gingerbread men

Gingerbread Men

gingerbread men

I had so much fun making these yesterday, rolling out the dough, shaping them and then decorating them. It’s such a great festive activity! There’s something so awesome about the childish nature of it too and even better the end result tastes so amazing! They just have such a great texture, which perfectly balances crunchy and chewy, while the flavour is deliciously sweet with incredible ginger overtones. I did spend a while figuring out how to decorate them using natural ingredients, but it ended up working amazingly! I made a strawberry infused icing to stick on goji berries, raisins and pumpkin seeds for the buttons, mouths and eyes and then used coconut butter for the snow covered feet and hands!

I have lots more festive recipes coming your way over the next few weeks, including the perfect hot chocolate, candied pecans and of course my favourite Christmas dinner recipes, plus an awesome video! I’m really so excited to share my favourite holiday with you all! In celebration of all your amazing support I’ve also put together an amazing Christmas giveaway competition too, so please keep an eye on my Facebook for more info!

gingerbread men

Makes 16 gingerbread men:

- 2 cups of buckwheat or brown rice flour (plus extra for rolling)

- 2 cups of pecans

- 1 cup of almonds

- 1/2 a cup of water

- 1/2 a cup of pure maple syrup

- 4 tablespoons of ground ginger

- 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

- 2 tablespoons of chia seeds

For the icing:

- 6 strawberries

- 2 tablespoons of almond butter

- 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour

- 1 tablespoon of coconut butter

gingerbread men

Pre-heat the oven to 180C

Place the almonds and pecans in a food processor and blend for a minute or so until a flour forms. Then add all the other ingredients and blend into a sticky mix.

Get a couple of baking trays ready, either greasing them with coconut oil or laying a pice of baking paper on top.

Then cover the top of a counter and a rolling pin in buckwheat or brown rice flour and roll your mixture out on it until its nicely thin and perfectly smooth. At this point use your gingerbread man cutter to make men, then put the cutouts onto the baking trays to cook. Once you’ve made the first batch of men re-roll the remaining dough and make some more until it’s all used up.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden then leave to cool before decorating.

For the icing just blend everything together in a food processor.

  • Fiona r

    They are looking lovely! For how long will they be storeable? Best regards (:

    • ellawoodward

      I think a week or so in an air tight container :)

  • Caitlin

    Cannot wait to make these with my girls! I make ginger bread men biscuits with them each Christmas, but this is the first Christmas since I have changed how we eat, and I didn’t want to use my old recipe which is full of ingredients I and my family no longer consume. These look perfect!

    • ellawoodward

      So glad that you love the look of these, hope you and your girls love making them!

  • Kristen

    Fun activity to do with my niece! I have tried a few gluten-free vegan gingerbread recipes over the years and had to sacrifice flavor for health. So many cookie recipes call for shortening and sugar, as well. Yay for this one filling a great need! I look forward to trying it out today! Thank you, Ella!

    • ellawoodward

      Hope you and your niece loved these!

  • Yuritzi

    Hi ella is so amazing recipe ever, so cute and creativity y like so much that you use and natural things for decorating!!! i so excited to bake so soon for my kiddos i s always refreshing see your recipe i waiting for see your amazing favorite Christmas recipe!!!! only have a questin for the lovely recipe you think that i can use a honer for maple syrup and what can of brand use for ground ginger?

    • ellawoodward

      So glad that you love it! Any ginger is great, and yes honey will be great!

  • Lacey

    What coconut oil and flax seed do you use and recommend? Is there a difference between golden and brown flax seed?

    • ellawoodward

      If you have a look at my reviews section there’s a whole thing on coconut, as for flax any organic kind I’m sure is great – I use lots of different brands :)

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  • Jo

    Love these! I had in mind to make a similar version using date paste to sweeten…you’ve reminded me and inspired me to give it a go! ;-)

  • Ellie

    How much maple syrup?

    • ellawoodward

      1/2 a cup :)

  • Sonya

    hello Ella! I just wanted to tell that i am enjoying your blog so much and your personality also :) u r so shiny and happy and friendly,that is really great when people act like this.
    Also,i got a question about this recipe, do u think i can use the same dough for a gingerbread Christmas house? i really wanna make it, but without sugar and other unhealthy stuff. do u think it could work?

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that you love the blog so much, thank you! I’m not totally sure as I’ve not tried to make houses before, I think if you add a little more flour so it’s a little thicker it probably would be great!

  • Claire

    Soo lovely!!
    Are the chia seeds necessairy in there?

  • Claire

    Sooo lovely!!
    Are the chia seeds necessary in there?

    • ellawoodward

      They help stick them together but I think it would work without too :)

  • Danielle

    Hi Ella, these look gorgeous but i just wondered if i have to heat the Cocount Oil first or is it 2 tablespoons of solid cocounut oil? Also where do you get coconut butter from?

    Thank you

    • ellawoodward

      I used solid coconut oil, and I got the coconut butter from whole foods :)

      • Danielle

        Thanks Ella, so the measurement is based on solid coconut oil? I am going to look and see if they have coconut butter at Planet Organic, i am sure they do.

  • Pip {Cherries & Chisme}

    Is it half a cup of maple syrup? These look great!

    • ellawoodward

      Yes, so sorry for forgetting the word cup in the ingredients! :)

  • Skye

    These are adorable. I love the little pumpkin seed buttons. Who said that healthy food couldn’t be fun?

    • ellawoodward

      Exactly! Healthy food is so fun!

  • Emily @ Milly’s Meals

    These are so cute! Definitely going to have to give them a try :)

    • ellawoodward

      Thank you! Hope you love them!

  • Marilyn Wright

    What size cookie cutters were you using for the pictures? How tall?
    I’m eager to make some but I need to purchase a cutter. Thanks!

    • ellawoodward

      They’re just the most standard sized cutter, but any size will work!

    • Marilyn Wright

      Are the pecans and almonds, processed, really supposed to make a flour-like substance? The oil in mine made then sticky. Was I supposed to toast them first?? HELP!

      • ellawoodward

        Hi Marilyn. You just blend them for 30 seconds or so and that makes the flour, if you keep going too long they let out the oil and become sticky – hope that helps! :)

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  • Keira

    Hey! Can I sub the maple syrup for rice malt syrup?? These look amazing! x

    • ellawoodward

      Yes absolutely :)

  • Christine

    What could I replace the buckwheat flour with? Would coconut flour or gluten free flour work? Cannot wait to make these this afternoon for the kids!

    • ellawoodward

      Coconut flour doesn’t work sadly as it absorbs so much liquid so the whole recipe would need to be different, but gluten free flour should be great! Hope your kids love them!

  • Leanne

    Thanks so much for this recipe Ella, I’ve made them twice now for my girls and I and we all love them! Thanks also for such an inspirational website. It is a joy xx

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