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Acai and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

I fell a bit out of love with breakfast last week, for some reason I could just never figure out what exactly I wanted and so my smoothies, juices and granola bowls never quite hit the spot… until this bowl, which magically rekindled my love of breakfast, smoothie bowls and all things pink! I originally made this recipe for the super-foods company Organic Burst, which was really exciting as I’m such a huge fan of their products so it was awesome to be asked to do something for them. Anyway I just loved the recipe so much that I thought it would be a shame not to share it with you all too, so here it is – my acai, berry and baobab breakfast bowl, the perfect remedy for grey autumn mornings! It’s so wonderfully sweet and fruity with the best texture ever. The mix of frozen banana and acai somehow turns the smoothie into the creamiest, almost silky consistency which just melts-in-your-mouth.

If you’ve never tried the two superfoods in here, acai and baobab, then I’d so recommend getting some, they’re magical – so tasty, so energising and so awesome! Acai is crazy rich in antioxidants, with one of the highest levels ever tested, closely followed by other berries, which are in abundance in this bowl so each spoonful protects your body from the free-radical damage that can lead to chronic diseases. The baobab then works to boost your vitamin C and iron levels (did you know that it contains more vitamin C than oranges and more iron that red meat?) while also boosting your calcium, potassium and magnesium levels. Of course the rest of the bowl will also do you wonders, with the almond butter giving you a delicious spoonful of healthy fats and plant protein and the berries, dates and banana loading you up on an amazing array of life-giving vitamins and minerals so that you’re all ready to go for an amazing day!

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

Serves 1

- 1 frozen banana

- 1 cup of strawberries

- 1/2 a cup of blueberries

- 1/2 a cup of raspberries

- 2 medjool dates

- 1 tablespoon of almond butter

- 1 heaped tablespoon of acai powder

- 1 heaped teaspoon of baobab powder

(You can add a handful of spinach too if you want some more greens and it won’t really alter the awesome flavour!)

For the full recipe head on over to Organic Burst

Acai, Berry and Baobab Breakfast Bowl

Cleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice

Energizing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice

I don’t know about anyone else but my body is really feeling the changing of the seasons. It’s taking me some time to adjust to the grey, rainy days and the colder temperatures so I’m trying to give my body all the support I can to stay healthy and energetic instead of fluey and coldy! And this cleansing beetroot, cucumber and ginger juice is the perfect answer. It’s such an easy thing to add into your diet as it takes five minutes to make, the ingredients are really easy to find and it tastes amazing any time of the day. Each sip is so wonderfully soothing and revitalising, I swear I can feel my cells dancing with happiness as they soak up all the nutrients! Juicing is the best way to feed your cells goodness too as it removes the fibre from the fruits and vegetables, which means that all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are absorbed straight into the bloodstream much quicker and in much more highly concentrated doses than if you ate the equivalent amount. Plus juicing gives your digestive system a break too, which is always nice! So a juice really acts as the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling tired. Of course this recipe is totally delicious too, and despite being a predominantly vegetable juice it’s still nicely sweet thanks to the apple and carrots, which are complemented by a lovely gingery kick. The colour is pretty incredible too, I swear that alone is enough to boost your mood! Beets are also in season at the moment, which means you can buy them in inexpensive abundance from your local farmers market, or even pick them yourself – which is so fun.

So why drink beets? Beets are magical, they are true super foods and something we should all be eating more of! Beets are a great source of iron, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and vitamins A, C and B6, as well as being packed with anti-oxidants. All the iron in beetroot too is especially good for energy and fatigue fighting too as it allows your body to carry more oxygen to all the cells, allowing them to function more efficiently. This is complemented by all the chlorophyll you’ll be taking in from the cucumber and celery, which works to alkalinise your body, oxygenate your blood, flush out stored toxins, boost the immune system and reduce internal inflammation. While the carrots give you incredible amounts of immune-boosting vitamin A, the ginger calms and soothes the digestive system and the apple provides more anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflamatory goodness. 

Cleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger JuiceCleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger JuiceCleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice

 Serves 1

- 1 beetroot

- 1 cucumber

- 2 sticks of celery

- 3 carrots

- 1 red apple

- an inch of ginger

Cleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger JuiceCleansing Beetroot, Cucumber and Ginger Juice

The only preparation you need to do is to chop the leaves off the beetroot and peel away the outer layer of dirt and thicker skin, then chop the leaves off the celery. Once this is done simply put everything through the juicer, stir, sip and enjoy!

perfect peach smoothie

Perfect Peach Smoothie

perfect peach smoothie

I love summer fruit, it’s just the best! And since I’m such a smoothie addict, my favourite way to enjoy it is to blend it into a deliciously smooth, sweet drink. Pretty much all fruit tastes delicious blended together, but there is something extra special about the combination of banana, peach and strawberry – it’s seriously perfect and so wonderfully refreshing. The banana makes it so creamy, while the strawberries and peaches make it so insanely soft and sweet. I love freezing my bananas and strawberries for an hour or so before I make it so that it comes out extra specially creamy and I can eat it with a spoon, like slightly melted ice cream! I then top it with some homemade granola, fresh berries, pumpkin seeds and dried figs and wow, it’s insane. A perfect breakfast, afternoon snack or even dessert. It’s so sweet too that it doesn’t even taste a little bit healthy, but don’t worry it will be doing wonders for your body.

I’m sure you all know how awesome strawberries and bananas are, but how much do you know about peaches? Well let me tell you, peaches are awesome health-wise as they are absolutely filled with vitamin A, which is essential for strengthening your immune system, promoting healthy eyes and clear beautiful skin; as well as lots of vitamin C, which we all know is vital for boosting your levels of antioxidants and protecting you from illness. Of course they also have countless other benefits, including dosing you up on all-important fibre which keeps your digestive system working happily, regulates your cholesterol levels and keeps you full for ages as the more fibre something has the slower it will be released into your body – so peach smoothies really are the perfect snack fix!

perfect peach smoothieperfect peach smoothie

Serves 2

- 2 frozen ripe bananas

- 2 peaches

- a dozen strawberries

- 1 cup of almond milk

- a few ice cubes (optional)

Optional – a tablespoon each of ground flaxseeds and chia seeds

perfect peach smoothie

Simply peel the bananas and cut them into slices, placing the slices into the freezer for at least two hours (I normally freeze mine overnight.) Once you’re ready to make your smoothie cut the tops of the strawberries (these can be frozen too for an hour or so before making too, but be sure to cut the top off before freezing.) Then cut the peach to remove the stone – keep the skin on though. Place all the fruit in a blender with the almond milk and ice and blend until smooth, depending on how runny you like it you might like to add more liquid, either more almond milk or a little water. Then sip and love!

Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina Smoothie

Spirulina Smoothie

Some days we all just need an extra boost of health and this beautiful glass of green goodness is the best way to get it. Finishing this smoothie is seriously one of the most amazing, empowering feelings as you know that you’ve just taken in everything that your body needs and that you’re treating yourself with so much sef-love, which is so important for a healthy happy attitude. If you’re new to healthy eating and are yet to try a green smoothie, just do it – I know that it initially seems so daunting to drink something this colour but trust me, you’ll get addicted to them soon enough! I never thought that I’d be drinking classes of broccoli, avocado and spinach for breakfast before I started my healthy eating adventure but now I just can’t get enough! Don’t worry though, this recipe doesn’t go as far as to contain broccoli and thanks to the blueberries and banana it’s actually nice and sweet so it’s the perfect introduction to green smoothies. It will also give you so much goodness you’ll be glowing and dancing around the room with incredible energy all morning! It literally doses you up on every vitamin and mineral that you could possibly need, thanks to the mighty combination of kale, spinach, blueberries & banana, as well as all the super foods – hemp, chia and flaxseed – did you know that flaxseeds, for example, are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, with just two tablespoons of the ground seeds giving you over 130% of your required daily intake! This awesomeness, however, is trumped by the most amazing ingredient here – spirulina, you might not be familiar with this superfood, so I’ll tell you all about it!

Spirulina is a health-enhancing algae, composed of 62% complete protein, which means that each spoonful of powder gives you a whole four grams of complete protein, so you’ll get all the essential amino acids that the body can’t produce and can sometimes be lacking in an unbalanced plant diet. As well as all the amazing protein each spoon of spirulina also gives you an incredible dose of B vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin E, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s known to cleanse the liver, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and even discourage allergies! So get drinking, it will do wonders for you mind and body, making you beautiful inside and out.

Spirulina SmoothieSpirulina Smoothie

Makes one glass

- 1 ripe banana

- 1 cup of frozen blueberries (I buy them fresh then freeze them)

- 1 cup of spinach

- 1 cup of kale

- 1/3 of a cup of water/almond milk/coconut water

- 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds

- 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

- 1 teaspoon of hemp protein powder

- 1 teaspoon of spirulina

Optional: 2 medjool dates (this sweetens it)

Spirulina Smoothie

Simply place everything together in the blender, peel the banana and pit the dates first though! Then blend for a minute or so until smooth. I like my smoothies thick so that I can eat them with a spoon, so you may want to add more water/almond milk/coconut water if you like it runnier. Then sip, love and enjoy!

Kale, berry, banana, acai & hemp power smoothie: vegan

Kale, Berry and Acai Power Smoothie

Kale, berry, banana, acai & hemp power smoothie: vegan

I’ve now totally transitioned into having a smoothie every day with my breakfast, to the point that it feels weird getting up without one. I just absolutely adore them. Drinking a beautiful rainbow glass of goodness like this makes getting up in the morning a million times easier, I literally jump out of bed to make mine because it tastes so good, so much more delicious than any cereal or toast, and so much more filling and satisfying too. A glass of this also makes you feel incredible, the sugar in the fruit really helps you wake up and energizes you. It may sound strange but I also think that making such a consciously healthy choice every morning is incredibly empowering, it’s amazing to take charge of your body and your health before you’ve made any other decisions as it really puts you in such a positive frame of mine. If you make such a healthy choice for breakfast I can guarantee you’ll feel pretty awesome about yourself all day and therefore much more likely to enjoy being healthy, instead of straying towards the chocolate! I would so recommend trying to incorporate a smoothie into your wake up routine every day for a week and see how you feel afterwards, I’m sure you’ll be a total addict within just a few days! Don’t worry though, they’re the easiest, fastest breakfast too – you literally throw everything into a blender, blend for 2 minutes, rinse your blender and you’re done! Five minutes maximum for everything.

This particular smoothie is my go-to at the moment, I do change it up every few weeks and get hooked on a new flavour combination but this one has been my number one for the last month and my love of it seems to just grow stronger everyday! The combination of banana, blueberries and strawberries is, as you can imagine, sweet, juicy and delicious! Together they create an awesome fruity flavour, which is seriously enhanced by the unbelievably rich fruity essences of the acai powder, meaning that the veggie taste of the kale goes totally unnoticed, I’ve even tried it with broccoli too and it was still heavenly. So you can drink all the kale’s amazing goodness without tasting it, it’s a real win-win situation. What about all my other many additions – chia seeds, hemp, ground flaxseed and cinnamon? The cinnamon is there for flavour as it really compliments the berries adding extra deliciousness to each sip, while also helping to regulate your blood sugar, setting you up nicely for a day of balanced energy. The ground flax add an incredible boost of dietary fibre, which aids your detoxification system, while also keeping you full for hours. The acai berries add more antioxidants than you could possibly imagine, as well as healthy omega fats, amino acids and dietary fibre, while the chia adds a bucket of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp adds to all of these life giving properties, boosting the fibre content, while also adding an incredible amount of wonderful plant protein – along with quinoa, hemp is one of the only sources of complete vegan/vegetarian protein so it’s a pretty awesome addition to our diets. It’s a particularly easy protein to digest too, much easier than something like soy, and two tablespoons will give you over 5 grams of protein! After drinking all of this you will really be ready for anything!

 Kale, Berry and Acai Power Smoothie

Makes 1 large glass

- 1 ripe banana

-1/3 of a cup of blueberries

-1/3 of a cup of strawberries

- 1/2 a cup of kale leaves (remove the hard parts of the stalks)

- 1/4 of a cup of almond milk or water

- 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed

- 1 tablespoon of hemp powder

- 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

- 1 tablespoon of acai

- 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

This might seem like a long list, but it’s not as complicated or challenging as it looks! I keep all the ingredients (except the fruit & kale) in a cupboard above my blender and just throw it all in together every morning, really its no hassle at all, don’t worry!

Kale, Berry and Acai Power Smoothie

Simply place all the ingredients in a blender together, removing the banana form the peel first of course, then blend into a delicious mix. Depending how liquid you like your smoothie then you may want to add a little more water.

If you’re craving a crunch then sprinkle some extra chia seeds, oats and some hemp seeds on the top.

Then sip, love and enjoy – you’ll feel like a goddess all day!