Cauliflower Crust Pizza (New and Improved!)

Cauliflower Crust Pizza (New and Improved!)

This recipe for a cauliflower crust pizza has been on the blog for a while but it just wasn’t quite right so I’ve spent a while playing around with it to create something perfect for you all, and I can honestly say this is now one of the absolute best recipes on the blog! I know to lots of you the idea of using cauliflower as the base for a pizza might sound totally strange, but trust me it really makes the most delicious crust and you just have to try it! Ever since I made this version I’ve been thinking about it non stop and really craving it. The crust is just so delicious it’s crazy, it’s so full of flavour and the texture is just perfect – even the sceptics I’ve given it to loved it! It’s held together by chia seed and apple puree, which together mean that you really can pick up the slices without them braking – just like real pizza! Of course a slice of this will make you feel a million times more amazing though, so you can enjoy your pizza and feel energised and awesome afterwards! I love topping my pizza with tomato puree, lots of fresh basil, sliced cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and then I sprinkle rocket over the top of it!

Makes 1 pizza

– 1 cauliflower (about 500g)

– 1 cup of brown rice or buckwheat flour (150g)

– 2 tablespoons of chia seeds with 8 tablespoons of water

– ½ a cup of apple puree (100g)

– 1/4 of a cup of ice cold water

– 1 tablespoon of tamari

– 1 lemon

– dried oregano

– dried basil

– salt

For the topping, I like:

– Tomato puree

– Sliced tomatoes

– Sweetcorn

– Sliced mushrooms

– Fresh basil leaves

– A sprinkling of salt and pepper

Place the chia seeds in a bowl and add 8 tablespoons of water, allowing to sit for around ten minutes, until all the water is absorbed and the chia has formed a gel. During this time you can begin to prepare the cauliflower.

Place the cauliflower in a food processor and blend until a flour like substance forms, this should take about a minute. Place this in a nut milk bag and kneed out excess water (this may take a few minutes as cauliflower contains a lot of water – it’s a really important step though, please don’t skip it!).

Once most of the water has been removed, add the cauliflower to a mixing bowl with the chia seeds (which should have now formed a gel) and apple puree and stir until evenly blended. You can then add the brown rice flour, lemon, tamari, salt and dried herbs. Mix these ingredients well before slowing pouring in the ice cold water. Use your hands to combine the water with the flour, making a sticky dough.

Line the base of a pizza dish with a generous amount of olive oil and a sprinkling of flour before evenly spreading the dough out over it. (if you don’t have a pizza dish simply use a baking tray and mould the shape accordingly)

Bake in a 200C oven for about 20-30 minutes, if you’re not using a pizza dish then you will need to flip the base over half way through. Once the base is firm and ever-so-slightly crispy remove it from the oven and add the tomato puree and then the vegetables, before baking again for another 5-10 minutes.

Remove from the oven, sprinkle with salt and pepper, slice and serve!


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  • Nicole Walker

    I made this today along with a courgette pizza crust to see which was best, I must say that this definitely won hands down. Absolutely delicious and better than my usual homemade pizza dough with flour, oil and yeast. Yummy!! x

  • Jóhanna Ernstsdóttir

    I’ve just made your new cauliflower pizza, but I cooked the cauliflower as I didn’t read your recipe but just the ingredients..silly me! Well, it was certainly delicious, but the crust was soúper sloppy and didn’t hold together that well. I will definitely try it next time with uncooked veggies; that should do the trick.
    One question, though: Why do you add that ice cold water, when it is so important to get most water out of the cauliflower!?

    Best Jóhanna

  • Vaishali S

    Is apple puree and apple sauce the same? Or did you mean to actually puree the apples.

  • ellawoodward

    It’s apple puree which you can buy in stores or make from apples really easily

  • Kat K

    Hey Ella, I was wondering if you mind if I use a picture from this post for a “weekend reading” post on my blog I love this recipe and want to link it, and it would just look nicer if I could use your picture to illustrate why I link to it :)

  • Kat K

    Hey Ella, I’m not sure if my comment got lost or if it’s just waiting to be approved. Just to make sure, I just wanted to ask you if it’s okay to use a picture from this recipe on my blog for a “weekend reading” feature? I want to link to your recipe, and it just looks nicer if I can illustrate why I think it’s so nice :)

  • Rachael Attard

    I tried making cauliflower crust pizza once and it didn’t turn out very well… I couldn’t get it crispy. Thanks for this recipe. I’m going to give it another try!

  • Laurence

    How much calorie has this pizza? Can I omit the chia seeds?

  • Leanne

    Hello, just wondering if there are any subsitutes for tamari? I have a yeast intolerance and am worried the alcohol in it isn’t good for me. Thanks for any help!

  • Alicia Pashby Maul

    Thank you, Ella! You are such a star for sharing this with us. Hubby was happy and that’s always the most important part.

  • ellawoodward

    You could add a small pinch of salt for flavour or just leave it out. I use pink himalayan salt

  • ellawoodward

    The chia seeds help to hold it together so leaving them out will give a different result. Sorry but I don’t count calories!

  • ellawoodward

    Different cauliflowers have different water contents so it is just a way of making sure there is the right amount of water!

  • ellawoodward

    I’m really sorry but if you can take your own photos that would be much better!

    • Kat K

      It’s okay, I’m simply going to take you completely out from the post :) I haven’t made it myself yet, so I can’t take my own photos, as the post that your link is in, is about things that I want to make in the future.

  • ellawoodward

    So pleased you liked it!

  • ellawoodward

    I’m really sorry but I am so happy for you to link to the page but I would rather you took your own photos and used those :)

  • Concerned

    This made my night! A friend and I prepared it. Will be revisiting very soon :-)

  • Bethany York

    Hey Ella! I recently found your blog from Niomi Smart’s youtube channel, and ever since i started reading your blog its given me the inspiration to start eating better. Today I made this pizza for the second time and it was so delicious!!!

  • ellawoodward

    I am so happy to hear that and glad that you loved the pizza!

  • AN

    you could squeeze water from the cauliflower first and then use this for the chia seeds… extra minerals non? :) Ella, how long will the pizza keep based on your experience? Thanks

  • Rebecca

    Does the crust need to be topped and eaten immediately, or can I store it in the fridge overnight?

  • ellawoodward

    You can definitely keep it in the fridge. You can also freeze it in slices and then toast it to eat with hummus or your favourite topping!

  • Meghan Murray

    Hi Ella! I don’t have a nut milk bag yet, how could I get the water out of the cauliflower without one? Thanks :)

  • Meghan Murray

    Hi Ella, I don’t own a nut milk bag yet, how can I drain the water out of the cauliflower without it? Thanks!:)

  • CJ

    Hi, I have a question! Why is it that most cauliflower pizza crusts require you to microwave the cauliflower before baking it. Is this advantageous somehow?

  • ellawoodward

    I am not sure about that – I don’t microwave mine so I don’t think it is necessary.

  • ellawoodward

    You can use a tea towel or a muslin cloth

  • ellawoodward

    It should last a few days in the fridge x

  • Masha Zilber

    I cooked it following a recipe, but dough wasn`t crust. I kept it in oven for hour. When I cut it on pieces, the dough was soft like napkin((

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Meghan, an alternative could be to put the cauliflower in a sieve and press the water out as much as possible with the back of a spoon. ella x

  • Judy Hortt

    Hi. I have made the cauliflower crust pizza twice now and love it! I have a question about the lemon….is it the juice and zest that should be used or just the juice? I used both and my daughter found it a bit tart . Thanks .

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Judy, it’s just the juice of one lemon in this case, sorry to not have made that clear! Glad you love it though :) hopefully it won’t be so tart next time! Have a lovely day, ella x

  • Judy Hortt

    Thank you Ella. I’ll give a try. X

  • Jax

    Is it possible to substitute the buckwheat flour for arrowroot flour? And are the chia seeds necessary? If so, is there a good substitute? Trying to keep the anti-nutrients out of the equation as much as possible.

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Jax, you could try arrowroot flour. The chia seeds are necessary as they hold the mixture together. There really isn’t an equivalent substitute! Have a great evening. Ella x

  • Galina Agintiene

    I made this pizza tonight and it tasted FANTASTIC! The only thing went wrong – the crust didn’t stick together properly, was crumbly and I used spatula to tranfer it to the plate. I didn’t have applesauce – maybe the dough was not right because of it?

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Galina, I think the apple puree will definite help combine the mixture together. Hope it turns out great next time! Ella x

  • Katie Ng

    I’ve made this cauliflower pizza twice (well, three times – sort of.) The first time I used regular flour since I didn’t have buckwheat or rice flour. It was incredibly delicious. My husband and I are pretty skeptical when it comes to this kind of cooking, but we were sold instantly. We were so amazed at how the pieces held together like a regular pizza. The taste was delicious. Our pizza stone is small, so I refrigerated half the dough and made it again the next night – still tasty! The next time I cooked this for my parents using the buckwheat flour. (I accidentally used too much apple puree in the dough which may be why) the crust was not as solid as the first time. It still tasted great, though! Thank you, Ella! My husband and I are quickly becoming converts to cleaner eating.

    • ellawoodward

      I am so pleased to hear that you both love the pizza! x

  • Noha

    I absolutely love your food! I am a diabetic and it’s super healthy for me. I also have your app, would it be possible to update it with all the latest recipes and also the old ones? Thanks

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Noha, I update my app about every 3 months so I will be updating it sometime in April. So glad you love the food! Have a lovely evening! X

    • Noha

      Thank you, I will keep an eye for the updates :) x

  • Fay

    Made this tonight and it was delicious! It is super filling – I had one piece and I’m stuffed :) My dough was really thick – I think next time I will halve the dough and freeze some for later. I had to add about a cup more rice flour to the dough mix but I think it was because I couldn’t get the water out of the cauliflower properly. I used a nut milk bag but I guess I was kneading hard enough!

  • Gita

    Hi Ella,
    This recipe looks fab (as do all your recipes!)…just wondering if it would be possible to use milled/ground chia seeds instead of whole chia seeds since it’s all I have at the moment??!! If so, what would be the approx amount if milled chia to use? If it’s not possible I will buy some chia seeds and will just have to wait till I can try out this recipe :-) Thanks in advance, Gita

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Gita, I have not used this recipe with milled chia seeds so I would stick with whole chia seeds but you could always try it and see how you go! X

  • Sarah

    Hi Ella
    I tried making this pizza tonight, and the dough was not crisp it was too soft and stodgy/crumbly. I can’t think what went wrong, I followed your instructions and made sure I drained the cauliflower as stated!
    The only thing I can think is maybe it needs to be spread really thin in the pizza dish? Does that make a difference? I guess I might end up with a couple pizzas then!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Sarah, I’m sorry the pizza didn’t turn out as great as you’d hoped! Perhaps there was too much water added to the mixture. Yes I like the crust thin, and that should make the base crispier too. Have a lovely day! X

    • Sarah

      Thanks Ella :) I made the pizza again today but this time I microwaved the cauliflower first briefly, and then drained it after which seemed to work better. I also spread the mixture thinner and ended up with one large pizza and 4 mini pizzas. That’s great because I can freeze some of them and have them another time. I got there in the end ! :)

  • Rachel

    Hi Ella, i just made this for dinner, and it was yum yum yum yummy! I only used half the recipe, which was plenty for one person, and i didn’t have quite enough cauliflower so I used half broccoli instead and it really worked. Love your recipes and cooking style. Made the brownies yesterday and i am obsessed! Thank you, keep on creating magical healthy treats. Rachel xx

  • louise

    I don’t have a but milk bag, but was wondering if I put the cauliflower through a juicer would the resulting pulp be ok to use? Thanks d graphics cards

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Louise, I haven’t tried doing it that way so I’m not sure how it would turn out. You could always just use a regular muslin cloth instead of a nut milk bag! Have a lovely day! X

  • Clare Anthony

    Hi Ella, I cooked the old recipe of this last night and it turned out wonderfully! I think everyone’s ovens and measurements differ slightly so you cant guarantee it absolutely perfect every time. I will certainly be making it again! Now which smoothie to have for breakfast…decisions! :-)

  • Clare Anthony

    Hi Ella, I cooked the old recipe of this last night and it turned out wonderfully! I think everyone’s ovens and measurements differ slightly so you cant guarantee it absolutely perfect every time. I will certainly be making it again! Now which smoothie to have for breakfast…decisions! :-)

  • Nicola curran

    Oh my god, this is absolutely delicious, so glad I found you. I saw you on This Morning so looked you up. I know you don’t count calories but do you think eating this way helps you lose weight/stay slim? Should I avoid eating a lot of the sweet treats?
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes, I’ve just ordered your book.

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Nicola, so glad you love the pizza! There is a whole section about that in my book. I definitely think it’s possible to lose weight on a plantbased diet and I would say eat sweet treats in moderation like anything! X

  • Hayley Bell

    Hi Ella, I made this Pizza last night but was a bit of a disaster as I felt very rushed. Hungry men to feed lol – I used an extra large cauliflower and maybe didn’t remove all of the water. So will try again and work in smaller batches. I noticed that there was a lot of mixture, so maybe the pizza was a bit too thick and uneven on my pizza tray. After 30 mins on 200 it still wasn’t cooked, put it back in for another 10 mins but still wasn’t cooked. Cooked around the edges but not in the middle. I will definitely try this again though. Where do I buy Apple puree from, I could only find apple sauce, I also noticed that I could still taste the cauliflower but that maybe due to the fact I didn’t squeeze out all of the water.

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Hayley, I would try get ride of as much moisture in the cauliflower as possible as this can really change the cooking time for the base. I buy Biona apple puree from Whole Foods or my local health food store. Hope it turns out more delicious next time. Have a great day, Ella x

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Hi Ella, ive just tried this one for the first time. I found it really easy to make and tasted delicious. Only problem is it was crispy on the outside and quite soft in the middle. I did spread it really thin and I have a fan oven.
    Do you think I added too much apple?
    Becky x

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Rebecca, I’m so happy it turned out delicious. You could try using a little less apple puree. Make sure you really drain all the liquid from the califlower as this can affect the consistency of the base. Have a lovely day x

  • ellawoodward

    All the recent recipes have the text to one side, as well as all the recipes in the book! Hope you get to try lots more of them! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Naomi, sadly I don’t know the exact dimensions for this pizza. I just used a standard pizza dish. Hope you love the recipe! X

  • ellawoodward

    So happy you loved this recipe! Hope you continue to enjoy many more of the recipes x

  • ellawoodward

    That’s awesome, so happy you enjoyed it x

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Kerry, yes draining the cauliflower is really important as it is pretty moist naturally. I buy the bag online from Amazon, they’re called Jelly bags and they’re really inexpensive. The tamari adds flavour but I’m sure it would still taste delicious without! Hope you love it x

  • ellawoodward

    So happy it turned out delicious! Have a lovely day x

  • Noni Hart

    I’ve tried 2 recipes using egg, one with cheese also – both tasted way to “eggy” for me. I think this one be more pleasing to my taste buds!! Hoping so! Thanks!

  • ellawoodward

    That’s so exciting, so happy they’re enjoying it! Hope you all continue to enjoy lots of the recipes! X

  • ellawoodward

    So sorry but sadly it’s really difficult to find a soy-free substitute for tamari. I imagine that the base would still taste delicious without it! X

  • Petra B

    Hello Ella, could flax seeds be used instead of chia? I can’t eat chia due to a medical condition that I have. Thank youuu. Petra

    • ellawoodward

      I haven’t tried it myself for this recipe but I imagine flax would work well too, hope it turns out delicious x

      • Petra B

        I did…it was delicious :-)

  • Georgie

    I’m allergic to apples – could I leave this out or is there a substitute?

    • ellawoodward

      You could try using the equivalent of mashed banana instead x

  • ellawoodward

    You could try using a plain muslin cloth instead! Hope you love the recipe x

  • GF Gal

    Thank you so much! I am a huge fan of your cookbook. If I’d like to use less buckwheat flour (or use some almond meal in addition), how could I modify this recipe? Thanks so much!

    • ellawoodward

      Unfortunately I haven’t tried doing that myself so I can’t advise but feel free to have a play around with the recipe to suit your preferences x

  • Scully D

    Hi Aga

    Have you tried coconut aminoes, I use this instead of soy sauce and it has a great flavour? X

  • ellawoodward

    I use my Magimix for things like cauliflower rice and energy balls whereas a Vitamix is best for soups and smoothies. I wrote a post that explains the difference between processing and blending – Hope that helps! x

  • ellawoodward

    I usually suggest mashed banana as an alternative to apple puree but sadly I haven’t tried it with a fruit substitute before, so sorry. Perhaps you could just try more chia gel instead! Hope you love it x

    • Edyta

      Thank you for your suggestion. I will try it.