guy Salisbury

    Hi Ella,

    For the past 15 years I have limited myself to four websites I visit daily (Facebook, Empire Online, BBC Sport and Hotmail).
    I am pleased to say that your blog has just made this five! :-)
    Im not a vegetarian and I’m afraid I never will be (I love steak and fish too much) but I have been lactose intolerant since I was 21 and have recently started to cut out Gluten where possible. All of this combined I have generally tried to improve my diet and become a bit healthier.
    I did just have a few questions for you. You don’t seem to mention eggs anywhere in your blog. Is there a reason for this?
    Also, I couldn’t see Rice listed as one of your ingredients and was wondering which mains (lunch or dinner) have rice/
    I am so excited about trying everything on here because it all looks so yummy!
    Especially all the breakfast stuff – I’m a big smoothie man :-)
    Thanks again.
    Guy :-)

  • roshni

    Hi Ella, this is THE best blog EVER!! I am also now a convert to a no refined sugar diet and i am loving it!! i was just wondering if buying psyllium husks whole and grinding them is the same as psyllium husk powder? thanks

  • roshni

    Hi Ella, this is the BEST BLOG EVER!! i am officially a convert to the no refined sugar lifestyle and i’m loving it :) please could u tell me if buying psyllium husks whole and grinding them is the same as psyllium husk powder? thanks

  • Jackie

    Hi Ella,

    Absolutely loving the blog and am now completely obsessed with your app to! I just had a quick question, I was drooling over your amazing ‘almond butter cup’ recipe on the blog and I (as a self confessed peanut butter addict!) wondered why you choose to you almond butter (and cashew etc) in your recipes but not peanut butter? Is it because peanuts are not as good for you or contain harmful stuff or you just prefer the flavour?! Thanks in advance! :)


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Jackie. I’m so glad that you love the blog and the app! I use almond butter instead of peanuts as peanuts as they are associated with mould and candida overgrowth, I eat lots of nut butter so thought it would be better for me to avoid the peanuts!

      • Jackie

        Wow! Good to know! Will definitely be making the swap! Thanks for the advice :)

  • hedda marie dale

    Hi Ella,
    I just got your blog recommended by a friend, and I love food, I love eating and I love this blog!
    I am just wondering, you don’t eat fish/seafood of any kind, or eggs? is this because you are vegan, or is it related to your illness?
    I’m wondering because I have been experiencing similar symptoms for many months, and am in the middle of a full examination. But I am “helping myself” the best I can by following a similar philosophy as you, only I include ecological eggs, fresh fish, occasionally chicken fillet and unsweetened soy milk, which wouldn’t be difficult to cut if it would help in any way.
    PS. can buckwheat always be replaced by quinoa in your bread recipes?
    Thank you for great inspiration!

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the blog, thank you! I don’t eat any fish/eggs etc as it makes me feel better, not for ethical reasons. There are some amazing books, like Crazy Sexy Diet and The China Study which help explain all the benefits of stepping away from all animal products for healing. Hope that helps! And yes buckwheat can always replace quinoa :)

  • Chloe

    Hi Ella!

    I’m starting to look at my sugar intake and trying to reduce it however I’m having a bit of trouble knowing how much!
    Do you limit how much fruit/dried fruit you have a day?

    Thank you!
    Chloe x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Chloe. I don’t limit my fruit at all, I eat what I feel my body wants and needs that day. We’re all different but for me that seems to work really well! x

  • VBE

    Hi Ella, i really love your blog, recipes and the app too! I´m from Peru – where quinoa is from :) – and was wondering what would you recommend to replace dates as we can´t find them here..? Also is there any specific reason you don´t include pineapple in your recipes? thanks and congratulations again! – V

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that you love the blog and app, thank you! Sadly there isn’t a replacement for dates as they stick the recipes together instead of things like eggs. I love pineapple but don’t use it much as it’s not very nice in England! :)

  • Lee

    Hi Ella,
    Love your blog! Can you tell me what camera you use for your amazing photos?
    Thanks a bunch!


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Lee. I use a canon 650D

  • http://troubleloadingpages Debbie


    I love your website but I am having great difficulty loading it. I saw your note about the trouble but it sounded as if it was fixed?


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Debbie. I’m so sorry the website had over 250,000 hits over the weekend and it was struggling a little! It should all be good again now! So sorry!

  • Helen

    Your site is beautiful with the gorgeous pictures of the healthy foods. It’s so encouraging to eat right. Where can I buy the veggie peeler or the spiralier? What is the exact brand? I’ve seen others on the web but skeptical on price and quality. Can you give me some direction.

    Much thanks,

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Helen. If you have a look at the food philosophy section theres a link to the spiralizer that I use and love!

  • Jessa

    Hi Ella,
    I love your blog, and I’m in the process of changing my diet. I’m kind of worried about how to get enough of the right amino acids and protein if I turn vegan. Do you think you could do a post on which kinds of foods are best to get these from?

    • ellawoodward

      Yes that’s a great idea. I eat protein with every meal – for breakfast I get protein from the chia seeds, spirulina, maca, almond butter, bee pollen, hemp and dark green veggies (spinach/kale) in my smoothies. Then for lunch/dinner I have quinoa, buckwheat, beans, hummus, lentils and greens. Plus lots of nuts and seeds. Hope that helps! For B12 I have maca, spirulina and B12 everyday x

  • Kate Macrae

    hi ella
    could you recommend a food-processor? do your recipes just require a basic one? and what sort of machine should i look for to make the courgette noodles?
    best wishes,


    • Kate Macrae

      oops, i’ve just seen your link to the vegetable spiralizer!

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Kate. If you have a look in my food philosophy section theres a link to the processor and noodle maker!

  • alibee

    Hi Ella,

    Thank you for your great recipes & blog. I am loving your food.

    just wondering about using orange juice in making smoothies – I don’t see you using it. Is there a reason for this?

    Also, what are your thoughts on tea / coffee – do you drink any? do you drink herbal / decaffinated at all?


    • ellawoodward

      I don’t love orange juice, that’s the only reason I don’t use it. I drink herbal teas x

  • Lisa

    Hi Ella,

    What coconut milk do you use? Is it a certain brand or do you make it yourself as a lot of them seem to have added ingredients?

    Thanks so much and for being such an inspiration!


    • ellawoodward

      I use one from a brand called Biona that has no extras, it’s delicious! x

  • Allison

    Constant stomach issue leave me constantly looking for new recipes. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Jose_X

    An important consideration is getting sufficient Vitamin D (from sunlight UVB, which can be tough to get in England during parts of the year, or from supplements). Once you started going outside, I’m sure that helped. You may want to google “carole baggerly vitamindcouncil” etc. Vitamin D is believed by some researchers to play an important role in keeping cells bound together within tissue (not just bone, but most tissue of the body, eg, breast fatty tissue). This is why D is so important to cancer prevention and avoiding anomalous tissue growth in general. Healthy food is obviously important to maintaining the body in general, but we should not ignore Vitamin D. [Studies looking primarily at concentrations less than 1000 or 2000 IU/day are irrelevant for most purposes. Cancer treatment, eg, uses over 50,000 IU/day to get good effects.] I suffered from low D last year since I work nights and stopped going out in the day for a few weeks. It took me a few months to realize the problem and finally stop the aches I was feeling and allow me to sleep and breathe well at night. [A foot injury to the bone made my situation worse than normal, btw.]

    More relevant to the website, I started eating lots of vegetables this past year, and it is wonderful how food that used to taste weird or bad starts to become very tasty as your mouth gets used to it. I also know I can mix in processed foods and other things in moderation but the healthy chow must be in there to keep me in good form. Thanks for the recipes.

    PS: I heard about the website from an article I read at Yahoo news: “The Power of Healthy Eating: How This Woman Healed Herself with a Healthy Diet” by Ellen’s Good News | The Good News .

  • Terina

    I just cant stop reading your page – Life changing. :)

  • Annie

    I was wondering- what brand of hemp protein do you use? Looking for a good clean one so would love a pointer! Thank you :) x

    • ellawoodward

      I can’t remember the name as I don’t have the packet anymore but I got it from planet organic! x

  • Jasmin

    Dear Ella, I’m curious whether you did a detox before switching to this diet and in what way?
    Also, I’ve been recently diagnosed with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia so I was wondering whether this kind of diet applies to me. Should I limit my fruit intake? I see that you use some high glycemic foods, such as dates, bananas, etc. Could this have some side effects in my case?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Jasmin. I didn’t do any form of detox but went straight into it. I’m not a fully trained nutritionist yet or a doctor so I can’t advice you on this sadly but I would really recommend going to see a naturopath!

  • evelin

    hi ella, in case fresh berries are not available, what do you think about using frozen fruits? best, evelin

    • ellawoodward

      Absolutely, I use frozen berries in my smoothies all the time!

  • Laura

    Hi Ella

    I just wanted to say how happy I am for you that you’ve got your life back and I’m really pleased that you’re now do successful and helping others, it’s fantastic! Really inspiring too. I’m going to make the change (from Ben & Jerry’s, take away and junk to your recipes) and I’m really excited about it. What I love most about your recipes is that there are always common ingredients, that’s great, and really important – people can bulk buy, save money and make so many lovely things! It made shopping really easy, and keeps the recipes simple. I hope that continues in your book, can’t wait too see it!


  • Sara Phillips


    Hi Ella loving your blog and recipes.

    I was wondering is there a brand you would recommend for extra virgin olive oil?

    Also interested in spirulina I am not vegan or vegetarian is this something you would recommend for everyone to build into their daily diety?

    Many thanks

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Sara. I buy my olive oil from a local market, which is just amazing! Spirulina is incredible and I really would recommend it to everyone as it’s such a rich source of nutrition!

  • Ella Ames

    I found your blog from recipes on Pinterest, and it must be fate! My name is also Ella (when I got to the page I was like oh! deliciously Ella? This must be meant to be!) and we share nearly 100% identical views on food and eating. LOVE your website and recipes! I look forward to cooking many of these delicious things!! :)

  • Marta

    Hi Ella, do you only eat the fruits in the picture above, or some others too, like ananas, peach, apricots, melon, cherry, grapes, currant etc.?

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Marta,

      I love eating a variety of fruit and veg, not just those in the picture.

      Ella x

  • kelly

    I was just wondering what are your thoughts on polenta?
    love the website and app! :)

  • Lori

    I found your blog because I was just diagnosed with POTS. I’ve been getting progressively sicker within the last couple years. It started with adult onset asthma that literally came out of the blue after multiple respiratory infections. Then in 2013 I was diagnosed with celiac disease, now POTS. I cannot allow this illness to take over my life! I know a change in my eating habits is long over do (Ben and Jerry’s lover here too)

  • Karen

    Hi Ella
    I have been enjoying your blog and have tried quite a few of your recipes. Your energy bites have been a big favourite!
    I was just wondering, I don’t see that you use onions or garlic. Is there a particular reason?
    I have found that I’ve missed the addition of onions/garlic to certain dishes as they give an extra layer of flavour/depth to the dish.
    Anyhow, I was just wondering!
    Take care,

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Karen,
      Garlic and onions don’t work to well by my stomach but by all means add them to recipes if you like!
      Ella x

  • Cherie

    Hi Ella

    Just wondering how you feel about millet? I see it’s a lot cheaper than quinoa. Would it work as a substitute to quinoa nutritionally speaking?

  • Julie

    Hi Ella !
    I love your website !! All your recipes look so good and healthy… I want to take care of what I eat, and I guess your site is the best way to begin, isn’t it ? Thank you so much for sharing your tips ;-)
    PS: Sorry for my english, I’m french !
    Take care,
    Julie x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Julie,
      There are some tip on getting started in the philosophy section of my site! Good luck.
      Ella x

  • Jean

    Hi Ella – thank you for an amazing website – I love it!!! You’ve made such a difference to the way I cook. What are your thoughts on soy products ?

    Thanks for sharing all your recipes with us.

    Jean x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Jean,

      I tend to stay away from soy as its usually filled with hormones.

      Ella x

  • peeler,fruit peeler, vegetabler peeler, pineapple peeler, potatoes peeler, orange peeler

    Hello cool web site! Dude. Fantastic. Excellent. I’m going to take a note of your internet site and also grab the feeds moreover? We are satisfied to discover a lot of very helpful details right here within the post, we’d like determine much more associated with that value, appreciate your expressing.

  • Sofia

    Hi Ella,
    I discovered your blog this week through instagram and i am so inspired. I know that certain foods are good for us and that there are so many benefits from healthy eating, but i had no idea that food could heal us in such a way and i am in awe!
    Reading what going vegan and gluten free, as well as including those superfoods in your diet, did for you and other people, really makes me think what a euphoria i could bring to my body, by making some changes to my diet, even small ones in the begining. I am from Greece and it is not so common here to be a vegetarian or a vegan, but i want to give it a try. I’ve read some articles to get familiarized with this way of eating and i am a bit confused about the shortage of a certain amino acid and where i can get a sufficient amount from.
    Do you have something to suggest? Can i be covered for example from a mix of the “ingredients” list?
    thank you in advance.
    ps. i hope my english make sense :)

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Sofia,
      I am so pleased that you are looking to make changes and I hope that you notice some great changes in how you feel. Variety is so important in getting everything you need and I would definitely recommend seeing a nutritionist if you are worried about how to make sure you are covering everything.
      Good luck! x

  • Lu

    Hello Ella

    Can you recommend a Bee Pollen brand?

    Thanks – Lu

    • ellawoodward

      I just buy it from my local health food store usually!

  • Col

    Hi Ella,

    Firstly I am fascinated, intrigued and inspired by your website. What a wonderful way to eat and live, I especially love that you don’t expect everyone to give up everything they love eg. wine! A quick question, do you make your own stock for things like soup, stews and casseroles or do you just use water? We’re casserole and gravy lovers :)

    Col x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Col,
      I am so pleased you are enjoying the website.
      I don’t use stock that often but would definitely recommend making your own.
      Ella x

  • Ellen

    Hi Ella, can you explain what nutitional yeast is used for? I like your recipes for hwalthy eating but mot concerned with vegan

    • ellawoodward

      Nutritional yeast contains B-vitamins, protein and lots of other nutrition that people can struggle to get enough of on a plant-based diet. It also is great for adding to taste as it can make a cheesy flavour!

  • Erica

    Hi Ella
    Wow! I am delighted to find your inspirational blog! I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a year ago after being quite unwell. Like you my reaction was to research study, read everything I could get my hands on & came to the same conclusion – you can definitely heal yourself with healthy and nutritious food. You really are what you eat!
    I am a keen cook & have enjoyed experimenting (I am meat, dairy, yeast, processed sugar and gluten free). I feel amazing! Better than I did for years.
    Thank you so much for all your brilliant recipes – they look delicious and I can’t wait to try them out. Your blog and website (found via Red magazine interview) is a joy to read. I’m a little bit obsessed now!


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Erica,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am so pleased that you are feeling amazing and I hope that your experimenting helps you to manage your MS.
      Ella x

  • Jan

    Hi Ella

    You use maple syrup in your recipes…what about Rice Malt Syrup? Have you tried this and can it be used as an alternative to maple syrup?

    • ellawoodward

      I haven’t ever tried it so I am not too sure!

  • Dana

    Hi! I was wondering what blog you use for you website platform? I LOVE it!!!! So neat! :)

    • ellawoodward

      I use wordpress

  • Gema

    Hi Ella,

    I absolutely love this page and am looking for more recipes particularly to help my husband fight a nasty skin infection. I think I saw on your IG that apple cider vinegar is good, but do you have a specific recipe for that?

    thanks so much!

  • Anne

    Hi Ella,

    Your website is a revelation to me – I’m really enjoying making all the recipes so thank you. I just wanted to ask what your opinion is on Tofu? I’ve always loved it and thoughts as it’s a plant extract it would be a good protein to eat – what do you think?


    • ellawoodward

      Hi Anne,
      I’m so pleased you are enjoying the recipes. I don’t really eat tofu as soy contains a lot of hormones which I try to avoid.
      Ella x

  • Sarah

    Hello Ella, I discovered your blog (and then your app!) last weekend and have been merrily working through loads of your recipes since then ;-).

    I’m cutting out all the processed rubbish I used to eat, and I’m feeling pretty good about it!

    My question is about nuts… do you soak your almonds, hazelnuts etc? When I search online I find lots of info, but people seem to use a dehydrator to dry them after soaking. It all seems a bit of a faff. As a girl who makes her recipes straightforward and no-fuss, what do you recommend please?

    Many thanks, Sarah

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Sarah,
      I am so pleased you like the recipes and that you have been making healthy changes! I personally don’t soak them for exactly that reason because I think it seems too fussy for me. I don’t doubt that it is good for you and I wish I had the time to do it really but there are other things that I feel are more important.
      Ella x

  • Heather

    Does anyone know if Green & Blacks Cacoa Powder is raw cacoa? I would like to make the brownies and am trying to find organic raw cacoa power?

    • Louise

      Green & Blacks is definitely not raw cacao powder. You can find raw cacao on so many sites now..just do a google search or look on ebay.

  • Sophie Lerwill

    I made the quinoa with butternut squash and pine nuts for dinner last night, it was gorgeous! Going to try the butternut squash and coconut curry this week x

  • Véronique Castel-Branco

    Hi Ella, I love your recipies, and I always use your App for inspiration, very handy when in the tube on the way back home and have no idea what to have for dinner! I’m proud to say that I’m making Almond milk for everyday , along with so many other recipes. I haven’t try the Chia seeds and coconut yoghurt , could you tell me which one you use? brand or which shop? Thanks a lot.

  • Mirfield Hypnotherapy

    Hi Ella, I found your site today in a Red magaizine I picked up in the hair salon. I just love your recipes! I have one question though…I’m not a huge fan of dates. Is there a suitable or sensible alternative? Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy life to answer my question :)

  • Claire Brindley

    Hi Ella, Loving the recipes….Can you help me as I would love to eat Vegan/Vegetarian However I find most of the recipes include some sort of nuts, which I understand is for the protein……However I suffer from a nut allergy and become stuck finding a alternative, do you have any advice? Many Thanks x